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Drekx Omega: What is the Purpose and Mission of the Galactic Federation of Light?

THE PURPOSE & MISSION OF THE GFL IS TO HELP FULFILL THE PROPHETIC REALIZATION OF THE DIVINE WILL OF HEAVEN……..Which is to bring all of physical creation within this galaxy and eventually others, into light polarity….such that physicality becomes a perfect mirror of Heaven and not an imperfect mirror, as has been the case…

 This desire for perfecton is the stated intent of spiritual evolution….such that creation and creator become perfect reflections of each other and thus become self-realised at cosmic levels. It is the intent of Lord Surea who is representative of PRIME CREATOR within this galaxy….



Sheldan Nidle – April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012

8 Ahau, 13 Kank’in, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! We have been informed that several major banks worldwide are nearly ready to transfer ownership and management. This is part of the massive shift of financial power out of the hands of the dark into those of the Light, and is the result of recent maneuvers by the Ascended Masters. Furthermore, the time has come to consolidate the funds that were first posited by Saint Germaine in the early 18th century, and by Quan Yin in the 7th century. These large reserves of gold and silver are the basis for shifting wealth on your world away from a select few over to those who are fully committed to the creation of universal prosperity for the planet. Accompanying this transfer is the new banking system which will be completely transparent in its varied transactions. The new banking is rooted in the unprecedented injunction that banks be the divine instruments of the Light. They are to be used to manage various corporations (special partnerships) charged with specific and temporary mandates: to distribute technologies and related services to benefit the health and well being of your global populations.

Greg Giles ~ Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 4/24/12 ~


I just want you to know that no one who wishes to relocate from areas that we feel may be prone to some flooding will be left behind without our assistance and given every opportunity to relocate to areas we consider safe from any rising sea levels. You may help us help you by removing any doubts or fears that you may have that your lives may be in some kind of danger. Your lives are not in any kind of danger or perilous situation. Your lives are completely safe, and you possess the choice and all the power that you will need to ensure your individual safety as well as the safety of your families.


No one will be forced to relocate. We do not do this. We also will not leave anyone behind who wishes to accept our assistance. We also will not do this. Try to see this period in your history as a challenge and a test for you to measure how far you have come as a society, how much you have learned, and how far you have removed yourselves from the limiting emotion of fear. Do your best not to see the days ahead as doomsday or the end of the world, as this is not at all an accurate depiction of what lies before you.


From 5D News~Are you ready to go home to 5D Earth?

Now is the time to start working in overdrive on our spiritual progression.  This window of opportunity is closing and it’s imperative for those who wish to make the transition to decide whether they want to be part of the new transformation of 5D Earth or remain in this three dimensional, fear-ladened reality.  Each day, we have the opportunity to synchronize our minds and bodies, through intention, prayer and meditation, to the cosmic source of abundant energy, which is helping to assist us in this transformation.

Every Lightworker hopes and wishes that the entire planet will make this transformation, but negativity and fear cannot coexist with peace, love and happiness on 5D Earth.  Imagine if we all graduated to 5D earth right now.  If thoughts equal manifestations, then what would happen to the person who lives in fear?  His or her thoughts would immediately manifest into that particular fear, essentially creating a living Hell.

The Group via Steve Rother: Evolution


Greetings from Home

There is a miracle taking place right now.

We have said three little words, Greetings from Home. It took that amount of time for you to fully integrate our energy. We tell you that this process is speeding up. The larger vision of humanity on planet Earth is starting to change in many different ways.

Therefore, we wish to take you through some of the changes that are ahead of you today. At the same time, we will also give you the larger picture as to why these changes are happening and why they are needed at this moment. Let us explain.


Steve Beckow ~ How We Communicate with You ~

In an article which told us much about the nature and performance of the galactics’ sentient ships, Wes Annac’s Pleiadians also shared interesting insights into how the galactics communicate with us. I’d like to look at what they – and other galactics – say on that subject.

The Pleiadians revealed that “we have not come to a full discussion of much of what we speak with you about.” They explained why.

“This is because there is so very much intricate and detailed explanation to go into that would at present perplex you and boggle your minds, which is why we are and have been sticking to the more general and easy-to-understand discussions that can be absorbed in a more measured way by humanity.

“You are all reading and absorbing these communications and taking your own measure of our energy from them, and this is a habitual process in humanity that we enjoy immensely having our part in.” (1)


James Tyberonn ~ The Eyes of Wisdom ~

The Eyes of Wisdom

Within the Intensities & Magnificence of 2012

Greetings Human Angels ! I Am That I Am. I Am the Keeper of the Violet Flame. I, Sainte Germaine greet you warmly !

It is my grand pleasure and honour to be with you this moment of our 2012. I acknowledge the great presence of Lord Metatron within this field, and offer my deepest gratitude for this invitation to speak with you. For I along with the Family of the Beloved Ascended Masters of the Crystalline Light Council are anxiously awaiting the OM-Wave. It will be directed from our Mt Shasta retreat on June 25th. We encourage and invite all of you, wherever you are to tune in, for it is a gifted celebration of LOVE ! It is a re-charging and re-balancing. For indeed the very tone of OM creates a coded sound that balances every nunace of your Beingness. Reforms every atom of your physical body and every unit of your consciousness field.


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