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Posted by Steve Beckow

Newly Conscious is a writer and physician, concerned with topics of healing and ascension. She’s detailing her Ascension experience as it unfolds.

My Ascension Experience: Part 1

Newly Conscious, Dec. 18, 2012, Ascensionguide.wordpress.com


Much is being written about 12-21-12 and the ascension. As a professional in the area of health care, I have been waiting and watching to see how my physicality is being affected, as well as observing what is happening in the lives of my loved ones and the rest of the world.  This is the first installment detailing aspects of my own experience.

I have been having very significant “hot flashes” for quite some time. These involve my entire body and I feel like my skin is crawling along with the heat. My husband is able to feel when it is starting before I am aware of it.

As an OB/Gyn [obstetrician and gynecologist], I am quite experienced and knowledgable about menopause and hot flashes; these are slightly different as they are quite what I would call “insistent”, attacking me many times throughout the day and especially the night, and not responding to the usual hormonal manipulations. They also seem to greatly involve the soles of my feet, which is not usual for menopause.  I have taken to scrubbing my feet vigorously during my daily shower.

I realize now that many of us lightworkers are here simply to transmute energy for others. We are like spark plugs, plugged into the earth, receiving negative energy from others which may or may not be noticeable to us. Our feet are where we “plug in” and get grounded, and where the energy flows through us and into the earth.

I have found myself  in relationships with some very difficult people. Archangel Michael has revealed to me that I am here to demonstrate unconditional love. I guess that means that I may already be ascended and am just participating in the hologram while others finish processing their vasanas.

The folks in the rafters have provided me with three “support souls” (my dog and two cats), and together the four of us are holding the space for my family members and other loved ones who are not quite there yet (but will be by Friday). I have been told that Archangel Michael lives in my dog and cats as well as some of the objects that bring me comfort, such as a blanket that says “Angel” all over it.

Getting back to the hot flashes, two nights ago I had an attack approximately every 15-30 minutes. I had the distinct impression that the purpose of these was to transmute some of the negative energy around Adam Lanza [the shooter in the Newtown tragedy]. I had watched a newscast earlier that day in which the names of all the victims were listed, and I noticed that his name was not among them. The next morning (yesterday) I awoke with the imperative to write something about forgiveness. My hot flashes were essentially gone for 24 hours, and I posted my article today on this site.

There are many other things that have been happening, and it seems the 12-12 gateway has helped clear some of the confusion for me about what was happening and why. I will be addressing these in future posts.

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