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Received by, Julie Miller

December 18, 2012

 Every day each of you exercises your Will. Yet the Will still remains very much a mystery in such a profound way that many of you cannot even recognize this Divine Purpose of your Soul. Your Will is a fundamental and intimate part of you that is established into your very Self even though much of the time you are unaware of its existence. In truth dear ones, it is not possible to be always aware of your Will. Just like you cannot find the wind, but you are aware of it because you can feel it; the wind possesses an innate power much like the Will that you are aware of its presence and strength. There is a unique part of your Will that honourably speaks with “I” as part of your I AM Presence, the awareness of your Inner True-Self. Think of your Will as even more personal than ordinary awareness, your Will is the operator of your always developing awareness. Each of you are capable of being attentive of your awareness, yet at the same time you are unable to be directly conscious of your Will since your will is derived further than awareness; your Will demonstrates you as being aware. You can converse with your Will, go with the flow of your Will, awaken your Will and become all your Will can encompass.

 Most of the time dear ones you are able to recognize your own Will in Action whenever you are obtaining an understanding of your lower vehicles and how they work. Your lower vehicles are the passions and desires of your emotional and mental faculties, through these combined you are able to come to an inner understanding from one subject to a situation usually fairly quickly. Even though you have been able to come up with a surface understanding, rarely do you venture further, into the deeper sense of the How and Where it all began. Learning to turn your attention to the root of any cause requires you to see with a different sort of focus. Paying attention to the subtleties will help direct the energy of knowingness into perfect awareness of the situation – allowing you to move through any situation showing great strength, confidence and integrity.

 We suggest for you to really look at yourself from a reflective stance as you make your choices and see your Will at work. Each of you goes through what is understood as an emotional and thought method that processes the good and bad of every choice that you are confronted with. Even if you do not remember going through this, you actually do, just some of you make your choices at a much quicker rate that doesn’t allow the conscious mind to really evaluate the pros and cons of what is going to be decided until the choice has already been made. Every choice you make is not just created out of thought or emotion. When you allow your thoughts or your emotions to choose that your decision is not truly real and it has very little lasting power. When a thought says, “I think I’ll try losing a little weight,” understand the choice quickly dissolves into nothingness. Whenever you make a real actual choice, that choice rises to a specific level of firm decision and commitment. It is your Will that will become involved with the situation and there is an inner knowing of real truth that is felt on a sub-conscious level and eventually feeds your conscious awareness with innate understanding that seems to come out of nowhere. These decisions the ones that are real and not based on emotion are the ones you stand behind regardless of how much time or effort that is involved into the completion or outcome of your decision.

 The attention of your Will can be described like a cord that you use as a guide on your journey that will eventually bring you home to the source of your creation. God is often compared to Will as they are both everywhere but unable to be actually seen but can be profoundly felt. Everything has Will and Will is inside each of you. Even though you are very much aware of the function and drive of your physical body, the mystery of what fuels the Will is still mainly at large for many. When you think spiritually of the Will, what comes to mind is our Lord, Jesus Christ and His incredible mountain of sheer divine purpose and Will. You already understand the vast Universe has a purpose and Will as well does our Heavenly Father. The divine purpose for each of you is revealed a portion at a time because the entirety of your purpose is incredibly immense. And it is okay if you do not know most of your purpose, you learn what you are meant to when you need to. Try not to get ahead of yourself and guess what your divine purpose could be. The one that knows all for each of you is God and He will reveal to you what is needed each and every time.

 Realize dear ones that the reality of Will is much deeper than the typical definition for it. More often-than-not, Will is often described as Will-Power, sometimes fortitude, an adamant attitude, and sometimes as aggression. Many dear souls think of God’s Will as a very powerful and unpredictable foundation of actions that intrude and sometimes thought as controlling of their life. Comprehend dear ones, Will rests behind all your actions of Human and Divine expressions that speak of kindness, bigheartedness, self-effacement, humbleness, charity and most importantly…Love.

 We suggest another view to establish understanding of the Will. The photon of light performs as both a wave and a particle. During a common experimental procedure, the photon, wavelike, will shadow and follow each and every possible path from where it begins all the way to its end point. What occurs next is also quite common; when the one who has been working the experiment makes their observation the possible paths presented all-of-a-sudden fall into one as if a certain particle-like direction is being chosen as if this was the plan all along, retroactively speaking. Look at this example dear ones also as a demonstration of Will on the part of the one performing the experiment. Comprehend it is the physicist’s Will in a way that creates the direction of the photon, and then creates the needed photon as the particle. Until you make the motion to observe, the photon stays in its wavelike field of possibilities thus becoming actual only when it’s being observed by the physicist. On a broader understanding dear ones the Will as a collective creates the World through every second of every moment. It is essential to think with pure intent and deliberation on the co-creative role each of you have.

 The Will is mysterious and its mystery does matter to each of you. Each of you is moving through a very personal and unique journey and your relationship with Will is essential and very important. The further your progress along your spiritual path, a deeper level of determination is required to continuously remain in the present and to develop a stabilized presence and the compelling inner force to let go many attachments that will help fulfill stabilizing your presence. It is the empowering force that is behind your place of true presence with a profound knowing that Will permits God to see through your eyes. Unlocking the Will beyond your normal veil of consciousness allows your whole Self to access your higher soul purpose and to bring in more of God’s impeccable Love and Light.

 When it comes to choosing to surrender your Will to God’s Will as a free self-governing servant of His Greatness, God Himself will come to you as Action within your I AM Presence. It is the ultimate culmination of the personal phase of your journey. In fact, Will does appear as a vital influence of your personal and unified spiritual endeavours. Understand dear ones; everything that occurs has Will right behind it, even if it appears as unpredictable and random. Remember as well, Will also includes your active and forceful and determinations that you typically think of but as well as the non-force of loving, giving, connecting, relating, harmonizing, etc. If you really think consciously about Will, you will see that it also can be split into descriptions as conflicting, weak, passive, sometimes overbearing and timid-ness. Even still, it is your Will that illustrates the direction of your life and what kind of person you truly are. A great way of looking at your spiritual path is the process of unifying and purifying your Will, creating it to be a vehicle or means to reach your Higher Will. Through this direction you can truly start seeing the Will through your attention, intent, decisions and what is Willed-to-be.


I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller


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