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Posted by Suzanne

It’s time to make friends with the unknowable. Whatever I do to court in visions of what my own transition out of 3D will be like, there seems to be a limitation on what I can know at this point. Whatever success I’ve achieved in my personal clearing work, still I’m looking for a major, unmistakable and completely unsubtle shift in how our world operates. The way it all unfolds is and will remain a mystery to all of us until it actually does, and we’re just going to have to find a way to have peace with that.

I woke up this morning with a song in my head. It was Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”, just like they performed it live at the 12~12~12 Concert for Sandy Relief. We are actually half way there, between the 12~12 and the 12~21, and it made me think of more of those lyrics and how they fit this moment so well: “Take my hand. We’ll make it, I swear.”

I have to admit here that I never was a big Bon Jovi fan but I do recognize Jon, a fellow New Jersey native, as a light worker. During the concert they showed footage of him visiting his devastated home town and helping people, maybe even just by being there.

Humanity now holds many such examples of people helping one another and drawing together in crisis to stand side by side, with any perceived differences melting away.  Of course right now we have to dig a little for that kind of news because what’s being fed to us in mainstream media is a very different story.

We really are all in this together. I think the closer we get to a true, deep understanding that what happens to any one of us really does happen to us all, the closer we’ll be to living a Fifth Dimensional life. When people ask how best to prepare ourselves for the shift, what occurs to me is that we can practice living as though we already are in 5D. It’s our choice how we treat one another, so why not try seeing everyone around us as a Divine Being? Even more importantly, are we able to see ourselves as such?

If the answer to that question is anything but some degree of yes (preferably a resounding one), there’s some clearing work that needs to be done. Time is short now so perhaps it would be enough to make a truly sincere plea for assistance coupled with an equally sincere willingness to let go of any illusions we hold.

I’m referring to the false information about who we are and what we can and cannot do that was put into our bones as young humans. Sometimes, after a lifetime of identifying with our wounding, it becomes a familiar and even beloved thing to us. Certainly it becomes a comfortable thing to hold onto, but one that keeps our hearts locked up and unable to expand.

So, maybe we arrive at a place where we start to really feel the connection to All That Is. Maybe the next step is to release into the idea that we actually are expressions of God. As such, and when we allow ourselves to be filled with Light, do we not then have full and unlimited power to do good works and spread that Light? That’s worth playing with, I think.

Driving down the road yesterday, I noticed an elderly woman walking along with a cart, her face etched with sorrow and hardship. I imagined sending a golden light to surround and bless her, to ease her suffering and help her to have hope.

It was easy for me to do that, and we’ve had assurances from the Company of Heaven that, when we intend such things, it really does have a beautiful effect. We all can do this, I feel certain. All that’s required is to relax about what we think is possible.

Imagine expanding this to flooding an entire area with golden light, or whatever form our personal magic takes. Maybe it would be infusing the rainwater in clouds with Source energy that then falls to the Earth, blessing everything it touches. Every one of us has something to contribute, and it’s our nature to want to help. No one else can really tell us what our special gift is, or what job is ours to do, with as deep an understanding as when we discover it for ourselves through stillness and meditation.
Perhaps choosing to live in each moment as if we’re higher dimensional beings already is the best preparation we can do.

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