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Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ Be At Peace With Your New Selves ~ December 17, 2012 ~

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Hello, Beloveds. It is amazing to see your progress already. Many are lifting as we speak, absorbing the Light and riding the wave of ascension. You are doing splendidly. You are not alone in this process, as we have been saying.

You each have a team of angels, archangels, and/or ascended masters who are assigned to you for this entire process. They have been there all along, but full attention and purpose is now aligned with your Being for a successful and mind-blowing experience of ascension. I say that not to alarm you, but to prepare you for the most exquisite experience you could ever imagine, dear ones.



Ray Dawn ~ Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready! ~

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Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready!

Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady Nada here to explore with you your feelings of home and of Love. Love eternal and love everlasting..

We are here to be with you in this state of love, of it filling your hearts and allowing each of you to return home to this state within you. The Ascended Masters and I are one and you are one with us.

Each of your hearts holds this resonance with love! Do not forget this. Each of you feels separated from this love eternal in your own way. As a child who has been hurt and needs consolation.. Allow this consolation now.. Let it melt the resistance to love, let go of the pain and fear of lack and limitation..


Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Serapis Bey

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Your Inner Guide

You must find the space and quiet to connect and communicate with your inner guide for you to see the results that you seek for yourself and your world. Of course it is always a choice, however if you are confused or indecisive, it is because you do not have enough information to go confidently, or you do not trust yourself or your journey. Both of these are easily remedied.

 First, do some research or seek expert advice to help you make your decisions. Your computers make this so much easier as you literally have the answers at your fingertips. Discernment is also a quality you should develop and that will come as you learn to trust yourself again. And the second one is trust. This is something that must come from within you and it is not about trusting others, that’s discernment, it is about trusting yourself and making confident decisions for yourself.


Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group Speaks ~

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We of the Arcturian Group speak to the world of men today about many things. We address those of you feeling great stress and pain regarding world events, and expectations of December 21, 2012. This date brings to conclusion most of the new incoming energies, however this does not mean that all is finished, but that you will be ready for a new round of energies to begin.



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Photo By: Philip Eaglesfield

Arriving Upon Ascension’s Doorway 

 “Nowhere can man find a quieter or more troubled retreat than in his own soul.”  – Marcus Aurelius.


As part of the gathering that has anchored a New era of evolutionary proportions here on our beloved terra firma you should be feeling a bit nostalgic about the purpose of time past and a bit reflective about the tasks that lie ahead. We have finished the bridging of two worlds project, more commonly referred to in my writings as “the shift”. We currently stand in an interim space between what we have known and what will be. We have made quantum leaps in consciousness and ascended to the primary layers of our multi-dimensionality so the union with the next level has taken place.  

Sharon Taphorn ~ 2013 ~ The Quantumness of You ~

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2013 ~ The Quantumness of You with Sharon Taphorn and The entourage of Light Beings who are her guides


This is the year to walk in mastery of all that you have learned, to be the change you wish to see in the world and those of you who have been following the path of awakening are having a far better time than those who are still wrestling and fight against the natural flow of things. And yet, we still say that some of the awakened ones will be having challenges if they have not been walking their talk as the energy of truth is becoming palpable to many of you.


Wes Annac ~ We’ve Entered a Timeframe of Incredible Intensity ~

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Note: As a few others have expressed, I must offer my apologies if I don’t seem to be around much during this intense timeframe. As outlined in this message, I am already feeling the powerful effects of this alignment and may simply require some time to absorb these energies. Many thanks for your understanding!

Steve Beckow has been writing about the rapid surfacing and releasing of what can be termed “vasanas” or reaction patterns garnered and employed in everyday Life that are driven from former traumas we’ve experienced that instilled such patterns within us. (1)


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