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Reader Wally Johnson sends his reflections on the Newtown tragedy. His mention that people about to meet death in a painful situation leave their bodies prior to that moment is borne out in the afterlife literature. (1)

Helpful Thoughts for the Grieving Parents of Newtown.‏

by Wally Johnson via email

It’s 3:00 pm on Saturday, December 15, 2012. While my wife Ardis has been composing the annual Christmas Greetings I’ve been watching and feeling the same horrible ‘gut-wrenching” pain as the parents who “lost” children in the Newtown CT massacre. My tears flow as I remember—it will be 48 years next March 24 when our seven-year-old Michael was killed while I was in graduate school in Vermillion, SD. Oh my God how it hurt!

Here in Oregon mayhem has been going on since earlier in the week. We experienced the shootings at the Clackamas Town Center. They were just re-opening the shopping center when we were hit by the Newtown massacre.

I’ve learned a lot in these last 48 years and it has reduced the pain to some extent. It helps to appreciate the first seven years of his life to offset being cheated out of our relationship with Michael for the last 48.

Most of all I want people to know that:

  • There is no death. Death is not the end.
  • We are never alone. We have Guardian Angels, deceased relatives and caring spirits watching over us.
  • Before you were born your soul-group helped you plan what it is that you need to learn in this lifetime for your spiritual advancement. Your previous life-reviews are the basis for this planning.
  • If it appears that your death will be painful (as the shootings in Newtown), there will be somebody there to pull your “awareness” out of your body and you will be watching in perfect peace from a place above you.

I have a friend who was going to crash into a tow truck at very high speed. She was lifted out of her car. Then she watched in peaceful curiosity as her vacated body crashed through the windshield. Her pain came later when she re-entered her body. Tricia spent the next 15 years conducting monthly meetings of the Oregon Friends of IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death studies.

When Michael went back to school after his lunch, he said, “See you later alligator.” Ardis and I replied, “After a while crocodile.” He kept his word. Ten years later in the summer of 1975 in Rochester, Minnesota we met Lorraine Darr for the first time. Michael immediately took over her voice and said, “Hi Mom and Dad. I just wanted to let you know I m still around. . . . It was a very easy death.” (2)

Note. It was an easy death. I was the only one to read the report. He died of a ruptured spleen when the car that knocked him down slid into the curb. The neighbor who called the ambulance said he was very quiet and peaceful. And, he wasn’t “lost.” He had been busy meeting kids as they died and crossed over.

I hope that someone can let the people of Newtown know that the children who died are not “lost” and that in all probability the “awareness” of each of them was lifted from the body and that each of them watched from a place of calmness, peace and love as the bullets struck the soul-less body.

Wally, Portland, Oregon


(1) See here for instance: ”Death is Painless; Most People do not Suffer,” at http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/nmh/death1.html#painless. On the fact that deaths are planned, see “Spirits Intimate that Their Deaths Were Planned,” at http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/nmh/death1.html#planned

(2) My mother as well, who passed away in a housefire, came back to me through a medium and also said it had been an easy death. She was dead before the flames arose.


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