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Posted by Steve Beckow

One of the things that’s reportedly happening for people is that they’re starting to notice differentials between each other. Some people are expanding in consciousness quite easily. Others are experiencing the drag of unfinished business (such as I wrote about earlier) and rising up less easily. Still others have chosen not to rise up at all and are oblivious to what’s happening with the first group, which is creating distance between them.

Some people are seeing their vasanas or unfinished issues explode and that’s causing guilt and shame. Others are watching feelings of unworthiness rise to the surface or feeling frustrated or wanting reassurance.

These feelings have always been there but remained dormant, but now, in the face of the ascending energies, they’re rising to the surface and asserting themselves. All of these are probably artifacts or precipitates of the physical Ascension process.

Those with a great deal of unfinished business will probably feel the compensating drag of vertigo or fear and anxiety. Some report going on fantastic inner journeys that are dislocating unto themselves and difficult to assimilate.

At no other time has the fact that people are open or not to Ascension resulted in such strong pulls or been felt so keenly as it is now, or so it seems.

As a result of these differentials opening up, some relationships are ending; some are falling into jeopardy. But what is common to all of them is that our rising at different speeds and to different heights is proving difficult. We need to take that into account in how we relate to each other at this time.

It will be an adjustment on the fly because we have no fund of experience to draw on with regard to anything that’s happening right now. For even the Company of Heaven, many features of what’s happening right now are new.

Many are having insights into subjects that we as a society have never really questioned before. Relationships is a good example. We have ideas about our relationships being for life, till death do us part, exclusive, etc. And at this time, when many are opening to new vistas and friendships, the explorative curiosity is causing problems as well.

The different speeds and different extents that people are changing at is causing quite a bit of dislocation and this is not even Ascension itself, but the run-up to it. What the impact of actual Ascension itself will be on life and relationships remains to be seen. It’ll remove some factors which have been driving forces until now.

For instance, we won’t need to eat or earn our living in the Fifth Dimension. The basis of many relationships is to provide an earning unit that promises security throughout a life lived in a society where a livelihood was necessary. But that won’t be the case in 5D. What impact will there be on relationship when we no longer need the security it provides?

All of us have been quite prepared for Ascension itself if it were sudden but not as well prepared for its gradual opening movements and the differentials in how we respond to the forces that are currently playing on us.

The Company of Heaven are giving us a great deal of advice on how to adjust, and this is much needed, but the basic principles seem to be to stand back and observe, be as tolerant as we can be, surrender and allow, etc.

I have until now been writing one or two longish articles a day, but that may no longer be a useful way of doing things. I may choose instead to write shorter articles of comments that arise as we go forward towards what I conceive of as “the big day.”

If I’m wrong and it isn’t a big day, we can deal with that later. I may have egg all over my face, but I’ve been there before and can live with it. But the number of people who are reporting early symptoms and unfoldments is such that it seems to validate that something is indeed happening.

I rely on us all being adults and being willing to find that we were wrong on this and right on that. None of us, as far as I know, have been this route before within memory (we Starseeds have been here before actually, but we have no access to those memories). So for now what I’m noticing is that we’re rising at different speeds to different levels of unfoldment and it’s causing some dislocation.

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