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Message from Vesta, Solar Logos

Received by: Julie Miller

 Most sacred and divine greetings of love from me to all of you precious hearts. There has never been a greater time than now to spread your unconditional love, joy and passion as a great cosmic sharing to enforce and encourage unity among all beings of this great divine universe. During this great season of giving and receiving, it is even more crucial precious hearts to remember yourself, to ensure you are caring for you and that dear ones often means taking the time to renew yourself; repair and revitalize your entire self by changing the process of thinking within your own mind. At every wall you have created, you can break that wall down if you choose to precious hearts just by changing your negative thought forms into positive words of encouragement, love and compassion.

 Every precious heart has experienced endings and beginnings. This speaks of change and your ability to observe the change when it’s clearly visible. Yes, change at times will move at a snail’s pace while during other times it comes through with hurricane force. Every change, big or small is an opportunity for growth. Once you successfully move through the necessary changes, even the painful ones, the outcome for all is a transformation. Transitions from letting go of an old concept into adopting something new, even if it’s only a slight change are very natural and occur more often than many of you realize.

 There are certain transitions that can be conceived as predictable, but most are clearly unpredictable. Understand dear ones that with each change it is essential for you to learn to let go of the protective walls that you tend to put up and allow God’s love and energy to envelope your precious hearts so He can heal you while you move through the feelings of vulnerability and you fragile emotions. Sometimes dear ones and I am sure many of you can relate to my next words, some changes test your own strength and endurance as some changes can cause a huge disruption in your daily lives. Understand dear ones; every transition you move through is your golden opportunity to learn so much more about your inner coping skills, to renew your confidence and courage. Through transitions you are able to see with clarity what it is you want to achieve from your soul’s perspective. Transitions offer a great time for solitude and self-reflection that will renew your stability and equilibrium for your own life and those most affected by your choices and the outcome of each transition.

 You often see that your transitions seem to come out of nowhere in a dramatic fashion that is found as unexpected. Some of these sudden transitions come in the form of life-changing accidents, illnesses, and any event that causes you to feel you are leaving something behind and forcing you to adjust to a new way of living, even if what has caused the changes to occur left you feeling completely unprepared. Fast moving changes do come without warnings and they can create a whole nest of problems that include depression, anger, denial, and in some cases withdrawal. Comprehend precious hearts not all changes and transitions are the result of negative experiences. Weddings, a new job, moving, birth of a baby, re-acquainting with an old friend, etc., these are examples of what can be planned and expected that have the potential to propel you forward into a life changing transition.

 If you really think about the many transitions you have endured, you will have realized that many of them occurred because you found yourself living a stagnant life, maybe you just felt something was wrong, but you couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Every age you pass through, you also pass through changes. Some changes most definitely will be somewhat predictable and others will catch you by surprise. But understand dear precious hearts, each transition you move through represents an ending, an impartial zone and a beginning.

 When you are moving through a transition, what you are encouraged to do is let go of your old descriptions of the world, your old ways of doing things and accept the challenge to let these things just go. Endings can be difficult for many dear souls. Even if you are ending something that has made you unhappy, ending the situation can become difficult because you have allowed yourself to become comfortable within the situation that has caused the unhappiness. There are many relationships even today based on this, they are together not because of love, but because of comfort-ability even though neither person brings happiness to the other. However, once you learn to let go you next find yourself in a period of feeling somewhat disconnected from that past yet not thoroughly connected to the present – this is the impartial neutral zone. During this important time you are provided the opportunity to reflect, and assess what it is you wish to achieve out of your whole life. During this impartial moment you also have the opportunity to re-organize your thoughts in regards to the future you want to create and to balance the Ego. The outcome dear ones is a new beginning that follows after every transition. It is during this time precious ones that your journey takes a slight change, focus once again is applied with renewed force and drive because you have set new priorities that will bring you into the future you are working at creating.

Endings of anything can be quite difficult and for some heart-wrenching. But understand dear ones; endings are part of your circle of life. It is well known that some dear souls handle the undertaking of letting go with clinging behaviour to their own ways of living, thus forgetting that surrendering to the loss is a necessary step and condition towards entering into the cycle of renewal. This is easily described through some parents that are unable to allow their children to grow and to live independently. This kind of circumstance can create conflicts and issues for all involved. Yes we know this kind of behaviour is often excused as a way of demonstrating your love, but it doesn’t allow change to occur and growth to develop. In situations such as we described, the result of clinging can create more pain. It is crucial dear ones to be able to close the past in a positive light and appreciate the lessons each circumstance has brought you before you can move forward into a fruitful transition. If you choose to refuse to let the past go, it will continue to entrap you. Transitions of every kind require courage dear ones.

 As you move through the stages of transition you are bridging yourself into the next process of understanding and opportunities for deep soul-level growth. When you are letting go, it’s essential to disengage yourself from that situation. Once you can disengage you are on your way to being able to see the world in a new light. Understand precious hearts when you disengage you are not necessarily leaving, just changing your objectivity and gaining a new perspective that will soon define a newer way of seeing the world and a newer way of living.

 When you begin moving through a transition you may notice your normal activities begin to change. You are building a new definition of yourself. This is an important phase that will help you to continue bringing in the transition that will result in new opportunities to see yourself as a truly compassionate loving person as well as welcoming the entire world that is just as beautiful.

 When you see your current situation and old self-characterizations begin to change you will begin to think about what is real to you and what is not. This is your reality, as you know it. There are numerous levels within your reality. The old helps to shape and recreate something new. Disenchantment will present itself when you are no longer under the influence of your old reality. You begin to question your old assumptions and see the world with new eyes and begin to see other levels of reality being presented to you. You are beginning to create and experience a healthy transition that will most definitely open many doors to enhance your growth and development along your journey that has brought you to so many delights already. Embrace each part with full unconditional love and compassion. You are always on the path of creation, and what you are creating and re-creating is you. As you learn new things, adopt new ways you are raising your consciousness and recreating yourself even if it’s just a small change, change brings more growth enabling opportunities.

 One of the most uncomfortable of stages of any transition is when you feel disoriented. You often feel confused and unsure of your next step, you question your self-characterizations; review your challenges, etc. It is through the confusion dear ones, when realization and clarity soon follows. You expand and contract; you begin the re-birth process. You often find yourself looking at the process of change in the view of nature. Nature changes with time, there is no great rush – as day becomes night your changes are given new light with a freshness that demonstrates the freedom you begin to feel from within your precious hearts.

What we often see is people rushing their transitions. Many dear souls attempt to start a beginning when they have not completed the work needed to finish their ending. Most of this time this occurs when the person is highly impatient or because the challenges are too difficult and they desire the situation to change immediately. It is necessary dear ones to move through each transitional stage and to face those challenges in order to bring close and to end the situation you are letting go into order to bring yourself into the zone of impartiality. When you live a life that is filled with integrity, integrity requires nothing less than full completion.

 There are many cultural understandings of transitions and how to deal with the changes that occur. In some native cultures it is well understood for a child that is transitioning into adulthood to put into an induced vision quest that will provide insight to what is to come and ways to reach the final outcome of this important transition. During the time where you find yourself feeling impartial and neutral it is normal to feel confused. Yet understand precious hearts that all confusion brings you into the opportunities to examine your beliefs, your truth and to find answers that will guide your journey through each transition that presents itself upon your path. This is the time re-organize yourself within your personal and spiritual way of living.

 The moment you spend being impartial is personal and provides you with the chance to look at your life from the inside, to be alone to think, pray and possibly meditate that will bring peace and calm into your transition. When you have removed and let go of your old characterizations of the world and you have let go of your old activities, this sacred time provides you with the ability to be contemplative and to work on heightening your own self-awareness. The results of spending time with yourself are divine, many times what we see are new and improved insights, increased intuition and acceptance of yourself. Your very own renewal is created from your own examination of your inner self and spirit.

 Sincere new beginnings are created when you realign your ways of looking at the entire world and universe and a renewal of vital life force energy. We often observe many of you searching for physical signs to guide you into a new beginning, but it soon becomes apparent that your newly developed inner attitudes towards life, your transformed self-knowledge, and renewed intuition are the true guarantees of your new beginnings. When you learn to rely on your inner voice, more often-than-not you are more motivated to continue on your journey to bring in more positive change. Yes precious ones it does take time to create an action plan that will bring you through each step of your journey. Your hard work and unfailing efforts will see each process through. At the same time dear ones, understand that even though you have learned to let go of past situations, the old is never completely gone, simply just filed away. Each past situation is your resource that will help with your progression of the future you are creating. You will discover much later on, information that will help identify other areas of a past situation, further providing you with even more knowledge that is quickly turned into wisdom that is to be shared with others because learning is key to your journey. Many have experiences that will help you with your journey and you have much to share of yours to help others. Never doubt yourself, you are a magnificent and you will always be a shining light.

 You cannot ignore transitions, they are inevitable and a part of your existence. Know in your precious hearts that even if you feel you are alone, truly you are not. There are many divine beings with you, wanting to help carry your burdens. Release and share your pain dear ones, we of the divine will not be affected but we will be able to respond with love, guidance and direction through our gentle support.

 Embrace your changes, rejoice in what is coming in the many tomorrows,


I AM Vesta, Solar Logos through Julie Mille

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