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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, December 17, 2012

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SaLuSa, December 17, 2012

You are getting used to the idea that duality such as you experienced it, is now consigned to the past. So you can now get on with the task of cleansing out all old personal energies, that you know will have no place in the higher dimension. You should find it easier now that you have been lifted into the higher frequency, as you will instinctively know what requires your attention. The turning point has been reached and there is no going back, and your sight should be firmly set upon the future. With the Ascension of Earth you will have truly entered the Golden Age, and can go ahead with the re-organization and cleansing, and the establishment of a Galactic Civilization.



Aruna Byers ~ When the Call Comes ~

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Aruna Byers

Great news: the ascension will occur, as no disturbances to the conditions needed are eminent. God is co-creating the decree and the doors are already open. When the day comes, all who are on our committed list will be contacted. Your answer can determine all things from now on.

When the contact is made, the first thing you need do is agree. Next, go outside to an area nearby. Don’t make an announcement, go to the light when it appears and you are able to do so. No one need disturb their day or night mode of being, as the door will be open at least 24 hours. You can complete the day, then go out of the enclosed area you are in to get on with ascension.

Which day will it be? I cannot decree this. Maybe on the winter solstice or the day or two after.


Heavenletter #4403 Understanding That Would Erase Your Tears

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God said:

How to say this: There is nothing that I cannot do. There is not one miracle that I cannot create. I create life. I create beauty. I create land and sea. I create and recreate love. And, yet, I, God, do not fulfill everything you ask, no matter how deeply you desire it. I do not customarily raise the dead. I do not grant all your wishes. I may not grant half of them. Nor, when you believe you need Me the most, am I always there or, sometimes, it may feel to some, that I am never there.

How can that be? How can I let you down in your moment of need? How can I let you, My favored child, down at all? This makes no sense at all.


Julie Miller ~ Every Transition is Your GOLDEN Opportunity for Growth ~

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Message from Vesta, Solar Logos

Received by: Julie Miller

 Most sacred and divine greetings of love from me to all of you precious hearts. There has never been a greater time than now to spread your unconditional love, joy and passion as a great cosmic sharing to enforce and encourage unity among all beings of this great divine universe. During this great season of giving and receiving, it is even more crucial precious hearts to remember yourself, to ensure you are caring for you and that dear ones often means taking the time to renew yourself; repair and revitalize your entire self by changing the process of thinking within your own mind. At every wall you have created, you can break that wall down if you choose to precious hearts just by changing your negative thought forms into positive words of encouragement, love and compassion.


Tazjima ~ The Divine Mother – Welcome Home! ~

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The Divine Mother – Welcome Home!

As I look upon your world, I see that all of you are beginning to wake up to the fact that you are indeed a part of each other; that none of you has ever been separate from yourselves or from Source. For some of you this is startling information for you have forgotten from thence you have come. You are an emanation, a soul extension of your own soul, who is, in its turn, an extension or step down from its monad or soul family and so on until Source is reached. Yet you exist within Source; in truth you have never been anywhere else. You have merely forgotten and allowed yourself to be deluded into believing that you are separate from your parents, from Mother / Father God, from the rest of the universes, from All That Is.


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ The Matrix of Miracles ~

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Karyna Sh'ha Artwork Compilation Golden Light 2010

We come to invite you into a matrix of miracles, a matrix of love, and a matrix of light. We come to escort you into more understanding of how you create, and why you create. We come to help you understand your desires, your needs, and your wants and how they affect the vibration of the earth. We are the Elohim.

You are never singular in your desires. You are never singular in your needs or in your wants. You are never singular in your manifestations and creations. Always you create from a point of oneness and you deliver into a point of wholeness. Always your heart beckons into creation what it holds dearly inside of it. Always your soul will push you and prod you into manifestations and creations that you humanly think are impossible.


You have not begun to see all that is in store for you. – channeled by Ron Head

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Spanish        Portuguese


Before we begin today, let us tell all who are suffering because of their connection to your loss of so many dear little ones they are here with us and they are well cared for.  We offer our comfort to all who ask.  We understand your pain and wish you peace in your knowing of their return home.

Let us now begin by pointing out to you, although we know it is totally unnecessary, that only five days remain in your current ‘age’.  In less than one week you will move into your Age of Aquarius.  You will spend a few moments in direct alignment with the galactic plane.  You will receive the greatest flood of light and information in your entire earthly experience, and you will be forever changed.


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