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Posted by Steve Beckow

What a profound message from Heavenletters today. So relevant to Ascension as a form that enlightenment fills, a form it appears in. Thanks to Kathleen for sending it in.

“You can anticipate enlightenment, yet you can’t make it happen. Nor can you prevent it. Enlightenment isn’t something you do.

“Enlightenment is free, beloveds. It is not your call. Your very pursuit of it can slow you down.” (1)

I may not be a spiritual teacher, but I feel my heart cry out whenever enlightenment is mentioned and find it almost impossible to remain silent.

Enlightenment is not our call. All our efforts towards it, as far as I’m aware, are like a few steps compared to the miles that Mother/Father God crosses to give this gift to us.  We achieve enlightenment as an act of grace, Franklin Merrell-Wolff explains.

“As the lower cannot command the Higher, the individual ego is not lord over the Universal SELF. Hence, from the individual standpoint, the Realization is spontaneous and thus is often called an act of Grace. The SELF, which it must be remembered is Identical with Divinity, does not stand within the causal sequence.

“Consequently, strictly considered, Realization of the SELF is never an effect of causes set up by the individual man acting in space and time. The latter through his efforts prepares the candle, as it were, but the Flame is lighted through a spontaneous act of Spirit.” (2)

Were it not that we’ll receive this gift free on Ascension, Bernadette Roberts tells us that we’d only receive it ordinarily after we’d have exerted ourselves to the utmost on our path:  “At a certain point, when we have done all we can [to bring about an abiding union with the divine], the divine steps in and takes over.” (3)

But this generation, whether on Dec. 21 or another day, will receive that gift without exerting ourselves as terrestrial sages have had to do. All that is asked of us is that we clear ourselves of as many obstructions as we can before the time arrives.

And “seeking enlightenment above all else maintains your focus on yourself, and on yourself is too small an area.”  We starseeds are here to serve tables at the banquet of Ascension. We’ve had our banquet at another time and have come to serve others. Says SaLuSa to his readers: “You are the ones who in all likelihood came to Earth at this special time to offer your love and services to your fellow travelers.” (4)

For us enlightenment will come, I think, in the course of serving.  So we’re proof that enlightenment doesn’t depend on seeking or on focusing on one’s self.

Enlightenment can’t come by seeking anyways. When we seek, we occupy, we busy, we tie up the very one we’re seeking. These eyes looking outwards are the very ones we seek. How can they see what they seek? They must be released from seeking to “find.” It’s a paradox but a supremely important one.

Enlightenment arises within us at the behest of God. All we can do is remove the obstructions and serve.  Being starseeds we knew enlightenment in other lifetimes; it follows logically from being here to serve at this time. Archangel Michael has confirmed it:

Steve: I’ve said to my readers that my hunch is that most Starseeds are already ascended. … Why would Starseeds be asked to come to Earth if they’re not ascended? It seems like that would be part of the problem rather than part of the solution, if it were the case. Am I correct in my hunch?

Archangel Michael: Yes. Starseeds are here to help.

S: I see. And they’re already ascended, mostly? They’ve already been through this?

AAM: That is correct. And that is why the shifting inter-dimensionally is becoming so profound and clearer and clearer. So sometimes they do not know, and it is confusing for them, whether they have their feet in the third or the fifth, the seventh or the ninth. But it does not matter, they are here to help. (5)

 As Heavenletters says: “Willy-nilly, enlightenment is catching up to you, often when you are not looking.”

“If you must seek, seek to know love. If you must seek, seek to not specialize in yourself. Throw away the microscope and find a telescope that increases the circumference of your life. True, everything, all, is contained within you, yet you are much more than your isolated self. Big Self embraces.”

Placing attention on ourselves, enlightenment eludes us. Placing our attention on others, it finds us.

“Consider yourself one who swims through the Universe bringing other fishies with you. You may even drop them off before you enter the Door of Enlightenment. Perhaps you hold the door open for others before yourself. That may be how it is that the last goes first.

“Focusing on yourself is not benevolent. It is not brotherhood. It is not loving your neighbor. Focus on yourself is too limiting a focus. There is a greater swath before you.”

 As the Divine Mother said on Dec. 10, 2012: “Is there really any further conversation to be had?” (6)


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