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Ascension Week: Taking Self Responsibility

By Stephen Cook – December 15, 2012

Talk of ensuring we all ‘go within’ – go into our hearts; into our heart spaces – at this crucial time is everywhere right now.

There are thousands of columns, commentaries, radio shows, videos and websites dedicated to it.

To us Lightworkers, it seems everyone, everywhere is talking about it, channelling it, writing about it, posting on it… And rightly so.

But I would like to add another very important process to this incredible week we have now entered: the week I believe can only be now known as Ascension Week.

That equally important process is self responsibility.

As far as I see it, we must enter this all-important week – the week we have long waited for (for some of us, over many lifetimes!) –  by agreeing to ourselves, both individually and collectively, that we will give the same commitment to self responsibility that we are aiming to give to going in to our hearts.

And why do I raise this now?

Because I have been through two intensive, sometimes disturbing weeks’ of intellectualising, thinking through, weighing up, squaring off, sizing up – whatever you wish to call it – EVERY possible possibility and possible probability that may lie just ahead.

I’ve spent hours looking at what I may do or become; how I will prepare;  how I may react;  and, importantly, how I may feel. What I will and won’t do this week.

Like many of you, I have felt disappointed, frustrated and, at times, confounded and bewildered that some things hadn’t panned out the way I expected – or wanted.

I’ve  even been sad. I was confused and despondent. (Well, actually, I’ve found myself weeping and weeping)

And yes, I have done all this knowing that what I truly believe (in fact, I KNOW) lies ahead at the end of this week- Ascension – is WAY bigger, brighter, bolder, magical and Universe-changing than anything any of us could ever, ever, ever imagine. Ever!

Which means I have gone through all that I’ve gone through these past two weeks, knowing, and firmly rooted in the understanding, that absolutely ‘anything IS possible’.

But having worked through all these ‘last minute Ascension nerves’ that the past two weeks have brought to the surface for me – yes, that old ‘stuff’ that had to be worked through, on and out again (some of it not my own) –  I’ve come out the other side (thank you 12/12/12! And myself!) and it has become totally clear to me that as we head into these last few days before you know what, each of us is responsible for our own ‘self’.

No one told me what I must read, which channel I must believe, what website I should or shouldn’t have trusted. I did that myself.

No one told me what vision I may have, what I wrote about or posted here on this site or who I interviewed on The Light Agenda. I did that for myself.

No one told me who I should and shouldn’t agree with. Or resonate with. Or use my discernment on and choose to pass by. I did that myself.

In realising all this – and especially as we ‘serve’ our way trough this special week – I believe we must all take self responsibility for whatever the outcome of this important week ahead is for us… both as the human and/or Lightworker/server collective, and as individuals.

And so, in the week that we are all going within and centering I feel it is really important that as well as going into our heartspaces, we must also go within and remember that we are each responsible for whatever it is we believe – or ‘know’ or do or trust or resign ourselves to … and how we react to all of that.

Additionally, we must remember that each of us is responsible for how we feel, cope and handle – or don’t handle – what lies ahead this week. Day by day. Hour by hour. Moment by Moment. After all, we are each responsible for our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own actions – and our own reactions, aren’t we? So we must ‘own’ them, too.

Thus, no matter what transpires for each of us this week – whichever commentator, columnist, writer or channel we thought was ’right’ or we resonated with; whichever latest column or commentator rang or still rings true for us; whatever we saw that we then believed will or won’t happen on or around December 21st – we must each individually take responsibility for our experience. We must own the choice we made.

Why? Because we are each responsible for our own Ascension Week passage and our own Ascension Week outcome – and our own Ascension.

How we each prepare for whatever it is we ‘know’ or believe will happen for each of us this week; how we perceive the way things may unfold. And how we are prepared for any outcome. Well, that is our individual responsibility, too. Surely.

Which is why this week, especially – more than at any other time in this life we are currently existing in – it is also our individual responsibility to look after ourselves and assist those we most care about – physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and ethically- in a way that we have never had to do before.

So while we should indeed go within – into our heart spaces right now – we also need to take responsibility for our own physical well-being.

We each must make a conscious decision to make sure we rest and sleep adequately to allow us to cope with the next few days – and nights. We each must make a conscious choice to eat the best foods we can find to put into our bodies to nourish and cleanse. And make sure we drink as much pure water as possible.

No matter our circumstance, we each must make a conscious decision to do our best for our spiritual and emotional selves, too.  Be gentle. Analyse the issue that has arisen. Don’t go into fear. Question and reason rather than panic.

In doing so, we will do the best for our families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and the human collective. And our ‘selfs’.

This is what we came here for. This is what we came here to do. This is THAT moment.

And so, when it comes to what lies ahead at the end of this week – no matter what happens – we must each accept that WE decided what we wanted to believe or trust in; what WE felt we ‘knew’ was true for us.

WE chose to head down this path. WE took responsibility to believe – or to follow our own inner ‘knowing’. WE took responsibility for our ‘selfs’.

So my advice for each of us during Ascension Week is this:

  • Have and maintain the intent to Ascend.
  • Prepare for and focus on the best case scenario we desire for each of us – and the wider world. That is, our Ascension.
  • Look after our ‘selfs’ – physically, spiritually, emotionally. Be gentle. Be strong. Be focussed.
  • Stay out of our own or anyone else’s dramas. Don’t entertain them. Don’t enter in to them. Don’t create them.
  • Go within and centre in our hearts throughout this week – and not our heads.
  • Have faith in our ‘selfs’.
  • Trust and ‘know’.

But also remember, we are each responsible for our own thoughts, behaviours, decisions. And any reactions that spring from those same thoughts, behaviours and decisions are ours and ours alone…

So enjoy your ‘self’ – and here’s to an incredible, heart-centred, self responsible Ascension Week!

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P.S. I would like to add that I have come through all of the above with even more clarity and a greater focus on what I hold true for me – and that is the same vision I had six months ago. If you also agree that self responsibility is a huge focus for each of us during this all-important week, please feel free to read on:
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