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Jon’s words to us today are especially powerful! Love and hugs, ~Jean

It is impossible to overstate how much pressure people are feeling these days. People are popping – it’s like the human race is bubble wrap and we’re all getting squeezed.

In the context of all of the energy being devoted to this magical moment of 12.21.12, all I can say is that it is necessary, at this time more than ever, to think of everyone. Whatever you are doing for that date, I pray that you have it in mind that what you are doing is going to serve humanity.

Many people are sold on the idea that there is some kind of unique opening happening on that day, during which it will be especially easy to become enlightened–or something like that. I can only speak for my concept of that date as a product, something you can buy, like a ticket to someplace special. And I see it being used the same way people use drugs and alcohol and shopping and suicide – it’s something people are hoping will fill a void within them.

And I don’t blame anyone for wanting to have that void filled. It’s just that I think that focusing on that magical moment, in the magical place, with the magical people, distracts us from the magic within and around us right now. Every second you have ever lived has had as much potential as 12.21.12.

We actually live in heaven. This Earth is the most beautiful place to be that there is. Right now, it is heaven, here. In your anticipation of and preparation for that magical moment, I pray that you have some experience right now, that helps you see that.

It is my opinion that that’s what this pressure is all about – it’s trying to get us to see what really matters. Which is the opportunity in every second to express love. Every second, in any place, to anyone, you have the opportunity to express love. So, please don’t wait.

There are concepts that are becoming mainstream now that give me a great deal of hope. In particular, the philosophy of Ubuntu, as expressed in “The vision of Sonmi” in the movie Cloud Atlas.

The central tenet of Ubuntu is, “I am because you see me.” Which is very different from, “I think, therefore I am.” Without deconstructing these – I don’t need to spoon feed this to you – I think it is possible to characterize this phase of human evolution as being from individual intelligence to collective intelligence.

In other words, the pressure we are under is asking us to choose to acknowledge an intelligence that the heart in each one of us has existence simply because there is someone to recognize that heart. This is essential to the continuation of our species.

In the Ubuntu way, when someone commits a crime, their transgression is considered to be an expression of a community failure to recognize that person’s heart. Instead of isolating and punishing someone who has stolen from or hurt another, a community ceremony of loving that person is performed.

Yet even better than retroactive loving is proactive loving, of course.

I write this in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings. That act was committed by someone who did not feel loved. Nothing could more strongly express the isolating effect of Cartesian Capitalism than that.

Is this the greatest country on Earth? Maybe. Yet I am hoping for something better. I am praying for a culture based on love rather than fear. A culture which makes heroes of gardeners and poets rather than people who kill people.

We have to create routes for the troubled mind to follow. Right now, in America, the easiest path towards recognition is to pick up a gun. Not a hunting rifle, but a weapon designed to be used on people.

I’ll be blunt. 12.21.12 is not going to relieve the pressure that is popping people. We’ve got years of it to come. But the pressure is not coming on to create mass-murderers. It is here to open our hearts to humanity.

I exist because you recognize my existence. When I pop, it is into an awareness of love, because I am fortunate enough to be loved. But I have been isolated, unrecognized, afraid.

And knowing this within myself, I cannot help but see it in others. But I see something else, in everyone I can. Which is their heart. I am sad that I didn’t get a chance to see Adam Lanza’s heart. He had one, you know.

So far, we can’t go backwards in time, so I choose to go forwards. I choose to see the heart in each person I meet. Little things like smiles can make a big difference.

Please, don’t wait another second before you commit to do the same.

May each of us choose now as the moment. You are here not just to witness the shift.

Now is the time, and we are the people.

With love,


“… but it seems, in tragedy, that innocence is not enough.”

T.H. White.

Thank you,

Jon Waldrup
Incarnational Astrologer
(208) 290-8578

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