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Posted by Steve Beckow

If I were to wake tomorrow and find this all a dream – what a beautiful dream we’ve dreamed together. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, despite all the hesitation, doubts, and suffering.

Having dreamed together, we questioned and overturned religious assumptions designed to keep us servile, economic assumptions designed to keep us poor, political assumptions designed to keep us bound, and many others, all of which deprived us of our native wisdom and courage.

With help, we stopped chemtrails, pandemics and weather warfare. With help, we defeated a plan to blacken the reputation of those who wished to waken and defend us, to send the people’s leaders to FEMA camps, and to eliminate those who wished to free us and give us what was ours and what we need.

We scuttled plans to carry warfare to its ultimate extreme and cause death and devastation on a planetary scale. We defeated black projects, assassination squads, and covert conspiracies which killed thousands, including Presidents. We risked our lives against a machine that controlled weapons of mass destruction, space fleets, and even time travel and teleportation – and we won.

We’ve escaped the prison of paradigms drilled into us with all the force of government, law, and military strength. We’ve thrown off what was fed to us in our newspapers, television, and films, to keep us in the dark.

We ended corrupt regimes and military dictatorships – in the people’s name. We’ve done it without seeking revenge or plundering those who plundered us. We’ve taken back the planet in the name of peace in peaceful ways, in the name of love in loving ways.

What we’ve accomplished! What we’ve achieved! What we have dreamed into reality – together.

If I wake up tomorrow, what a wonderful dream I’ve had, what a fulfilling, inspiring, sustaining dream. I dreamed a dream, and you did too, of a world that’s free, united, and harmonious. And I have that dream and the reality too.

We dreamed a dream that was more wonderful than our reality. And now, with eyes wide open, not drugged, and not dumbed down, we no longer need to pretend we dream. We’ve made our dream real before our eyes.

Not all of it. Much remains to do. But we no longer need to dream. Now, awake, the moment comes to plan, create, and build.


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