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We’re saddened to hear of this tragedy. It would not be surprising to hear that mind control may be involved and that tragedies of this kind are perpetrated to take attention from what is unfolding. When SaLuSa said today that secrecy is still needed, it may be that it’s needed to try to aid in preventing just such tragedies from occurring.

President Obama reviewed all the instances of attacks like these that have happened in the last year. Again it would not be surprising to hear that they all occur from the same sources. We invite you to join in Julie Redstone’s prayer meditation for the victims and the nation.




Prayer/Meditation – Friday, Dec. 14th – 8PM (EST)

Saturday, Dec. 15th – 8PM (EST)

Shooting in Newtown, CT of many children and adults at elementary school

The details of today’s shooting are still unclear. However, as of this writing, there are 18 elementary school age children and 9 adult fatalities. Prayers are needed to help all souls who have died to ease their transition into the light. Prayers are also needed for those in shock and grief who are left behind.

Please join us in prayer/meditation tonight, (Fri. – 12/14) at 8PM EST and tomorrow night (Sat., 12/15) again at 8PM EST.

With blessings and gratitude for your help.

Julie Redstone

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