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Eternity : Since the platform at Steve’s is almost chocoblock, I will also put this up (on pages) at Love and Light Portal for people to do so. To make it easier to plough through the “comments”, I would encourage readers to first of all in “capital letters” write down their “country AND town as their message title” where they wish to meet. Then of course their email number etc…. Remember COUNTRY AND TOWN basically is your reference! Another point – PLEASE BE BRIEF! as you can always talk more (in your emails) when you get yourselves connected 🙂

Steve: Andrea’s sending in an article on the discussion group (above) was pure coincidence.  Okay, don’t believe me! But it was!

Folks, there are two “meet-up” pages on this site, at the lower end of the righthand column.

I just read one person’s share that they’ve been coming to the site for a year and did not realize there was a meet-up section.

Yes, there is and I invite you to make contact and get together on the run-up to Ascension. I wish I could do so as well with the people from Vancouver, but I’m going to need to stay focused until Ascension.

Meeting up has to be by your own discernment, of course, but after 12/12/12 we may find ourselves moving away, rather rapidly, from situations that we might have worried about or encountered years ago.

Also please be aware that there is a discussion group, a very lively one, attached to this blogsite with more than 1300 members. And there is a second group (Share 11; i.e., Share the Truth) that hosts discussions of Ascension as well, with more than 800 members. At some point, I think, we all feel the need to cocoon, to nest and to be among friends. These are places where that can happen.

The 2012 Scenario Discussion Group is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/2012Scenario/

Share 11 is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Share11/


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