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Julie Miller ~ LOVE is a Way of Life ~

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Received by: Julie Miller

Every now and again doubt enters your mind, a constant dialogue of chatter that can be a true adversary. Your complete self occasionally struggles to stay on the path of truth. Sometimes dear ones, you may feel as if you are battling yourself or some part of yourself that can get in your way of progressing as you planned. The Ego can become heavily oppressive as it tries so hard to control every aspect of your life. Sometimes what we of the divine have witnessed is how easily the Ego can block out nearly all influences from heavenly beings such as the Angels, other Ascended Masters and even God. It is imperative dear ones to learn to work with the Ego through balancing all inner vehicles which are your chakras and balancing all external vehicles which are your emotions and feelings, your actions and reactions. While the Ego remains in control, your spirit body has difficulty providing you with the fluid perception required to access your higher truth. Your own mental and emotional bodies becomes unable to provide you the necessary supply of energy needed to feed your inner knowing which is your door to spiritual intelligence and reaching higher states of consciousness.



Wes Annac ~ The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Fourth and Fifth Density, Gaia’s Grid of Light and Humanities Life-Path Review ~

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beautiful-waterfalls 01

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are recalibrating yourselves as you reach pure states of consciousness, perception and awareness that serve to initiate you further into your higher dimensional experience. We are working with each one of you to help you better assimilate the energies you are absorbing unto yourselves and benefitting from at this time, and you are and have been undergoing a literal transformation from one state of perception to another.


Heavenletter #4402 Beautiful Illusion

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God said:

You follow Me, and I follow you. We are like a Push Me Pull you. We keep up with each other. We are love embracing. We are beloved of Each Other. We are Beloved.

There is no getting outside Ourselves. We are within and not without. We are Inner Being. The outer rim is illusion. Anything that is not Oneness is illusion, and illusion is the world you seem to live in, yet it only seems. What seems is not so. Trouble is not so. Trouble is a false flag that you sometimes fly under. You send out an SOS for nothing. Be still, and know I am God and know that We are One entrusted heart beating with love. We are a precious Onesome. We are not a Twosome.


Mother Mary Opens The 12.12.12 Gateway – by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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Thursday, 13 December, 2012

I am Mary, Divine Mother, Giver of Hope, Giver of Love. I am She who comes to welcome you as I open my heart and my arms and bring you close to my breast. I bind you in love and I bind what hurts you. I bind what pains you and I bind what cries in your soul to be healed. I collect with love what tears fall from your eyes. Allow me to wrap myself around you. I come to speak to you about your divine responsibility.


Taryn Crimi ~ Reincarnation ~

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Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of reincarnation. There is a common belief amongst many on your world that “you only live once” however, many of you who are drawn to these messages are aware on some level that souls do in fact reincarnate. There is much to be gained from the soul’s experiences in a multitude of lives. We would like to expand upon this topic today in hopes of shedding some more light to allow you to gain another perspective of not only why souls choose to reincarnate but how each soul decides which life to assume.


Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Clear Yourself

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Clear you energy field regularly

Oftentimes you absorb the lower energy from around you or others whom you meet. It is important, especially when you are in some high, disturbing energy (hostile environments, arguments, drinking, drugs etc.). Sensitivity to energy is developing in the human at a fast rate as you expand your understanding of who and what you truly are. It is therefore important to have a regular routine of cleansing your auric field, inside and out of other peoples thoughts, emotions and energy.


Fran Zepeda ~ Double Celebratory Message from Yeshua and Sananda ~ December 12 and 13, 2012 ~

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Note from Fran: The following is Yeshua’s Celebratory Message given to me in the late afternoon of 12-12-12, meant to be Part One of a Double Message; Part Two, Sananda’s Message of today, 12-13-12, follows Yeshua’s message below. Enjoy! Many Blessings!


Greetings and salutations to all my beloveds! Today, 12-12-12, marked a glorious day in your history, in your development and in your hearts – and in our hearts, dear ones. You have accomplished so much. Your embarkment on this ascension journey is well underway now, dear ones. You have crossed the threshold of all thresholds. The Light is shining ever brighter and untold adjustments have been made in your Light Bodies, in Gaia’s Light Body and in sacred Unity Consciousness.


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