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Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ December 09 – 16, 2012

Received by: Julie Miller

 Last week we spoke of God’s Wisdom already being a part of you. We would like to continue with that message with a few considerations for you to ponder about.

Let’s look at water. Water on its own appears to be quite ordinary and simple. You can touch it and feel it. It does have weight and it does take up space yet at the same time it doesn’t hold its own definitive shape. For the most part water has no taste, you can see through it, it definitely is in a liquid state and is buoyant. You already know water is the most plentiful element on your Earth’s surface. Many already know Earth is comprised of about 70% of water and your physical body’s houses a good deal of water. When you are newly born your body is mostly water, a good 70%, as you grow into your adult stage this percentage drops but not by too much.

 Now let’s think about water. There is not only one kind of water but three. Understand dear ones ordinary water is comprised of two atoms of hydrogen combined to one atom of oxygen. We will keep this train of thought going – understanding that normal hydrogen has one proton and no neutron in its centre. Besides the regular water, there are two other kinds of water. One is labeled ‘heavy water’. This occurs when the centre of heavy water has only one proton and one neutron. Now Tritium is something that is created only during nuclear reactions and it has only one proton and two neutrons in the hydrogen centre. Think about this dear ones, regular sea water or even fresh water contains approximately five thousand parts normal water and one part deuterium.

 Your scientists are making vast discoveries, yet so far Earth is the only planet the holds water. It is the only place that God created for His children as place to create a home on to share with other living creatures and species. As far as your scientists know yet, there still is no other planet that can hold life like your Earth. Water is precious to your planet. Without it, there would be no life. This brings great understanding; the greatest and most fertile of lands without any water becomes a desert thus producing nothing. But when you have land, water, lakes, seas and other forms of water what you have is the basis for survival for plants and animals and of course for humans.

 Water is thought of as the most useful element on your planet. Thanks to the water that is inside your body, food gets carried to its cells for growth and renewal, it helps push out waste and regulates your body’s temperature. If you lose too much water it is fatal. Water is used daily for cooking, bathing, heating, putting out fires, and for creating medicines. Water is also used for leisure and pleasure. We are positive you can think of other great uses for water and knowing this you regain the appreciation for Earth and of the water that sustains life.

 In some places of your Earth, people have created electricity from water which is used to light and heat their homes, and power all they need to operate. Water is the fundamental source for steam power that runs your turbines and great engines. Speaking of the greatness of water, it is most difficult to compress, to make smaller. Your water systems carry great ships all over your Earth with precious cargo that is necessary to where it is going. Water plays a very important part of your life, and there are some parts where the importance of water is disregarded and over looked maybe taken for granted. When you look up into your skies after a rainfall you see what happens when water retracts light, what you then see is a spectrum of colour in a form of a rainbow.

 Frozen water appears smooth like glass and creates a playground for many of you, especially for your children. Without water how would you skate, ski or even go ice-fishing? Water supports all life on your Earth – plain and simple. Water is considered one of most highly used thinners from recipes to formulas. Water that fills your wells, rivers, lakes, even your oceans carries minerals from your Earth. These precious minerals are what feed the fish, which in turn feed many of you. Yes, water is notably life giving but at the same time like any of the Earth’s elements, it can be very destructive when it’s out of control. Water has been known to bring trees down by their roots, degrade solid rock, and wear down mountains and large hills. It has been known to wash out cities, and destroy entire nations.

 So the three forms of water; liquid, gas and solid come to you in many ways. While in liquid form, water presents itself to you as rain, sleet, river, geysers, springs, waterfalls, wells, seas, etc. When water is a solid; you are presented with it as hail, frost, snow, icebergs, glaciers and tiny snowflakes. When water is presented as a gas you will be shown clouds, gas, fog, steam, mist, vapour and humidity.

The many of you that experience snow, this is water’s solid form and creates great beauty after it falls. Many artists are in awe of the splendour after a snowfall and there are many snow covered landscapes that have been painted and written about. Water does have unusual properties even though it is quite a simple element. The snowflake is shaped is a unique star shape that is designed like a hexagon or a six pointed star. Some people have looked into a snowflake and have seen countless Star of David’s and claim these coming from the heavens. The delicate beauty of the snowflake when looked at closely holds a beauty that is beyond normal description. Snow is of the purest of white, it is brilliant in its colour. After it falls, it sparkles like diamonds.

 Through God’s creative wisdom, there are other unusual properties to water. Scientifically proven, most materials shrink when frozen. But water does the exact opposite. When water is exposed to temperatures that are below the normal freezing rate, it will solidify into ice becoming as solid as a mineral. When water is frozen its size has actually expanded instead of being shrunk. Water when frozen solid has been known to cut through steel or rock.

 Water also holds another amazing property that is called surface tension – these are water molecules stuck together to create a kind of surface. If placed carefully, a metal pin or needle will float on the water’s surface. This is the kind of tension which allows many watery insects to walk across its surface. Water is also a display of God’s infinite Wisdom, as it becomes a specific kind of heat. Specific heat is a measurement of the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram one degree Celsius. It is a known fact that your precious water holds a higher specific heat than almost any other material. Here is an example of specific heat; it will take 33 times as much heat to increase the temperature of water one degree centigrade, as it will take to increase the temperature of gold by the same amount. Just by raising the temperature one degree centigrade, water stores 33 times as much heat as gold does. And it gives of the same amount when gold cools. The creation that flows around your globe is an awe-wonderment. It is deserving of respect and appreciation. It is a vital life giving agent that protects, nourishes and cleanses. God’s Wisdom isn’t just the inner knowledge each of you hold within you, it’s the creation of the Earth you call home – the living elements that hold much benefits for your mere survival.

God is continuously active throughout the Universe. Just because you may not see a physical hand at work, does not mean it is not there. God does have a plan for everyone and that plan even if it is unknown to you at this time is comprehensive and ought to be embraced. Embracing what God has determined demonstrates your faith and trust in His work. He has given you miracles daily for you to recognize and lessons that offer you vast areas for growth and master of specific skills and character traits to be improved. God’s word has always been love and His work to unite all people together.

 Understand dear ones out of God’s vast knowledge is where all things are actual and quite possible. When you are motivated by your Divine Will to follow God’s direction, each of you will feel His eternal presence and know from deep within your heart how lovingly protected you are. All actions, words, thoughts, and even feelings held by you are all taken into consideration by God. It is why we of the divine always encourage you to always move from within your heart centre, to demonstrate love at every stage and interval, no matter if you are conversing with a difficult customer to a screaming toddler; when you choose to respond through your heart, you are illustrating to us all your God Presence. Your fellow person may not see this, but what they will notice is your demeanour being kinder and compassion-filled. They might notice your facial features softer, and the edge from your tone of voice is removed.

 When you choose to act upon all that is good and love, you are acting as God, you then are demonstrating God in Action and are sharing his Word of Love just be simply being You.

 Can things for you your earthly world be better? Of course there are always room for improvements with the understanding that balance is key in all things, even when working the elements such as water. All things must balance out: death/rebirth, male/female, negative/positive, light/dark, etc. Without the many trials you have succeeded, the strength you carry now would still be left buried deep within your spirit. And suffering and sorrows you may have endured was to help you develop a deeper wisdom that is shared with God. One cannot learn without lessons and lessons must be learned well in order to not repeat the lesson. Some lessons do become repeated but only until you learn how and when to break the cycle and that will come when you learn to listen to Soul-Self. Clarity comes when you are ready to see the knowledge behind the lesson and to take that knowledge, store it, learn it, then allow it to forge into a deep and profound knowing of wisdom – wisdom that you can share with others that have traveled similar paths. You share your wisdom to help you and others grown and raise your consciousness each and every time. You are God’s loving children, building and rebuilding yourselves many times – change is inevitable, and while you are changing and adopting a newer way to live and be you are opening your heart to allow His brilliant white light to shine down upon you and grace your entire being.

 The next time you drink a glass of water, or take a bath or go sailing, give thanks to God for the Wisdom He has shown you and given to you so many times. Just as water is sustenance for your body and planet, His presence and love is sustenance for your entire being; mind, body, heart and soul.


I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller


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