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Light Stewards: Building and Preserving the Light

Light Stewards – Sisters and Brothers of Unity is a new group that has taken upon itself the educational and facilitative role of providing suggested guidance for lightworkers who wish to adopt high standards of integrity and the embodiment of Fifth Dimensional qualities as we prepare ourselves for ever-expanding roles in the Golden Age. 

Our goal is to generate and share documents which help us to be squeaky clean in our behavior, which in turn allows bliss to rise within us. We also feel that these documents align us with the new paradigm of the divine qualities which we think will make Ascension easier and smoother.

We will post documents from time to time on this site that individuals and teams may find useful. We encourage you to use them and share them as you see fit.

Below is our first document, Building and Preserving the Light, which is designed for groups of Lightworkers working together:


Building and Preserving the Light
We are dedicated Lightworkers, working to bring about a better world, otherwise known as the New Age. We are Wayshowers and strive to embody and model fifth-dimensional qualities in the work we do and our association with one another.
We celebrate diversity and welcome differences.
We value individual creativity, expression and growth.
We strive to support one another to fully shine our Light and joy.
We strive to make decisions and carry out actions with integrity and ethical behavior.
We recognize we’re human and may make mistakes. We’re patient, compassionate, and kind with ourselves and each other.
We make decisions by consensus on actions that involve or impact the entire team, programs and activities.
We consider our team and the relationships we have with one another as sacred.
We strive to create a safe and sacred space, while building and preserving the love and peace in our interactions with each other. We accomplish this by the following:
  • Using neutral words, words that are not inflammatory or judgmental
  • Being mindful of what each person wants and doesn’t want when making decisions
  • Having honest, heartfelt, and frank conversations
  • Ensuring that speakers take turns speaking and that listening and feedback occurs
  • Using “I” or “we” statements in lieu of “you” statements whenever possible (factual statements and observations may require the use of “you”)
  • Sharing how one feels about whatever is coming up or whatever has been decided
  • Avoiding gossiping about a third party except in matters of integrity or operations, where it’s unavoidable to discuss a third party
  • Being mindful about not sharing the personal or sensitive information of others
  • Having a third person present when conflicts are discussed
  • Not allowing any conflict to go without being resolved or, if not resolved in the moment, then scheduling a time for it to be discussed and resolved
  • Seeking an alternative third option if two people reach a standoff with their own two preferred options
  • Stating the status of one’s knowledge (i.e., is it something we sense, feel, intuit; how did we learn about it?)
  • Individually and collectively serving as Light Stewards, to assure that as individuals and as a group we’re aligned with these goals and intentions.
  • Respecting, learning from, and utilizing the experiences and viewpoints of all members of the group
  • Regularly revisiting these goals and intentions individually and as a group

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