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The Earth Star Network has created a group called “Unity in Oneness,” which involves a pledge to their allegiance to love and a promise to serve as lightworkers being love in action.  (UIO is not the same as Graham Dewyea’s Light Stewards initiative.)  You can learn more about them here: unityinoneness http://www.earth-star-network.com/unityinoneness.
Thanks to Graham and Kathleen.



Lightworkers, dreamers, spiritual activists, heart-workers, philanthropists and humanitarians – join together and make a pledge to being love in action

As 2012 takes us into the manifestation of love and the oneness energy, the planet’s key spiritual influencers and lightworkers are joining together to put what they preach into practice. Unity in Oneness is being spearheaded by a group of wayshowers, creating a way for any lightworker to publicly make their own commitment to the oneness agenda. It is a timely calling, as consciousness grows and more of us are required to stand up as a collective voice for love, in both principle and action.

Lightworkers that put their heart where their mouth is can join us so that we can be united in our example.


Unity In Oneness (UIO) enables any participant lightworker – writers, bloggers, channelers, healers, publishers, campaigners, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, developers – to pledge their allegiance to love. This means that the services they provide are directed towards the collective good, recognise the equality of all, promote unconditional love in action and are not motivated by self-interest or fear based concerns. Wayshowers making the Unity in Oneness pledge publicly declare their responsibility to working co-creatively, living love through action and reducing attention given to negative concerns or ego-based creation. See the UIO Pledge below.


With spiritual leaders playing more and more of a role in supporting consciousness shift, the awakening community will be able to use UIO to help them exercise more discernment. Light lovers that take to the UIO cause, can display the ‘Unity in Oneness’ emblem, information and video on their web pages, blogs, publications and social media.

Information channels supporting the project will also make a list of UIO providers and their material publically available. Through our visible collective participation, the message of oneness begins to form in expression as well as intent. Long term, there is a vision that UIO workers may meet online to collaborate further and issue group-based bulletins and inspiration.


Unity in Oneness is being co-ordinated by Earth Star Network through its commitment to uniting lightworkers in order to manifest the collective energy and create a broadcastable ‘beacon of light’.   The campaign has been lead by Lucas 2012 Infos and already includes a number of leading lightworkers including Bill Ballard, Galactic Free Press, Lisa Gawlas, Suzan Caroll (Lie), David Porter and Salvatore J Parisi.



Any lightworker can make the pledge to UIO through an open sign up process and promote their involvement.  I declare a pledge to love and that my actions are:

  • Based on judgements from the heart 
  • Not based on judgements of fear or lack
  • Not controlled by self interest, commercial or political agendas 
  • Attempting to reduce conflict and division
  • Promote co-operation
  • Promote consensus
  • Promote peace
  • Recognise the equality of all human beings
  • Pursue a picture of collective truth (rather than personal truth)
  • Acknowledge the responsibility of supporting others in their spiritual awakening
  • Do not deliberately or knowingly misinform

For the purposes of clarity – the pledge does not prevent people from making money.  The only condition is that work and methods of exchange are aligned to the spirit of the pledge.



Groups or individuals identified to be acting in a way that is not in the spirit of the pledge will be challenged and potentially asked to remove the UIO emblem which is under the ownership of the UIO community.


“It is time to unite in our oneness and get manifesting, co-creating and co-imagening what is our new reality now in 5D. What happens in 3D now will be effected by the changes we manifest”
Lucas, Lucas 2012 Infos

“You are the Light Houses for Humanity, You are The Examples of Light and Truth for your Brothers and Sisters, and You are The True Army of Love on Planet Earth=Heart. As, we have stated you are not here to save anyone, but in the Highest Truth, You are Here, and You Have Been Requested, To Be the Love, Be the Example of Truth, Be the Light, and Share the Highest Truths With your Brothers and Sisters. ~ LET THERE BE LIGHT THAT SHINES ACROSS THE ENTIRE PLANET, OUR COMBINED LIGHT TOGETHER ~

Earth Star Network Vision Statement (Draft)


The goal of Earth Star Network (ESN) is to provide a central fifth dimensional communications platform through which the collective insights of first-wave lightworkers and awakening beings can be freely co-ordinated, catalogued and represented for the purposes of supporting planetary level awakening and development.  Put simply, we are here to help connections be made for the purposes of enhancing and growing high frequency light so that it can be broadcast into the planetary biosphere.

Our activity is divinely guided and our launch on the 8 August 2012 and station in the UK is emblematic of our mission to support the 2012 Lion’s Gate Activation, which represented the opening of the planet’s heart chakra which is based in Great Britain.  The Lion and heart chakra energy, represents the planet’s ability to unite opposites and begin working wholly and co-creatively with the energies of heart and mind and the inner and outer planes. The energies of separation will no longer be supported as we move beyond 2012.

ESN is an emblematic project since like the heart, it sits in the centre of the planet’s new crystalline grid, providing a central nervous system and pulse that will allow the light of the awakened to flow.  This mechanism is a physical mirror of the inner grid work that has been undertaken by many lightworkers across the last 25 years.  For further information see:

Slideshow – ESN’s Spiritual Journey and Vision of Disclosure

Slideshow – Lion’s Gate Activation

News Release – Lion’s Gate Activation

Why and How?

To date lightworking activity has been largely undertaken at an individual or group level, with early awakeners and teachers focusing on energetic transmutation and personal evolution. More recently, application has extended into music, art, journalism and filmmaking. In tandem with the spiritual activities of teachers and ambassadors, many individuals have also been waking up and exploring their experiences through online forums and community groups.

Whilst this arrangement has supported spiritual awakening to date, a greater level of dialogue and information sharing is going to be required as frequency change becomes a reality on the earth plane, more awaken and new templates for living are explored. Matters of particular importance include:

  • Providing a communications framework through which the learnings and expertise of first wave lightworkers and awakened beings can be consolidated and explored in a unified, organised fashion for the purposes of planetary development.  This is as much about looking towards the future and providing insight for the awakened as it is about supporting those that have not yet attuned their vibration.
  • Providing a unified voice and library for the planet’s awakening community, in particular, pulling together information resources and establishing key messages for the purposes of establishing accurate media and public representation. Union is the method through which the current light quotient will be nurtured and amplified in the planetary biosphere.
  • Establishing a ‘base camp’ and touch point for the lightworking community and awakening inviduals that can be used for the purposes of administering initial activities associated with societal transcendence.  This is not just about representing the efforts of publicly active lightworkers, but the activities and insights of awakening beings of every kind.
  • Pulling together resources so they can be directed in a more coherent and concentrated fashion to assist with planetary transformation.

Our goal is not to replace or substitute the many lightworking activities that are underway, but help pull together resources with the specific intent of supporting planetary level communications, dialogue and societal evolution. We are here to help bring together the collective insight, since it is in unity and consolidation that the emerging light can be nourished and manifested in its true brightness.

To those that are fully aware of what is occurring, there is a recognition that much needs to be done to support those that are still awakening as well as provide a unified effort to help the planet shift its light axis from the few to the many. We are entering times when the first wave ascendees must now undertake their ‘earth keeper’ missions to broadcast the new frequency for the purposes of more effectively assisting the collective.

ESN has been set up under cosmic direction to provide the apparatus and technology of connectivity for lightworkers and awakened beings so that resources can be consolidated and directed into more focused lightworking for the benefit of the whole. No one lightworker has all the answers; the time has come for us to leave our disparate fields of expertise and come together as a team in a truly co-operative and managed fashion. E-S-N aim to work as a voicepeace and resources agency through which this union can be achieved.

ESN’s focus will not be on publicising lightworkers and individual practice, but allowing them the means by which they can work together to help humanity sustain its frequency to support planetary wide ascension. This will be achieved through working in a spirit of unconditional compassion and an integrity that respects the free will of all beings.


Eternity : The campaign has been lead by Lucas

Please visit Lucas 2012 Infos


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