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Posted by Steve Beckow

On the Pleiades, Ellie Miser is the equivalent of royalty here on Earth. Royalty on the Pleiades is “first among equals” and not the institution it is here. Many readers have bonded with her and ask for her updates.

Her mission has been to observe terrestrial society and send back information to the ships that would be useful to help new personnel understand Earth life. 

If you’d have been on Ellie’s distribution list four years ago, it might not have made sense because it was all about the Darwin awards and other foibles of Earthlings. But if you understood then mission of this Pleiadian anthropologist, it would make perfect sense.

Ellie has been told that she can remain here until the “Event,” which we’re all expecting. It may come on 12/12/12. But don’t believe me. Every date I’ve brought forth has come and gone. It may see NESARA announced, Disclosure (which you can see Russian Prime Minister Medvedev is edging towards), the city of light over Sedona become visible – who knows what may happen. (I admit I don’t.)

When that happens, Ellie can leave her second cloned body and return to join her partner Plen, and father Haiton.

Dearest angel friends!

I AM still here – hanging on, still expecting the Event and praying it will be before the end of this year as I am weary, worn out and eager to be with my family on our ship. So many mixed feelings – loving this planet and the experiences I have enjoyed on it – even the ones that were somewhat painful as we do not have the opportunity for those experiences in the higher realms. I will miss the seasons, the excitement of the various holidays, even the Oklahoma storms that are not too violent but just enough to give a surge of anxiety followed by such relief that we survived.

I have a mass in my left lung that is close to my heart – it is egg-shaped and looks like it is in a sack inside the lung – the doctor says it seems to be filled with calcium so it will not be malignant and it hasn’t changed in 3 months so not to worry. I go back in May to see if it is still unchanged. Please God don’t let me be here to make that appointment!

I did have an incident recently involving my heart but Plen took care of it quickly – I was laying on my right side, waking up – when I opened my eyes, Plen was beside my bed in physical form – the mass had positioned itself over my heart, causing it to struggle, so he came to turn me over just a bit to give relief. As soon as I focused my eyes on him, he began shimmering (leaving) – I shut my eyes to clear my vision and when I opened them again, he was gone. I am more careful now in how I rest on my right side.

I have no pain at all from the mass – I do have difficulty breathing now and then but I have an oxygen hose that helps me through those times. I sleep with it as I have severe sleep apnea but I am an open mouth breather so the nose piece is almost useless…but it puts pure oxygen in the general area of my mouth so it does help.

I can’t go down even small steps without pain as my knee joints are both bone on bone so am almost house bound now but Jerry will fix me a little ramp down the side of the steps by the railing he put there for me – that will help except when I bend my feet, I get leg cramps. Ah well – what can I expect from this 81 yr old body – it has served me well and thanks to Plen’s improvements and modifications, it has lasted long past its expiration date.

Please keep in mind that at no time am I complaining – just observing and commenting!!!

I want to thank each of you for the part you played in giving me the unique experience of receiving – your financial gifts have been most appreciated, no matter how small! I have been a giver all my life and it took some adjustment to be able to receive – it is just my nature to be the giver! LOL!

An ego thing was involved – I was humbled to be in the position of having to expect help from “strangers” (actually physical angels – YOU!). The Princess of the Pleiades wondering where the next meal was coming from? Really!!!! LOL!!!

Actually, I had to keep a low profile as there were those who would love to interfere in my Earth mission – so I led a very sheltered life until recently – now the threat has been removed and I can enjoy what life I have left on this planet.

You gave me a couple years of relief from the poverty I grew up in – what a ride! Being able to actually have good, healthy food in the house! To pay bills that were hounding me, causing almost daily stress! To have my bank account out of the overdrawn status for over two years! To be able to buy necessities that were luxuries before your Paypal blessings! A huge hug and a very heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you! How blessed I am to have had you in my Earth journey!

Well, that is all I have to share as far as an update – I truly expected my last one to BE my last one but still I wait …



[You’re welcome to assist Ellie and her son Jerry by giving through her Paypal account: Elliemiser@aol.com. The Hope Chest sends her a monthly sum as well, though not enough I imagine to see to her full needs.]


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