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DL Zeta ~ Unconditional Love Shifts us to Timelines of Peace and Prosperity ~

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As we move closer to the December solstice, we will find our success and fulfillment based more than ever before upon our degree of alignment with the frequency of love. Love is the most powerful vibration in the universe. Love holds the power to heal and transform us. Love is an energy that is always with us, guiding us and helping us find our way here on Earth. It is love that leads us to discover who we are and why we’re here. As we awaken to our spiritual identity, love helps us hone our gifts and share them with others.

Releasing the Filters we Place on Love



Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 235 ~

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You have already felt the first stirrings of these energies coming into you dear ones, and you can perhaps attest that they feel like nothing you have ever encountered before. At least, your physical body can, and we know that for some, the moans and groans have been even louder than before. That is only to be expected, for this time, even if you have been well prepared, you will be battling with some rather unusual singals, to put it mildly. We do not say this to frighten you in any way, only to prepare you for what you have in store. As this is something that will be entirely new to you all, it is apt to raise some fearful voices, especially inside, but do not let them fool you into thinking that something is amiss. For it is not. Remember, you have been well prepared for all of this, but as the frequency starting to arrive now is so enhanced compared to anything you have previously encountered, it will in some ways seem to create havoc when it starts to interact with your own field. When we say ”havoc”, we mean in the sense that your body will be perturbed by this, so it will start to send out confusing signals, but only because it is confused.


Heavenletter #4398 Get Up from the Worry Chair

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God said:

If you are sitting in a worry chair, get up and sit in a worry-free chair. If you live in a town called Worry, move to a town called Peace. Where you would rather live, move there.

Of course, you take yourself with you wherever you go. Nevertheless, it’s a good start when you accept that you would do well to make a change. The change, of course, is within you. It is your tune you want to change.


Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ It Is Time ~ 12.10.12 ~

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Yeshua ~ It Is Time ~As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 12.10.12

Hello dear ones, I come before you today, on this auspicious day, one of many to come. I beseech you to Be with and gather all you can of Creator’s Divine Love, to absorb it and sift it and spread it through your Heart and out to all your fellow Beings and the Earth Mother.

Oh, these are glorious days, where you have such an opportunity to lift your spirits to untold heights, dear ones. The energies are building and showering you. Stop and be still many times in the day and welcome it, for this is your opportunity for complete transformation. Yes, you have heard this, but we want to be sure that the next eleven days have your complete attention.



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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

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Beloved friends,

12-12-12 is only now a couple of days away. When I went  for a walk yesterday the sky appeared to me absolutely unique and awesome, I can’t remember having seen a sky like that ever before. 

It was of a new developing blue, very deep and at the same time transparent, and white clouds like huge cotton balls appeared extremely three-dimensional and sculptural. They were sitting, it seemed, in respectful distance from the Sun that was of an unprecedented transcendental radiance and spiritual power. 



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~ Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff – 12.09.12

The energy levels continue to build and most of you are experiencing many downloads of this incredible assistance from the higher realms and dimensions. Your individual Light is expanding in a greater radius than ever before and this Light is a catalyst of awakening for those within its vicinity. Your placement upon the planet is no accident, for your Light and the Light moving through you is needed to hold, anchor and radiate in all directions to join in unison with other conduits so that there is a network of Light around the world.


The still, small voice within will soon be neither still nor small. – channeled by Ron Head

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It is our intent now to bring to your attention the constant flood of Creator’s unconditional love, that which we sometimes name energy or light, which is flowing through your world now.  It has, of course, always done so, but it has reached a volume which can now not be missed by any who may turn their attention to it.

What may have taken a great deal of training in times past may be accomplished in no time at all at this point.  The still, small voice within will soon be neither still nor small.  When seeking to hear that voice, however, please understand that you may ‘hear’ it in many different ways.  It will be the manner in which your own perceptions discern the feelings that arise from the experience of this love, this light, this energy.  Yes, you may actually hear it.  Then again, you may see it.  You might just feel the flow through you.  Perhaps it might be all of those or even something entirely different.  It will be unique to you perhaps.  But the one way in which it will be the same for all is that it will be the way that you personally understand when you perceive it.


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