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Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we are here with you as you read our words and digest our guidance. Much is shifting now deep within YOUr very BEing and we are here to further facilitate this process within you and around you. For the energies of the new earth are now preparing to heighten once more, we are here to help YOU further prepare for the next influx of new earth energies so that YOU may allow the release of the deep seated beliefs that YOU have been fed over YOUr human life experience on planet earth.

We are here to help support at this time, we must guide strongly that each and every one of YOU is the master of their own ship, the guidance is general deliberately for we cannot identify each individual who is going through this process within these general supporting “channelings”. Many are still “waiting” and we ask for YOU to look at this scenario. The human life experience is one that is created from within at ALL times, it is not something that affects YOU from the outside in, though we fully appreciate and acknowledge that this is something that you have been taught to believe.

The belief system that YOU have at the core of YOUr BEing is now being shown to YOU ever more clearly. That which is being created around you the clue as to what YOU believe at YOUr core. For the creation of YOUr human life experience is from core level outwards. There are many of YOU who are now in deep chaos and frustration and this is being generated and created from within. It is this aspect of the new earth energetic landscape that we come to guide more fully upon, for it serves no one to leave YOU struggling for answers when the answers are but hidden by the thick veils of the teachings that strive for a home deep within YOUr heart. Does this resonate dear ones? Do you understand the power that YOU ARE at core level?

Let us take a few examples to further help the illumination of how the teachings are working to keep YOUr vibration low enough to blind YOU to TRUTH. The stirring up of emotions works to keep the smoke and mirrors active, as YOU react to the dramas that try to unfold around YOU and as you FALL into the deep emotions then YOUr inner vision will become in effect blind to what is happening. So deep are the emotions that YOU have been trained to keep deep inside YOU that the outpouring of these emotions creates a dense energy field around YOUr heart. This in turn appears to cut off the support that is available to YOU at all times, it makes YOU believe that all is lost, that you are alone and that all is but a fantasy.

This scenario will feed upon itself, for with the idea that hope is lost; that you dreamt it all then comes the fear, the guilt and the lower energetic emotions. The ability that humans have to tear themselves to pieces was taught deeply and taught well, we see this in all of YOU and we pour the LOVE that IS through YOU to allow YOU to find some inner solace. For all is but smoke and mirrors, the tools of a race that sought to contain and suppress. This was their “gift” to the human race, the old 3D earth energetic landscape. So sparkly is this gift in appearance that many are holding on as if it were a piece of gold and we ask for you to look at this scenario. The lower energetic signatures do not have long to last for the next upgrade in energies that sweep across the planet will bring more deep cleansing to the human energy system.

How you work with these energies will see YOU either create the scenario that lives within YOUr heart or fall further into chaos as the energies turn YOUr human vehicle into a battle ground. That which YOU fight dear ones is what YOU are in TRUTH. We are aware of the increase in what is termed “mind chatter” within the human vehicle; this is another clue that the old energies are trying to hold on. The “mind chatter” is the dissolving of the logical mind’s hold over YOUr BEing yet many are allowing this “mind chatter” to persuade them that what they FEEL is not correct. The HEART is the instrument of TRUTH dear ones for the heart is seeded with the spark of YOUr SOUL. We fully appreciate how challenging it may be to look at a scenario and see “evidence” that it is as it appears yet FEEL the lower energies below it that prove that it is not. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? Do you understand that on the surface the gift appears to keep on giving yet it is creating a landscape within YOU that will see all that YOU believe to be created out of the old energies.

Whilst YOU believe that you have to wait for evidence of what is real you walk in the landscape of the old energies. For what YOU CREATE is real and this is YOUr reality, it is personal to YOU and we guide for you to understand and anchor that one persons reality is not another’s reality. For it is not possible for two human vehicles to have exactly the same life experience. Each and every one of YOU is unique and each reality is personal to the one who creates this reality.

Human society IS breaking down but it is breaking down in relation to the old “rules” the rules that kept you contained and suppressed and kept you blind as to the power that YOU ARE. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? Do you understand that to “wait” is to put off claiming the power THAT IS at the very core of YOUr BEing? That which YOU believe YOU create but some of these beliefs have been adopted by many who cannot see nor understand the reason for the beliefs that they hold.

It is not enough dear ones to simply acknowledge that you may believe something that is borne out of the old earth energies, for the belief has layers of energy that embed within YOUr energetic signature, for the belief will piggyback onto another belief and so on. To dissolve the belief is to challenge it and change your reactions in response to that challenge. Let us further explain this in an example to help with clarity.

Many humans on planet earth are now able to understand that they are not alone, that they live within a vast universe that is home to many millions of other energies. This belief is not being honoured for many are falling to the teachings that state that somehow YOU will not be accepted within human society for stating and living this belief. So at this moment upon planet earth are many human BEings who believe one scenario but act out the belief that they have been taught which is that they are alone. The effect on the human energy signature is one of “see-sawing” as one belief is of the old earth energy and one of the new. The statement that YOU give to the universe is negated. For the universe cannot see you, the note that YOU are in TRUTH audible, then silent as YOUr energy signature fluctuates, as YOU try to live in TWO REALITIES at the same time.

There is no living in both energetic landscapes dear ones for the energy signature of the new earth is now heightening and no longer resonates in any way with the old 3D earth. For those who are trying to “second guess” the world and keep a foot in both landscapes this journey may dissolve into chaos and frustration that may see both landscapes disappear. This serves no one for it sends the logical brain into overload and we are concerned that mental health problems may arise within the human BEing who chooses this option.

It is natural to want to have some balance and find some peace but that is found within SELF dear ones, as the breakdown of the human society structures increase then this place of tranquillity and peace is even more vital for YOU. View yourself as the eye of a storm, this storm is working to move all that is not TRUTH from YOUr vision so that you may see and anchor the rainbow that exists after every storm. At no point are we guiding you to try to stop the storm. Imagine standing in a tornado and attempting to stop the wind, this is in effect what many in human form are attempting and we guide all to detach from this scenario. It serves no one least of all SELF.

Energies will now heighten, those who have done the inner work and who are able to hold the space for their fellow human BEings will now shine a clear light across and within planet earth. We ask ALL to have LOVE and compassion for ALL at this time. Many are reacting from the deep hurt that they have stored internally for aeons. They lash out in an attempt to find shelter from the hurt. KNOW that they are blind to the new energies whilst they react to the intense emotions. We ask that YOU space hold for these humans, that you wrap them in the LOVE that IS and that you detach from the drama they are creating in an attempt to unleash the pain that is felt within.

The way to dissolve pain is to acknowledge the pain dear ones, that is all that is needed, the pain asks for acknowledgement, then it will dissolve in the new earth energies. ALL are supported by ALL at this time. The angelic realms have once more increased their presence in expectation of the further chaos that may be exhibited by those who are blind to the power that they are in TRUTH. Now is not the time to judge another for YOU cannot know the pain contained within another. YOU cannot also know the life path of another. One of the deepest teachings to dissolve is around the experience of life as a human BEing on this planet.

Each one of YOU has a different reflection of this amazing planet and we guide that YOU must now take over the full operation of YOUr human vehicle. It was always under YOUr complete control but those who sought to contain and suppress the human race traded YOU an apparent shiny gift for YOUr LIGHT. That LIGHT belongs to SELF, we ask that YOU first of all shine that LIGHT within SELF, illuminate YOUr BEing and forgive SELF for YOU have done nothing but survive. YOU are now asked to LIVE in TRUTH, this is a different energy signature and one that YOU are beginning to resonate with.

ALL is perfect dear ones, YOU are now awakening at speed and YOU are harmonising with ALL. May the LIGHT that YOU are in TRUTH illuminate SELF for YOU are a vast BEing of LIGHT. We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with YOU always for we are YOU and YOU are we, for ALL ARE ONE.

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