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Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ December 07 – 14, 2012

Received by: Julie Miller

 What do you think determines your success in any of the adventures and projects you have begun dear ones? We are certain there are many plausible explanations but really the most indispensable realization of any success is your level of determination applied to any one thing you have attempted to complete. Depending on the amount of determination you apply will ultimately determine you reaching the optimal outcome on completing any project you yourself began.

 Your determination sustained you through the rough times you have endured. You reached far within yourself and discovered a fountain of strength and courage that enabled you to continue through many doubts and hard times.

 Knowing where determination rises from might help you understand where you are on your journey and encourage you to keep going. Determination is the outcome from your sense of purpose. And you know your sense of purpose is actually a plan of Great Divine Purpose that is to aid not only yourself but all of mankind. Through your determination to persevere through troubled water on the pursuit of a spiritual way of life, you learn to live in the moment, to develop a straight manifestation of connection to all spirits within the Divine. Understandably dear ones, the greater your determination to follow in God’s Light and His Word of Love is even stronger, building the bond between you and the Source of ALL creation stronger than ever.

 God has bestowed upon each of you Divine Will. Through this gift is a particle that reaches up through your spirit and compels you to reach for spiritual connection with us and with God. It is this particle, this spark that encourages you in its silent way to keep trying, telling you that you’re almost there. This particle or spark as some call it works very closely with Hope. Hope ignites you to keep going, reminding you of your faith, to renew faith in yourself and in the Spirits that are working with you. Believe dear ones; always believe even when things seem to be so dark. Believe in yourself, and Believe in God’s Love for you and all people that share this wonderful world.

 Through your determination, your awareness peaks, your ability to observe ALL that surrounds you in dramatically increased. You are aware of many sensations all at once as your determination tells you not to quit, but to keep going and to focus purely and wholeheartedly. Everything that you want to accomplish you already know you will or will not and it all has to do with your determination. While on your journey, under the influence of your determination you begin to understand the meaning of kindness as being unconditional. Nothing is ever one-sided. Every action has many different possible outcomes and can easily affect more than one person. You already know how powerful your choices are. Depending on your choice and the path any choice can lead you also can renew the strength of your determination. Your determination dear ones is a strength on its own.

 Comprehend dear ones; your determination is the active side of your Will. As your commitment to your journey quickly grows so does your determination to strive for more through daily practice of breath work, meditation, grounding, creative activities, developing deeper inner self-understanding and working on areas you once thought were limited. When you put determination and commitment together, what you are creating dear ones is an accepted interaction towards freedom, love and service to your world-wide community.

 Also try and see your determination as the tough side of your Will that enables you to work through whatever presents itself upon your path. Even when you are hit with incredibly stressful moments, your determination that strengthens your Will to succeed feeds your commitment to make it happen. You have proven it each and every time. Many of you have had horrendous challenges and still you choose not to quit. Yes, your journey can be quite taxing, but as you learn to lighten your worries with the angels that surround you, your burdens also lighten as you begin to clearly see what truly needs to be completed. You learn how to not only prioritize your spiritual development but your entire life. There will definitely be times when all the work you have been progressing on weakens as you give in to the tiredness. But you know dear ones; soon you receive a Breeze of Life that fills your spirit once again with the zest it needs to continue with renewed strength and vigor.

 Your climb to the higher realms of consciousness will happen dear ones exactly when it’s meant to. Giving thanks to your determination and commitment, you will in time reach your full potential. Never rush your journey. Learn dear ones all there is to learn. Rushed lessons tend to be repeated.

 Always know we are always near if you shall ever need our support, love and guidance. Observe and Listen with your heart dear ones. Our words, and interactions are never loud but our meaning reaches you at a soul level that in time when you are ready to empty your busy thoughts, your heart will forward you our encouragements.

 God is always smiling down upon each of you,

 And so it is,

 Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller


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