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The Creation Tree by Energy Artist Julia Watkins


Posted on Drake’s Universal Voice Facebook page… take it for what you will… we are all creating our long-promised future now.

Robert Lane

 I had promised everyone that today or tomorrow I would give an update to my post on Monday by Wednesday (today) or Thursday.This is too important to sit on right now. I waited out of respect for the Resistance Movement. As this was given by a source they are not aware of, but that has been accurate in every instance so I know it is accurate and am very comfortable with these words.

 I was told on Monday, that Beings all over the Universe were “smiling and happy” – each in their own way. The reason was very clear. The Breakthrough of Light has been achieved!!!!!

In order for that to have transpired the embryonic Archons (the reptilians) had to have been cleared from the etheric and astral planes (8.6 miles up) and they were. I know this, because I was blessed by having taken part in this. And it was not easy, nor was it done with sweetness. It was determination and Pleiadian Vortex Weapons.I went down at the tail end of this. It was what is known as a Parthian shot in passing. My Twin also went down, but I now know this was reptilians using the only power they have ever had, our, and my mind against us and me. This happened in the etheric realm. This only affected me and not my Twin.So when the post came about the Bushes, et al, ad nauseum got ill, there was zero surprise in this. They had just lost ALL of their power.

 Now all that is required is for the Event to happen. That will now be the easiest phase of this. I do have information in this regard as well.

 Tomorrow I will post about who I am, because I am tired of holding that within myself as well.

 These are the greatest days of humanity for 26,000 years and we are all here to witness this…:)

 NOW you will begin to see wonders unseen for eons. I love you all very much. ♥


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