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Thursday, December 6, 2012 12:02

The Obama-Disclosure Doorway Is Now Closing

“While the United States had been considered the most developed country on your world for some time, other countries with Lighted agendas will be stepping to the forefront of the collective planetary consciousness in the time ahead and the real leaders will begin to step forward for the people.

The true leaders who are indeed working in the best interests of all people on your world, will make themselves known and [they will do this] with no more obstacles or darker-inclined agendas in their way, led by souls who would attempt to stop their spreading of Light and truth.”

Indian in the machine:  When I read this statement from the very awesome channeling below, it made me think about how Obama was to originally take a lead in disclosure, but it certainly doesn’t sound like it or appear to be. Also, it doesn’t sound like he has the support from the americans that he needs (many americans are now educated by late nite comedians, cnn, fox and movies….and thus have no idea what is happening)… and I admit it would be difficult to support him, considering what he has done… he’s been very busy dipping into the dark, and playing them, and then dipping into the light, and playing those of the light… which ultimately gives him very little credibility… too much playing…. too much telling jokes everytime he’s asked a serious question… to much posing for the cameras, and too many Executive Orders.  Obama may be the chosen one to lead america during this time, he may be cloned from Egyptian royalty (dna extracted from mummified remains).., he may be a cia plant… the Divine Plan moves forward regardless of who joins in with it, regardless of who awakens, regardless of who takes action or not… the Divine Plan is not dependent on one or more main characters doing what they told God they would do, before they were born. 

Which makes things even more interesting…. which countries will take a leadership role in Disclosure? Support these people.. for real….   cyncism is part of the problem and yet it’s become some sort of cultural sign of intelligence… hehe… not!…., so try to lose it now if you truly want to be the solution and not the problem.

Much love

Indian in the machine

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