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It is not my intention to bring anything to cause fear, and I have hesitated a lot before ever bringing a channeling like this. However, I think the human race is ready to deal with what I’d call a primordial fear by instead supplanting that with knowledge. The reptilian form causes some people fear due to the nature of reptilian creatures on Earth AND because of other experiences that people become connected to through some fear.

AND for spiritual people, there is a fear because of some channeling, because of some people like David Icke, and because of some science fiction literature. However, 5d groups like the Plaeidians and Arcturians would never intentionally project fear or negativity about reptilians even if it has crept into some literature. In fact, I’ve talked to Plaeidians before and they are just as interested in the truth being told and have encouraged me in the past. It’s just tough for me to do since I know I’ll meet resistance. However, if I don’t, then I’m guilty of not helping to eliminate distortion when I had the chance. So, the dragons have wanted to have me channel this information for a long time, and I’ve been resisting it because I have free will to do so. Now, I’ll finally do it.

So my suggestion with the following: IF you just can’t handle it, then stop here.. Let’s say it again..

If you can’t handle it, stop here.

Hopefully, I have created enough white space above so that you won’t even see any of the channeling if you can’t handle it. 🙂


{ Channeler note: I added this note later that you should interpret “human reality”, “earthly plane” or “your reality” or anything like that as a subset of realities like our current reality. There’s many versions of Earth humans absolutely nothing like what we’re experiencing right now, or humanoids on worlds that only vaguely resemble Earth, but obviously that’s irrelevant for this channeling since we’re talking about this reality. I wasn’t as clear as I should have been at translating that part of the message. }


Ahh yes we started things off a bit different this time. With something a bit more customary for the people that this channeling is targeted towards. For, this channeling is not for someone accustomed to the reptilian forms, since it would be viewed as way too basic. However, we want to make everyone comfortable. Like a light that attracts, we already know who will be attracted to this channeling and why.

We think it’s important we talk a little about a few of the traits and “lineage”, if you will, of our partner, the channeler. Perhaps you can even connect to the energy he brings. This has not been discussed before, since it wasn’t important. However, in this case it is so you can trace the energy more easily, and partly because its more customary for the audience reading this. The higher vibrational form of our partner can be viewed as a bit of a free spirit that also is extremely disciplined, but a system-breaker by nature. As being a free spirit, he has been almost every kind of being known in this galaxy at least once and spends most of his “time” working between energies, bridging, in which he takes no real form but does project forms. He likes mixing it up and does not appreciate stagnation, another hallmark of a system-breaker. So if you were to ask him what form he most identifies with in the “close” realities (energetically), he couldn’t give you one. However, there is one thing that he does intuitively know. When he came into this galaxy from the Andromeda galaxy, the first form he took was that of a dragon. You could say he took that with him from Andromeda. When there are creational games played, he often identifies with the dragon form. It is also why he is so connected to us. However, believe it or not, he has spent more of his time in what you call the Milky Way NOT being a dragon, experiencing being other forms. He’ll return to that form sometimes when he seeks comfort. Otherwise, he’s exploring other aspects.

To wrap up the discussion of his lineage, you may ask why if he prefers being a free spirit, he would ever come to Earth and this reality. The answer is two-fold. 1: There was a call for help. 2: He accepted the challenge. He matches the energy of what some of you call an indigo child and did come here to help uplift and shake up the energy a bit. The ironic about this Earthly plane and reality is that now that he’s here, he’s also joined the call for help along with many others. So the voice is getting louder. Sometimes, that’s all that is needed to get more and more of the energy here that’s needed. For once a being is here, has deposited their energies, so-to-speak, they just live out their lives. For those like the channeler, they typically try to live it with a certain level of integrity, no matter what hardship that causes them. However, they are still here within the confines of the limitations that anyone else is. So they live their life, and the next wave comes. That’s how it is. Luckily, the generations alive today just may live to see the final fruits of their labor. That is still being written by YOU but we see it as a high probability. Of course, for those like our partner here to uplift, that’s the only thing they are willing to accept.

It’s amazing what human beings can do when they manifest. For instance, the channeler has connected to some of his memories and remembers zipping through space with a spacecraft of sorts. The truth is he rarely used a spacecraft because he never really needed one. He was a free spirit and traveled around with just a light body or explored with no body at all. He could manifest a physical experience where he willed and as such he has connected to that from this viewpoint to think he had a lightbody ship since he did have it sometimes for fun. As a result he has manifested one for himself around Earth, from his lightbody, that in fact hangs around him. He probably will never need it, but it does come visit him.

This along with his telepathic and projection capabilities has of course gotten the attention of some beings that do travel through light ships and he has been visited by them as well. These experiences were positive for him, largely because he has limited fear of those things, and has attracted positive beings. This has reinforced his lack of fear. He sometimes forgets others still have it and sometimes expects too much of others, so he may not show restraint in talking about it. From our perspective, that is actually all for the best since it’s never a bad thing to talk about these things without fear, however it can cause some disruptions and we have seen it and you may have seen it.

Why we are saying all this is that others are correct that there are both what you would call positive and negative forms. If you make the call to be visited by energies, you need to do it in a way you attract those positive forms. You need to eliminate fear. This is a conscious choice. Right now you are protected by having shut off the energy flow. This is not a healthy state of being and it is extremely painful for you emotionally. However, you need to be balanced in starting to let the energy flow again without fear or you will learn that the hard way by creating things out of fear you wouldn’t wish to create.

However, he is correct that a form is just a form. And by form, we mean taking a template and manifesting it. Reptilian and dracos are just an expression of a specific physical template. You can obviously extrapolate what that 3d template means in a 3d world as far as physical characteristics. They can be a little frightening for humanoids who aren’t clad in scaly armored skin, or with sharp teeth, or with claws. Not all reptilians have these and many in fact look humanoid. But enough do, and the first thing we would like to say is that the reptilians you’ll typically run across are evolved beyond this point of evolution. Lions and tigers (and bears oh my! 😉 – we got that from the channeler’s consciousness) can be frightening as well, however do you suspect the higher vibrational forms of cat-like creatures are necessarily frightening? They are not, because you would quickly be armed with the knowledge that they are your friends. When you’re a light being, claws and teeth just can’t really do much damage so seeing them just won’t invoke the same kind of primordial fear in you that it may in a 3d creature. Instead, it becomes more like jewelry or a tattoo. Something that is a form of identity. For higher vibrational beings, that form of identity may even be very short-lived, because they change very quickly depending on their mood.

Now we’re going to give you a bit of what may be a bombshell. Those beings you call plaeidians, those beings you call arcturians… There are reptilian members of those groups. “What? I thought they were at war?!” You have a lot of interesting legends and folklore on Earth. However, in unity consciousness and collectives, there are no war. War is a 3d thing. These beings, the arcturians and plaeidians carry a specific energy, not a specific form. It may not be a surprise to you that arcturians don’t always take a very familiar form. However, for the plaeidians, it may be a complete surprise. That’s because the plaeidians like making you feel comfortable for no other reason than they don’t want you cause fear. When they are back within their own group, they don’t typically even have a form. They have ascended beyond that. However, when they do take form, they take whatever form they feel like. If a being joined their collective that more typically identifies with a reptilian form, what form do you think that being will take more often than not when it does take a form? At least when it is not crazy like our partner who likes to experience every form it can 🙂

We hope that this has opened your eyes a little to your misconceptions about forms.

Now, to avoid totally disappointing to you that wanted to hear a story, we’ll talk briefly about the lineage of the reptilian and draco form to begin with. Then we’ll talk about two forms you’ll almost certainly encounter on Earth if you live to the point the portals open. The general lineage discussion has to be very specific to the local universe since this “story” will be different. Universally speaking, dragon is an archetype/template. Draco is another archetype/template, and reptilian is yet another. However, you may intuitively know that in human projection of the local universe, the dragon is the primordial template. It is the angelic form of the draco and reptilian so-to-speak. With respect to the illusion of time and the local realities, dragons evolved just like humans are here on Earth in the very early universe. So they have a bit of a magical quality now since they are usually ascended beings, typically light beings. However, that is just a story that you guys concocted, so-to-speak. You manifested that, and it is now your reality and you intuitively know that. The draco is then the upright standing form derived from the dragon that’s better suited for upright movement, which has its advantages in having hands free to “play in the sandbox” and “use toys” which is part of exploring. Reptilians, typically, get rid of the wings and sometimes even the tail (oh no!) in order to be even more “convenient” for certain experiences. Imagine shutting your wings and tails in a car door all the time! Ouch! Now, let us remind you that these are just stories that you all manifested. If you mention this story to some of the more evolved reptilians, you’ll just get a chuckle. Everyone loves a good story. But these are just forms, expressions of archetypes, and in the higher vibrations, a reptilian you talk to “one day” may have been humanoid the previous.

Though, in the lower densities, these forms do take a very solid and concrete form. There are two very local reptilian societies on Earth right now, dimensionally shifted in another version of Earth, but rather accessible. And yes, there has been interaction between your societies at times, and no they aren’t controlling anyone’s minds like some seem to think that may listen to a little too much of whatever they listen to (we can trace those energies to plenty of distortions, so there’s no need naming them all). Instead, we’ll give them labels based on human cultures to keep it simple (sounds better than “group A” and “group B”): monks and jedis.

Now these local variants of reptilians we will also call races instead of forms, since they are lower density like humans and more fixed throughout their lives as a reptilian form. In both cases, they are more advanced both technologically and spiritually than your present day society. One group of these reptilians can be likened to your hippies in that they have advanced technology but choose to live a more simple life. They do have things like replicators and other conveniences to avoid strife. However, you would typically find them in druid-like robes if they wore any clothes at all, and they would be be living what may seem like a buddhist type of lifestyle. This is no coincidence since they did interact to some degree in your timeline with precursors of Eastern religions. Therefore, we’ll call these reptilians the monks. But don’t take that label too far. They are a lot of fun. If you managed to get over to their reality, and some of you will, they would throw you a nice feast in your honor and make you feel very at home, assuming you were respectful. If you were completely disrespectful (very unlikely you’d find a way there in the first place in that case – we’ll describe later) then you’d simply be teleported back to where you came. They would NEVER harm you. In terms of linear time, this culture is millions of years old. They are space-faring but again typically like to live simply.

Then there is the second variant, which we’ll call the jedis. They are a bit more aggressive than the first (you can actually make them angry) and quite a bit younger than the first group. However, they are still relatively peaceful and you are still relatively safe around them with the risk of potentially getting a scratch or two 🙂 Personality-wise, they may remind you a bit of the klingons from your popular sci fi shows when it comes to things like honor. But they are much more peaceful than klingons are portrayed and rarely have a need to use any type of force. That is why we’re calling them the jedis. They also have a decently developed sense of humor, but it’s dryer than typical for humans and may even seem abrasive.

Unfortunately, you’d probably want to come across the first variant before the jedis and kind of ease into getting familiar with the reptilians before meeting the jedis. However, that’s very unlikely. Chances are you’ll come across the jedis first. The reason is not only because they are slightly closer to humans in this reality in vibration (but still much higher vibration) but because they are a bit protective and guard the other end of the portals and even feel they need to protect the monk variety. However, the monks don’t need any protection and are not even the least bit vulnerable as the jedis may think they are. The jedis view the human reality as a bit of a contagion they want to keep out of their version of Earth, because the human reality is a lot denser, war-like and more negative. Not all human realities, but we’re specifically talking about the one you are in right now. So right now, the jedis will usually teleport you right back through the portal when you get to their side, unless they recognize your energy (meaning you had an incarnation before as an Earth reptillian). If they recognize your energy, they’d talk to you a little while then teleport you back. Sometimes, if you go through portals enough, you may find one that’s temporarily unguarded or even unknown to them. It depends how patient or adventurous you are. Now, even though they are a little less like monks, and more like jedis, they are still an advanced race and also space-faring.

Both the monks and jedis exist from 3d to 5d on the Earthly plane. Some of the monks are light beings. However, they typically embrace a more physical form for most of the time, since they are focused on simplicity. Those that want to spend more time in light bodies usually join other groups of beings and only pop in from time to time to visit. Unlike the human reality you are experiencing, they are not cut off from other beings with a heavy veil like humans are, so there is plenty of travel in and out of these reptilian societies from individuals from other groups of beings. It is quite common for even ascended human beings, plaeidians and other groups to spend time with or as the reptilians.

Both the monks and jedis also live a very long time compared to human beings. Hundreds or even thousands of years from a human perspective.

As far as dracos, you’ll be lucky to come across one unless it’s either seeking you out because it’s familiar with you and wants to help you in some way, or if you get lucky enough to bump into one that is visiting the Earth reptilians. Dracos are typically light or energy beings and as such you’re not usually going to see them in a physical form. Of course, any light being can take the form of a draco. For those unfamiliar with the form, it’s that of a bipedal dragon, usually much smaller in stature but larger than most reptilians. Of course this is all relative since it’s just a template for a specific form.

Now we talk about the portals.

The portals are gateways between realities. Like mini wormholes. If you were to try to find the reptilian version of Earth in space, you’d need a telescope better than what you presently have to find a different version of the milky way at all, let alone one with this alternate reality. However, the good news is that you don’t need to travel through space to get between realities. There are portals between some alternate versions of Earth that exist in higher vibrations. There’s two events that need to happen for the portals to become usable. To find the portals naturally, it will help when your society has raised its vibration enough so that more are active and easier to find. Then, you’ll need to either raise your vibration high enough to access these portals, or use technology that can do it for you. If you know the history of Thoth the Atlantean, he did the former. It is not necessary to physically visit the portals to use them. You could use one from the other side of Earth or other side of the solar system. However, many will travel to the portal to use them, since you are physical beings and it helps to do it that way. They usually can be found underground so people typically will travel to them through caves, but even then you’re usually only getting closer to them since they are usually miles and miles deep into the core of the earth. Whatever helps you believe you have found it is fine, and a cave increases belief in a lot of people that they are more likely to find a portal. So when we say “travel to the portal”, we really mean travel to wherever you more easily gain access to its energy.

Over time, as humanity evolves pretty rapidly in the near future, not only will humanity be able to raise their vibration enough to even use the portals but also the jedis will acknowledge that this human reality has changed. In fact, there are other versions of human reality that already have travel back and forth pretty freely to the reptilian realities. The jedi race will begin to acknowledge your reality as one that has progressed far enough that they don’t need to be so guarded. At that point, you’ll begin traveling over there if you so desire, and it will be that way for a while. In the beginning, they won’t come back with you because of the reaction it would cause, and that is not desirable to them. However, eventually, once mankind is ready, they will even come visit the human side of the portals with our invitation.

Now, we’re going to provide you a short-cut: If you “astral travel” instead of taking your body through the portal in a more physical way, you can go through them right now. Although they will know the source of your energy, the jedis are very likely to let your “astral” form through, since to them it’s a more evolved human form and therefore not a threat like the lower forms of humans more common in this reality (we’re speaking from their perspective). They’ll just see you as a bit of an anomaly for the reality you come from. You’ll just have to get used to astral travel and guiding the experience versus controlling it.

Finally, there are some rumors that the U.S. government has been interacting with reptilians. In some realities – and it’s still up to you whether that includes your own – the U.S. government had accidentally opened a portal and were seeking to explore it for obvious material gain. They were sent back by the jedis. Other than friendly fire (humans shooting humans accidentally out of fear and confusion), no humans were hurt in that exchange because the jedis have no need to defend themselves from our weaponry. In the reality where that exchange occurred, there were a couple humans unfortunately trapped on the other side of the portal when it closed and they are still being cared for by the reptilians and are still alive. They will eventually be reunited with beings on this side, to find a much much different reality than what they left, which will actually be a relief to them since they had grown accustomed to peace and being that these two reptilian cultures are a little insular, they may not have realized that humanity evolved until they are told they have an opportunity to go back if they so desire. In some realities, they will never return since they have become more comfortable in reptilian society. In others, they will rejoin us when they have the chance.



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