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God said:

In how many ways can you know My love, feel My love, witness My love? How many stars are there in the sky? How many seashells on the shore? How many fish in the sea? Infinite, infinite is My love. Infinite is your love. Infinite is love. Love swirls its way in and around and through the Universe, and love pierces your heart and makes it whole. Love perpetuates itself. Love is the fullness of life itself. There is no life without love. There is no living without love and love manifest.

Before I created Creation, My heart was full of love, yet My love had no place to travel. It was full unto itself. It was love before love could take off. Love wanted movement. It wanted to touch. And so Creation was born as a carrier for love, as a place to hang My hat of love, and smiles were born and the Universe was fabricated of love. Love went everywhere and took you with it.

Love was full before Creation, yet Creation made love full-blown. Love burst its shell, as it were, and love came out, and love got itself out there. Love was still one-hundred per cent love, but now love can go out dancing. Love created and sparkled the stars. Love made the infinite rays of the sun, and of love were you made, and of love were you born. Never mind the particulars of you as you may know them. From My love came you forth. From My love you came, and you came to spread out My love so I could see My love milling around Earth. My love was not a wanderer. My love knew exactly where to go. It zinged into your heart. Love carries you Heavenward. Love makes no mistake about it. Love knows where to go, and love knows that it is boundless. From one heart to another, love soars and covers the Universe with a blanket of itself.

Love went into molecules and such. Yes, love is a traveler and knows no end to its travels.

Love is not a nomad, however. Love knows exactly where to go, and that is everywhere. Love is purposeful. Love means to multiply itself into another version of itself and another until there is nothing else to be seen in all the land but more of itself.

And so you were born to transplant seeds of My love everywhere. There is nothing to it. Just sing love from the treetops, from the rafters, from the highest mountain, from the seas, from the hearts of all to the hearts of all. Love signs its name across the galaxies and across every heart in the world.

Lose yourself in love, and you find yourself wherever you happen to be. What matters where you happen to be when you are an occasion for love and everyone is and everyone loves and there is nothing but love?

What does love look like, even when love is hidden? Yet where can love hide when there is naught but love, when you are riding on love right, when you are ascending on love and love alone for naught but love is. Love is the mover of you, the ray of you, the blossoming of you. Love is like an airplane you ride, a glider, or even a tractor, or a toy car.

Everything and everyone is made of My heart, heart-made, heart-woven, heart-filled, heart, flowing and malleable. Everything in the Universe is love made from love, for love, for the expansion and joy of itself.

How many ways can you know and express love? Infinite are the ways. Infinite means infinite. Uncountable are the ways. Evermore are the waves of love as they furl and unfurl across the ocean of love, deep in My heart, and yours. Don’t kid yourself. You are love, and everyone else is too.



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