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Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ December 02 – 09, 2012

Received by: Julie Miller

 Wisdom dear ones is a wonderful quality of God where He creates the best possible outcomes within the most promising of means. It must be understood dear ones that wisdom is not the same as knowledge, but they are allies. Comprehend the fact that the knowledge you discover is found when you accumulate facts. On the other hand, wisdom is the outcome from having deep insight into the areas which you read and study. Understand dear ones, the knowledge you discover is considered as the material that wisdom constructs its foundation. Many times we of the divine have witnessed, a much less educated man/woman has shown much more wisdom than one that has had formal education. When we speak of God’s Wisdom unto you, we are then telling you of His capability to create perfect ends and how to achieve those outcomes by the most perfect ways that is possible. Understand dear ones, God’s Wisdom relates his endless knowledge to each of you so that He does continue His goals through each of you in all your God-Like actions and it is those actions that speak of his Glorious Wisdom the most. You already know, being the knowledgeable journeyer that God’s Wisdom is a perfect wisdom. It is built on love that is shared equally with all the living creatures that live upon your Earth.

God’s Wisdom that freely flows throughout the earth represents his Omnipresence in all things. His understanding is endless and His love never-ending. Appreciate the wisdom of one your littlest creatures – the ant. It is quite cleaver and hardworking, yet you cannot compare its wisdom to that of the wise old owl. Knowing that there is so much diversity among the creatures, it is then apparent that there is just as much diversity among the people of Earth. And each of you have your own acquired wisdom and all wisdom is deserving of respect and appreciation. No matter your size or differences of creed you are all creatures and beings working at living together with the direction of God’s infinite Wisdom.

 It is understandably some of you may become tempted to achieve to be more than God. When a person takes up an attitude that He is better than the Almighty God, he or she is telling those around them how little they really know of God’s impeccable wisdom. Many of you follow the teachings of various divine beings, including the angels who are infinitely intelligent and very wise. Even these precious beings acknowledge the Wisdom of God through their words and this wisdom is shared through them unto each of you.

 A person that is wise and demonstrates that wisdom is often understood as being pure and loving and of a good moral character. The wise people in your life are often described as being kind, without hypocrisy, gentle, without judgement, etc. But understand dear ones that there are other folks that derive their wisdom from shrewd behaviour; they may be deceitful, clever as well but in a cunning sort of way. It is up to you through the learning you do to pick up how to discern the cunning deceiver to the one who truly speaks the Word of God. The beings that choose the more cunning path to follow will create cleaver challenges for those they meet. Know that God is always at your side dear ones and through the shadows that bring into darkness; you will come to know the Light of God and the Wisdom that comes from persevering all obstacles. Hold onto your Faith in Him at all times, feel His love surround you and protect you. He will never fail you dear ones and He is as close to you as your own heartbeat as He resides within the central core of your spiritual heart. Yes, He is there.

 The wonder of God’s infinite Wisdom surrounds you every day. It is as massive as the breathtaking universe which your planet is part of, the smallest particle that is visible to your eye to the largest land mammal; His wisdom is in all these mentioned and more. Look with open eyes that is infinitely connected to your heart, and your soul will guide you and speak to you that the everything you can see, even what you cannot see that is alive and prospering is demonstrations of the highest good of God’s Wisdom in ALL things. When you scratch a purring cat’s ear, to playing fetch with your canine companion, you are communicating and interacting with God each and every time. This connectedness is sacred and through the special times you have with the glorious creatures of Earth you are creating a stronger bond with God in a most primal and basic form. But this form is also the strongest emotion of all and that is LOVE.

 When you are searching to attain wisdom, be as diligent as you possibly can and make this a priority. Listen very carefully to the direction of your heart. It will lead you to great wisdom that can be easily applied as knowledge once you have fully understood all the lessons that came from a specific situation. Be attentive dear ones. Opportunities to acquire more wisdom will come from various sources, be open to the spirits and energy that move around you that are guiding you towards your search to achieve higher forms of Wisdom. When you pray; pray for understanding and to clearly be able to discern. Hear your voice during prayer to empower yourself further. If it is wisdom you are seeking, search as you would for a precious treasure, utilize all your purest of efforts and you will succeed. We suggest you to re-familiarize yourself with Solomon’s prayer and apply those humble words as your own. Believe in each word dear ones.

 Relinquish all your natural born wisdom, surrender it to God and learn to accept His perfect and infinite Wisdom. When you are journeying to become wiser you do not move through such a path for selfish reasons, it is through your humble nature that wisdom will be illuminated. If you make an honest effort dear ones to always acknowledge God’s Presence know in He will support you and help make the twistedness of your path much straighter and easier. He will make all darkness that you are currently facing become ablaze with brilliant light and love demonstrating to you His devout attention. Through His guidance great paths will be presented for you to take, the wisdom and knowledge that you will gain will be incredible. Trust in God’s Word of Love and in the Wisdom of His ways. He has created much out of darkness and all for your benefit. Learn to humble what you don’t understand now knowing clarity will soon follow once you truly believe in the Power of God’s Word of Love and Wisdom of All His Actions.

 There are yet many more incidents you will face dear ones. When they occur pray to God, pray with your pure heart of your purest intentions, remove yourself if possible from all negative thought forms when before you begin. Ask with thankfulness for additional strength to be found within yourself, to be shown once again the path that will lead you to the light and to attain perfect wisdom from that situation. Sometimes a situation may derail your purpose and soul mission. With God’s assistance, you will soon be back on track once again maneuvering through so much knowledge building opportunities that will become with time more wisdom.

Sometimes we see you seeking council of other dear souls that are known for their innate wisdom. Understand dear ones even with their council; it is still you that must make those words work. Your journey is your responsibility. Even if you come to one of us of the Divine or another deity whom you look to for guidance, they will support and guide you, yet it is you that must make what they suggest work. The future you are creating dear ones is the outcome of your efforts that you are applying now from what you read and practice. We suggest you to always be open to what others have to say, their experiences even if the differ from yours will have many insightful ways that can be beneficial to more than themselves. Listen well dear ones, be respectful and kind; always demonstrate your God-Self at all times. Be committed to your journey no matter how painful it is or how many difficult hardships you have had to endure. You endured them because God knew you could but learn why dear ones. There is always a reason for your lessons, they are never a waste nor are they without wisdom or knowledge. You will discover your wisdom by the way of your honest and truthful living through your heart.

 And you may seek my wisdom at any time. It is open to all of you regardless where you sit upon your journey. Wise men/women do live among you; you know many of them already. Many of you are to use one of these wizened ones and many more will become – it’s all a matter of Diving Timing.


I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller



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