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Genii is freshly back from Caliornia and sends along two messages from her guide, Atherian on the significance of 12/12/12 and on the latest developments with the disclosure of the cities of light in general and of the city of light over Sedona in particular.

Genii Townsend: Two Messages from Her Guide, Atherian, Dec. 1, 2012

On 12/12/12

Genii: “What does 12-12-12 mean for us?”

Atherian: “On your calendar of space time, 12-12-12 indicates a day in time when energies collide and information is given opening the lines of communication to people from the unseen, where love is introduced as a precursor for events to settle in easier than before.

“This explosion of love becomes the seeking not of bomb destruction. It is significant enough to herald in the new like trumpets blaring their tone and fireworks lighting up the sky over one of your favorite places, Disneyland. There are yet 11 days (at this writing) before this momentous occasion takes place and much could precede it.

“As the shifting of lower energies are leaving and the new love energies take their place, stronger and greater than ever experienced becomes the norm. These are power times so be ready to love and be loved and make as you call it “Forever Friends!” for they will not wish to be less than that.

“So 12-12-12 becomes a signal that indeed all is quite well and the God of Love is on duty and functioning perfectly in Divine Order, and this dear one is Good News!

“So Love it Be! In Love and Light!”


On Disclosure and Revelation!

As I find myself somewhere in time on a Saturday morning at Questhaven sanctuary I have been guided to tune within for an important message on the subject of disclosure and revelation. I am assuming it’s on the subject of the City of Light Sedona.

Genii: “What am I to be made aware of as I tone Gods love Song, ‘AH’.”

Atherian: “For some years of your time you have allowed your inner guidance to be the lead in for your every day experience of your earth travels. However this day begins yet a new adventure saturated in light and love. You have had a taste of love here and there so this is familiar and for the most part, deep and enjoyable.

“The first City of Light is now so called the disclosure that many Lightworkers seek to have done for their E.T. friends and space mentors. Those of space technology now being applied make the old become obsolete as new processes take the place of the old due, to their efforts.

“This indeed is exciting for those in the unseen as this has been sought for eons of time and it takes something from God of this magnitude to get the attention in love and not fear for your human understanding.

“Record this…THE CITY OF LIGHT SEDONA is the DISCLOSURE and the REVELATION predicted so long ago as the message is sent around the planet. All is in readiness now for its appearance. Upon returning home form this current trip expect the expected to become visible and heralded as the energy fields of God prepare its existence in the 3rd dimension at any time.

“Many will be quite surprised as this holy vision becomes media headlines. It has been a long trip of faith for you the Genii, but your belief and conviction that something was coming forth including this answer to when. This now becomes the when as the vision appears like magic.

“Permit nothing to alter your belief for you are about to see this dream actually come true. The Lightworkers want a disclosure and they shall have it, thru the City of Light. The God mentor Hermes, is ready to lift the veil and nothing will be the same again as it was before.”

G: “What is my part now in this scenario?”

A: “You the Genii will be given guidance on a moment to moment notice starting now. You walk the light path as a leader of the Cities of Light dressed as a human female of light and love but, there is more to you than this appearance.

“This dear one is the disclosure for even you to know that the revelation proclaimed so many years ago is ready to begin a public appearance. Something’s Coming becomes Something is now here so no one can deny it. Rest, be open, and enjoy these thoughts of wonder as Disclosure becomes Revelation as the long sought out energy appears as promised.

So light and love it be!”



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