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Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 230 ~

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As you are all aware, tomorrow is the beginning of that fabled month of December 2012, and we would like to give you a little update on what you have been through, and what you have in store. This is indeed a very complex process you are all a part of, so we would like to use a simple metaphor in order to make things mayhaps a little bit clearer. For what you have been working on, is indeed the same process you go through whenever you upgrade the operating system on a computer, and as such we would like to take you through the process using that image.



Heavenletter #4390 Plant the Flowers That Bloom in Spring

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God said:

When you feel down, you have one direction to go in, and that is up. Life makes itself clear to you. When you feel down, the direction to go is up. Ever upward and onward is the momentum of life. You have wondered what is your path. Now I am telling you that this is your path. Take it.

It is for you to champion life. You are to be a supporter of it. Life doesn’t have to come to you like flowers growing by a pond in the spring. You can go to life. You can plant the flowers that bloom in spring. Sow seeds. You are the sower of life.

If you can only creep forward, then creep forward. If you can dance forward, dance forward. The dance floor is yours. The dance is yours. You are more than a jukebox that someone else has to press, yet you are like a jukebox with the many tunes you can play.


Shazi ~ Finding your own Natural Qualities ~

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Hello Son

Finding your own Natural Qualities
When a person perseveres and spends time on himself towards his path, he becomes tuned to his surroundings. In turn he begins to learn picking up the minutest detail and happening which is part of his learning.
He becomes so tuned that he sees all and hears all through his senses.

Though it may be limited, he is however working at the higher level of his third dimensional vibrations.
Over time he becomes more tuned and his thinking becomes tuned to his senses too; at this point the mind, body and soul are working in harmony to promote the person and find the higher aspect of him on his journey.


Brenda Hoffman ~ You’re Becoming 3D Ghosts ~

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Welcome to Brenda’s Blog

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s 11/25/12 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: The pain and fear many of you are now experiencing was not something you expected after you cleared your personal and global fears. But the higher the dimension you select as your comfort/home zone, the more cellular fear you will wish to clear.


Shanta Gabriel ~ The 12 : 12 : 12 Activation ~

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– November 23, 2012 in Messages from Archangel Gabriel

12 Activation - Shanta Gabriel
Join Shanta Gabriel for the 12:12:12 and the 12/21/2012 Portals of Initiation here:

Dear Ones,
The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest frequencies ever encoded in the Light of the Christ Consciousness to the planet for transformation of the Earth and all beings.
Through the power of the associated gateways held open by the Archangels at the 11:11, a new force of the Christ Consciousness will be made available during the 12:12:12 Activation. The power of this awakening energy enables each person to have the experience of the Christ Light at the moment of the 12:12:12 Coding. Once experienced you will not fall back into old ways, as the Golden Christ Light literally expunges from your being frequencies that no longer serve you. Transformed by Light, the cells awaken to the coding embedded by your soul. This activation has been held in abeyance until the earth consciousness would support mass awakening. Awareness and preparation are key signatures for the transformation available through the Christ Light. That time is Now.


Julie Miller ~ God Communicates His PERFECT Wisdom with Each of You ~

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higher self 5

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ December 02 – 09, 2012

Received by: Julie Miller

 Wisdom dear ones is a wonderful quality of God where He creates the best possible outcomes within the most promising of means. It must be understood dear ones that wisdom is not the same as knowledge, but they are allies. Comprehend the fact that the knowledge you discover is found when you accumulate facts. On the other hand, wisdom is the outcome from having deep insight into the areas which you read and study. Understand dear ones, the knowledge you discover is considered as the material that wisdom constructs its foundation. Many times we of the divine have witnessed, a much less educated man/woman has shown much more wisdom than one that has had formal education. When we speak of God’s Wisdom unto you, we are then telling you of His capability to create perfect ends and how to achieve those outcomes by the most perfect ways that is possible. Understand dear ones, God’s Wisdom relates his endless knowledge to each of you so that He does continue His goals through each of you in all your God-Like actions and it is those actions that speak of his Glorious Wisdom the most. You already know, being the knowledgeable journeyer that God’s Wisdom is a perfect wisdom. It is built on love that is shared equally with all the living creatures that live upon your Earth.


Connecting with your Higher Self, the source of your truth and light: Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

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image by Daniel B. Holeman www.awakenvisions.com

Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com
Greetings from the Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael
We wish to speak to you today of finding your own inner truth and connecting to your higher self and Source of all love and light. There is much disinformation that you will come upon in your internet travels and we want to share with you a very simple way of discerning your truth.

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