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Posted by Steve Beckow

Many, many news stories circulating accusing President Obama of selling out to Rupert Murdoch to allow the latter a virtual monopoly of American media, that Hurricane Sandy was a HAARP operation, that Goldman Sachs has staged a global coup d’etat, that secessionists should be deported, that ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is extending its conservative influence, that control of the Internet is going ahead apace, on and on.

But we don’t believe that any of these things are true or likely to occur and so we aren’t posting on the subjects.

All of these rumors and initiatives are happening in a world that knows nothing of galactics, celestials, Ascension, etc., and, whereas they’d consider us wing-nuts perhaps, we don’t think they have influence any longer and that any of the things they try to set in motion will occur or actually set in motion will bear fruit.

So again just to reassure you, we do watch things but we don’t necessarily follow others in posting them. We have our eyes set on Ascension as our many sources have recommended many times and we consider the rest just to be so many attempts to distract or so much wasted energy.

The same applies to some channels who’ve put out information that others are circulating that we consider questionable. We do read it. We ask AAM for his opinion on it and he tells us when it isn’t true or questionable. I should add that his own opinion of it can at times be corroborated with Suzy Ward and Matthew so we have access to that means of triangulating, if need be (though we try not to bother Suzy unless it’s very important).  And the two line up on the matter I’m specifically referring to.

We don’t want to name names and start a light war at this late stage of the proceedings but we do check up on messages. Obviously we don’t read all messages and so we may miss some.  But, often, if we don’t post them here, it can mean that we don’t agree with them

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