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Eternity : Thank you Laura!

Sacred Love in Relationship; My Beloved.

I Embrace you with all that I am.

You are in Relationship to everything. To you first, then to all things around you, including money, your work, all the people, etc.

Sacred Love with YOU and for You is the Foundation and  The Awareness you Present as your  Gift of YOU to the World.

Yes You to the world, the Planet Earth.

I will focus on Sacred Love in a personal Love Relationship. I will write more on your Sacred Relationship to all things.

When you Master the Being of You, your Relationship to All becomes Sacred.

Every Breath is Sacred In Union.

Sacredness is the Experience of You as the Eternal Soul of Light that you are.

Now My Beloved I feel you, you are with me Now.


My Beloved; My Sacred Beloved. You are My Ecstasy.

You are my Embrace.

When I walk I take each step for you My Beloved. I am The ecstasy, it Pours through me to all the Universe. All respond.  Filled with tears of Joy, some are overcome with the ecstasy of Knowing the Sacred Union. Some continue to burst forth with the Light of the Sun. All are Sacred. I feel you with me everywhere. You are within me, you are Me and I am you, we are One.

I see you in the Sun, the Moon and the Water. I breathe you in with Each Breath I take.  How can one be filled with so much ecstasy and it not pour out to the Universe.

The Stars shine brighter feeling the Ecstasy, the breeze is Heaven sent to embrace all in Union. Our bodies finally unite and there are Pure moments of moving and Being beyond this realm of existence. We enter Eternity.  The Universe moves through us and we embrace the Universe as the Pure ecstasy it is. The Sound of our Sacred Love embraces all in Eternity. All Respond and Receive the Ecstasy.

How much ecstasy can one hold without its full release. The ecstasy of Living, of dying of Being it is all Pure ecstasy. The Beloved is Ecstasy.

All is Now Sacred all is Now Union.

All is the Sacred Embrace of Your Touch everywhere.

I can no longer walk as if alone. I am not alone. I am in Sacred Union. The elixir of our Kiss never ends it is always on my lips. My body smells of you. I hear your voice everywhere. You are in the wind, the air and the trees. In pure ecstasy I walk, I breathe and feel you.

Now this Sacred Union is always, it never ends. I embrace all through this Ecstasy through this Love that is Sacred Love. This is eternal, this is You my Beloved, we are One.

Filling you Now with the Ecstasy that is Pouring through me My Beloved, I embrace All as Sacred.


Holding you Forever in Sacred Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

The Queen of Light

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