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John Smallman ~ Saul – To awaken is like having an enormous load lifted from your shoulders ~

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12/05/2012 by John Smallman

 As the end of your earth year draws closer, excitement continues to mount. What is due to happen is unprecedented in your entire human history, and has been planned and prepared for, for eons.  It is an event of enormous significance that will raise your levels of consciousness to such high levels that what you now call consciousness, even that of the most consciously aware of you, will seem to have been an incredibly deep form of sleep, punctuated by occasional scarcely remembered dreams or nightmares.  To be fully awake in the eternal Light of God’s infinite Love is a wonder beyond description, and you are soon to experience that state permanently.



John Smallman ~ Jesus – You are on course and on schedule for the grand awakening ~

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December 5, 2012 by John Smallman

 The grand awakening for humanity — in which you reconnect with your full Self, the spiritual Essence that your Father created — draws ever closer.  The sense of deep, intense, all-enveloping Love that you experience at that moment will remove from your memory every remnant of suffering, unacceptability, or unworthiness that you have ever experienced.  The joy of that perfect, divine state of being is beyond wonder, beyond happiness, beyond amazement It just is, and it will embrace you utterly.  You can have no idea of the intensity of your Father’s Love for you until you feel It — as you are destined soon to do.


Mike Quinsey ~ SaLuSa 05-December-2012 ~

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SaLuSa 05-December-2012

With only days to go to the first part of your experience of a powerful upliftment, we urge you to try and arrange to be free on the 12th. and able to relax and enjoy it. As a key moment in your Ascension process, it is one to be totally aware of and remembered for the intensity of the energy. It is not that every person will have an identical experience, but if you are prepared for it you will be left with some memory of the changes within. Some of you will wake up from your sleep before 11.11 Universal time, and will be able to have full awareness of what is taking place. Others will sleep through it, yet may have vivid dreams when the energies are at work. However, all will receive the energies and benefit from them regardless of their conscious state at the time.



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As channelled by Marilyn Raffaele – December 1, 2012


Dear ones, again we come to greet you in this powerful time of change and new birth–the Christ (Light) is being born each day in the stable of individual consciousness when it becomes humble enough to let go of ego (the sense of a self separate from Source).

It is a time on earth in which many are now questioning the status quo. Awakening souls empowered with truth are asking serious questions of those pretending to have all the answers.


Sheldan Nidle – December 4, 2012

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Sheldan Nidle – December 4, 2012

10 Akbal, 11 Yaxk’in, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! At present, your reality is approaching the immutable date in late December of your Gregorian calendar. This is the time when your reality is to be rid of any alternate timelines, which until now have been used by your dark cabal to manipulate your reality. This riddance creates the means for the Light to transform your world. This transformation will be preceded by the introduction of new governance and a new financial system for your planet. This flurry of activity leads to a formal disclosure announcement of our benevolent presence and the opportunity for us to broadcast vital information to you regarding the upcoming mass landings and your return to full consciousness. This stream of revelations will include broadcasts from the Agarthans concerning the nature of Gaia as a living Being and of your true history going back to the settling of Lemuria some 900,000 years ago. This knowledge will help put into context why you are being returned to your natural state of full consciousness and will prepare you for your coming reunion with the Agarthans of Inner Earth.


Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 229 ~

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Today is another important day that will mark the passage from one state to another, as the moon will be darkened by the Earth’s shadow. This in itself will not be looked upon as any sort of dramatic event, but energywise, this change in illumination of the full moon will also bring about changes in your energetic setup. Let us explain.


It is the will and decree of your Creator, and it will be. – channeled by Ron Head

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 We have spoken through all of our trusted channels about the clearing of your old fears and hurts, dearest friends.  And yet, even though we know you have seen these messages, we see you continuing to identify with the situations that these energies bring to your attention as they arise.  These things are not you.  It makes you feel stressed, sad, and helpless when you see them as part of your selves, part of your lives.

 Realize, please, that this is no longer so, and in fact, never was.  These are but experiences that you have had, lessons you had chosen to learn.  Let them go.  They are arising now simply for the purpose of lightening your load, so to speak.  Allow yourselves to see that they are not a part of you, and let them go into the light.


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