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Do not be swayed by others who ‘appear’ to have all the answers, all the right words,
for only YOU will know YOUR journey as it is within each cell of your body.

Many give explanations to others about WHY this or that has occurred in their life.
Do not be manipulated by those who give worldly explanations for every event,
whether it be good or bad, sickness or regained health. They do NOT have access
to the divine path you walk and live each day.   It is sacred for each soul.

Those who preach to others in the tone of ‘knowing’ are living in the world of appearances.
There is a difference between preaching, sharing or suggesting.   Leave them be,
nod and be polite, that is the best way to deal with the preachers of this world.

No soul on this earth is helpless!    The only way in which one can be rendered helpless
is not to be given the necessities of life.    As you can see, this is what is happening
all around the world as countries have slid into disarray and neglect the fundamentals of life.
This has set up a widespread and gigantic cloud of fear as souls are suffering for their
rights to be fed, sheltered, healthy and schooled.    That has resulted in millions who
live a life of ‘helplessness’ and this goes deep within them.   The true essence of their
being has been forced into the background to make way for the daily struggle of survival.

When the body is cared for and the struggle for survival has been won, then the souls of this
earth can be at peace and a new world can then be thought about.  Take care of the struggling
and do not fall into the pit of preaching that ‘it is their karma, let them be.’  No Master who has
walked this earth and experienced the suffering firsthand has ever uttered such words!
Each awakened Master has left behind Teachings and insight into how mankind can lead a
good life by seeing the divinity in others with equality through the heart.   Love is the basis
of all life as each soul, each particle of matter and non-matter was created from the same

Respect all Life  ~  Be Compassionate  ~

~      Namaste      ~

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