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Well, here we are. It is December, the final month of the magical year of 2012. It seems like just yesterday, we were celebrating Christmas in 2011 and wondering what the New Year would have for us. How has 2012 panned-out for you so far?

I have personally learned so much about myself and taken so many big leaps in this wonderful year. I learned a plethora of appreciated information about the reality and act of energy work by simply communicating with beings who specialize in energy work; I became aware of important former aspects of this body-temple that needed surfaced and moved-on from if I wished to excel further into purer states of consciousness; a bond grew with a dear group of people who I am honored to call family [thanks to some Lovely radio shows and an amazing Conference]; oh, I could go on expressing the immense positive change I’ve experienced.

While peeling and integrating layer after layer of myself, I too have looked toward the end of this year as a grand initiation into a purer state of consciousness. I’m one who has looked toward physical dates for the initiating of change and I’ve put so much of myself into specific dates and timeframes panning out, and if amazing and grand change does come about this month, than I will be the first to say thank goodness!

If it does not however, I will not be as bothered as some may be or perhaps, a bothered as I would have been a year ago and this is because I have experienced so much positive change this year and am finding a perfect, harmonious existence and fulfillment in my everyday Life.

I think that motivation has been the main theme of this year, for me. I’ve taken on bold new challenges and been a part of wonderful things that I had not expected myself to be involved in quite yet, and I’ve developed a much deeper connection with the ascended souls coming through me, as well as met new ones.

This crazy ascension ride has tested me and you all as well and now, we stand at the end of the year 2012 we have heard so much about. We can expect many more alignments and gate openings as they higher realms descend further unto us and we find extremely-pure energies coming through us as a result of such alignments and gate openings.

All of us are of course, looking toward the 21st and wondering what will happen, and it’s safe to say that we will all be very excited come December 21st and this is because of what has been predicted and the hype that has surrounded this date. We have all looked toward it and aimed our energies toward it exponentially so at the very least, it will be an interesting day from an energetic standpoint.

I have discussed the ‘gradual’ view of our ascension in the past but it should be expressed that truly anything can happen. I don’t know what is to happen when the 21st of this month comes around but from what our channeled sources have said, it seems like it could be pretty big. Be prepared for change and do not rule out any possibilities but by all means, do not feel discouraged if you feel nothing has happened at the end of this month.

I truly do hold the feeling that we are on the cusp of amazing change being brought-forth on this world. I also believe that we will be the ones to enact this change and that we will be given much assistance with doing so by our Galactic and Angelic brethren. Our channeled sources have told us that the original ascension plan would have called for events to be initiated much, much sooner than they have been but that’s ok because I feel that we are working toward the manifestation of such events and that they are truly not far off, even if they don’t come to fruition before or during the 21st.

Despite what I have said in the past, I do support the idea of looking toward the end of this month as if a sudden leap in collective awareness is going to occur. I’ve put-forth the gradual idea to remind us all not to be disappointed if things do not pan-out in the intended way but there is really nothing wrong with looking toward the end of this month as the time when we take that strong leap that sees us all experiencing a purer state of consciousness.

By doing so, we will aim our vibrations toward the possibility of this happening so honestly, why not take the plunge and throw all of our manifestation effort into it, while keeping an open and understanding mind and heart if the ascension timetable does turn out to be more gradual?

No matter what is to happen, we have entered the final month of 2012 and it is prudent to take a moment and look back upon this year and what it has garnered for you personally. The end of this month is going to be interesting to say the least and I truly feel that 2012 has served to build-up the energies to an extent that, like our sources have discussed, events are going to bombard us one after another when they do manifest.

If “nothing” seems to come to fruition on the 21st [I think we will all feel at least a little something], you will still see me posting channelings and writings come January 2013. Why? Because we still have work to do and I personally am happy to do all that I can to anchor the Light energies unto this world, even if things don’t pan out as initially expected.

We are here on a supremely-important Lighted mission and while this month and especially the end of this month will be quite interesting, it is important to remind yourselves to continually look toward this moment of Now and see what you can do to make your personal experience of Life better and to help steer the collective toward our ascension energies.

Each of us Lightworkers are going to be given a big boost of energy at the end of this month and while I can’t say if this energy will cause a collective ascension or maybe just some good vibes, it is clear that the added boost we’ll receive will aide us in all of our Lighted endeavors exponentially. Those would be: astral traveling, channeling, anchoring Light unto the core of Gaia, perceiving of our higher dimensional guides and higher selves, blessing and uplifting those around us, acting as “transmuters” of negative energy for those around us; again, I could go on and on!

I could not be more excited to initiate a new month and all I can say is bring on the energies!

Wes Annac – Honored to be on this world at this time.



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