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Posted by Stephen Cook

Video – Sandra Walker: Portals and the 12/12/12

Thanks to Eugenie

Stephen: Steve posted a wonderful article by Sandra yesterday – http://the2012scenario.com/2012/12/sandra-walker-facing-the-unknown-at-zero-point/. This morning, I opened my Inbox and Eugenie Smallman, John’s wife, had sent me this video below, from Sandra. Talk about timing. As Eugenie joked: “Sandra is ‘la Femme du Jour’…

While I don’t subscribe to the three days’ of darkness that Sandra wryly comments on towards the beginning of this video, as Eugenie says, Sandra’s unique content and presentation style “cuts through all the hype, anxiety, and tizz that’s going about regarding 12/12/12  and  12/21/12″ – or, as we say here in Australia, where the day seems to be more important than the month, the 21/12/12). Sit back and enjoy…

You’ll learn all about personal ‘micro wormholes’ within the DNA, sad DNA, open DNA, kundalini, activating, families, ringing in your ears, seeing double and triple digits… and how to have a laugh, too.

Sandra also let’s you realise we can ALL do this!

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the fact Sandra talks about ‘next month’; it’s because she recorded this in November. And now, if course, it’s Ascension-month, December. Woohoo!)

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