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Transcript: St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings – the Violet Flame and the I AM Presence

Graham: On our November 8, 2012 Heavenly Blessings show, St. Germaine joined us through Linda Dillon to discuss the Violet Flame, the I AM Presence and how important it is to use the Violet Flame to release pain, suffering, sorrow, lack and limitation.

We also discussed Omar Khayyam, Rumi, the recent U.S. Presidential elections, how the United States is slated to be a place of true freedom, liberty and light, and how this Ascension process was planned tens of thousands of years ago.

Note: Some have asked about the spelling of St. Germaine as reflected here. Linda has shared that St. Germaine requested that the “e” be added to the end of his name to honor the divine feminine.

Click this link to the listen to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio/2012/11/09/heavenly-blessings

Thank you to Mary for the transcript, which has been modified to highlight key discussion points:

Heavenly Blessings, Nov. 8, 2012, with St. Germaine

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM St. Germaine.

GD: Welcome.

St. G: And welcome to you my violet friends who travel on many rays. But this night I welcome you to my temple and my Temple of the Violet Flame and yes, I gift you within your heart, your hands, your third eye, your crown, this gift of the I AM, this gift of transformation.

It is a time of magnificent change and rapid change upon your planet and that is why I have requested to be your guest yet again because I wish to proffer and offer this energy of the Violet Flame, of the bonfire, of the torch, of the single flame that burns brightly and can change a universe let alone a planet or an individual.

My beloved ones, you are stepping into the fullness and the deep conscious connection with your I AM and through that “The” I AM. Often you have turned to me, you have turned to the other Masters, the Ascended Ones, the Archangels and you have said “How? How, dear one, do I find and how do I connect with The I AM?” And so I say to you, “You do it, beloved friends, you do it through the connection with your I AM.

It is a mirroring, it is a link, it is a tie that can never be broken.” So you say to me “Well, Germaine, if it can’t be broken, then why are you bringing it up and harping on it?” Well first of all, it’s one of my favorite subjects and I have a chance to talk to you about it. But more importantly, my friends, because it is your opportunity, consciously, as you move into different dimensions and realities, as you clime out of the 3rd as you make peace with the old, you can torch whatever remains and leave it behind.

It does not need to accompany you as anything but bright light. Pain, suffering, sorrow, illusion, delusion, lack, limitation, all of that is gone and therefore, my friends, it needs to be gone from your essence, from your belief systems, from your life. So between torching, transmutation, transformation and anchoring more fully within your I AM you let go, you fly free, you take my hand and come Home.

No, I am not encouraging you to leave your body. It is a magnificent vessel, one designed by you and your friends, your circle, for exactly this purpose. Will it transform? Will it transubstantiate from carbon to crystalline? Yes, it already is. That began as soon as you entered the 13th Octave. You are well underway, but it is time and I offer my help, my assistance, with this transformation.

Please allow me to be your assistant. I call myself the keeper and the steward of the Violet Flame and the I AM. I do not claim anything other than my I AM. Am I fully immersed and connected with The I AM? Yes, it is my joy and that is one of the reasons I do not re-incarnate; I could never leave that behind again.

So I invite you to join with me on this journey of completion because that is where you are. Each of you at this time, you are finding not only your unified field and within that unified field of the wholeness of who you are, the core of the I AM, but also within that unified field you are connecting and unifying with The I AM. There is nothing better.

It is the beginning and the end. It is all there is. And as you do this you will find the wholeness and the truth of yourself, of your magnificent self. So please allow me to help. And how I will help is by answering your queries. Let us begin.

GD: Wonderful. I was thinking about how powerful it is to take all that which does not serve us as we’re working to reconnect to the I AM Presence within each of us and as we’re transitioning very rapidly into this new paradigm where peace and love are the qualities that we will experience as a theme, to take things like judgment and fear and pain and power and greed, whatever those lower dimensional attributes and qualities that aren’t serving us, that are holding us back, to take those and put them into the Violet Flame and let them be transmuted and support our road and our journey as we further connect to our I AM Presence and to this new world.

When you were on Earth, how did you connect to your I AM Presence?

St. G: Do not forget I have incarnated many times and so I came with an awareness of my I AM but I also worked, yes the ‘W’ word, I worked to help it grow, to anchor it in every little thing I would do. Now so often when you are feeling that you are working on something, you think of it as drudgery, as tedious, as something that you must apply yourself to.

When I say I worked on it, I worked on it as I was sitting with friends and enjoying a glass of grape juice or wine and a meal with bread and I would work with it in solitary, I would work with it in healing of my sacred self and others, I would share it. And the more I shared it the brighter it became. And that is why I am asking each of you this night to not only accept my gifts but to become full participants.

There are many instances with the Ascended Ones and with the Mother where she will say “Turn it over to me”, “Give it to me.” Now if you give me something I will take it, but what I am asking you to do is to take the flame, I am sharing it with you in the torch, in the bonfire, in the singular flame and use it yourself; oh! I will be there, I will make sure you don’t burn down the planet, but use it.

So rather than seeing that you are handing it over to me take the torch and torch your judgment, torch your pain, torch what is not right, what is not of love upon your planet. And if you are uncertain, turn to me, I will guide you; I will not allow you to go astray and to torch something that actually needs to continue on, I promise you this. But be the full participant, step forward in action of your life.

GD: It’s a very empowering and helpful tool. Thank you so much. I’d like to bring on Kat from Sedona and Kat you were at the conference. I got a little note here from Suzy, how great. Welcome.

Kat: Thank you so much and I have so appreciated St. Germaine’s flame. You know, I kind of think of Popeye, the Sailor Man…I am what I am….

I would apologize but I just can’t because that really is what I would think about originally. But I have a question about another channel that mentioned a 5D Solar Violet Flame and I wondered if I could get an explanation of that particular aspect?

St. G: There is no difference. First of all, do not apologize, for when you bring smiles to others it is a gift, is it not? And it is one of my favorite things to do is to sit and smile and laugh with all of you. The 5D Solar Violet Flame is no different than the Violet Flame that I am speaking of. There is only one Violet Flame and it is the I AM. So it manifests in every dimension, every reality and actually on every planet.

Kat: Well, thank you so much.

St. G: So you have it, your bags are packed for 5D, use it, it will help.

Kat: I need it, a carry-on.

GD: Kat are you currently using the Violet Flame to assist you?

Kat: Oh I use it constantly and I so appreciate the definitions and the examples to pull it into our everyday life. I’m using it a lot because there’s some stuff going on.

GD: Have you seen or experienced or felt some good results from it?

Kat: It has become like a mantra, I mean it just…because it has become emotional and just to say that kind of calms me down and helps me to step away from 3D I guess I could say.

GD: Oh beautiful, so you’ve experienced it as being quite helpful and powerful.

Kat: Oh for me, for sure. I haven’t gotten arrested yet. Thank you so much for all you do.

GD: Thank you for your call tonight. We have another question about, it’s a little bit of a tangent, but while you’re here, actually Suzy’s asking about our ability to see you and experience you in physicality, with our physical eyes when we go through the Ascension process. And of course, the vibration will be higher. Anything you’d like to say around that?

St. G: Yes, you will be able to see me; many of you see me already and you have seen my flashing blue eyes, my smile, you have felt the flame touch you, you have felt my presence with you. Now let me be very clear, you are the brave ones, I have no intention of re-incarnation, but will my energy be visible? Yes it will be, because I cannot wait to simply sit with you again. It has been far too long.

Ray: Yes, my question is for beloved St. Germaine, I would like to say since childhood I’ve had his gift of Violet Flame and Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame with me and it’s been present with me since and I’ve been using it and it solves many problems for me but my question for beloved St. Germaine is that he was incarnated as the William Shakespeare that we know and his poem is similar to Sa’adi, the Iranian poet, and would like to see if he also incarnated as Omar Khayyam?

St. G: No, I was not having the privilege of being Omar Khayyam. But he is a dear, dear friend and a brilliant, brilliant soul.

Ray: And can you please tell me beloved St. Germaine if Rumi was your friend too?

St. G: Rumi is honored amongst many and, yes, he is a friend, a beloved friend. You see there is a consistency upon the messages that we communicate and of course the message is transformation but it is also deep love. You cannot ever read a poem or a play or truly enter into the magic of love and not feel the upliftment and the flickering of your own Violet Flame.

So it is not just ‘the’ and ‘my’ Violet Flame that I give you, it is also the ignition of your Violet Flame that you carry brightly and brilliantly as Rumi does, as Omar Khayyam does, as many do. Now, can I take credit for all of it? No, and I do not need to, that is the beauty we share.

GD: Ray thanks so much for your call tonight. Stanley from Vermont, hello brother.

Stanley: Hello, brother, Graham, so nice to see you shining after our connection here in Vermont together.

GD: Well, it’s great to hear your voice. It’s been a little while and I’m so thrilled that you’re on the show tonight.

Stanley: Well yes, I am also and not by any conscious plan…it’s so fascinating to be here with you all this evening.

GD: Tremendous. What’s your question or comment?

Stanley: I have a question for St. Germaine, I have been in co-creation with him for many moons and I am often brought back to him by some of the events of my life present or my life in other times and I’m wondering how he might describe the connection that seems so pertinent today for where we are as we are ready for Ascension?

Going back to the Bird Tribes and the Onondaga Nations and then to the Declaration of Independence and the seeds that were planted for that wonderful creation? And then for NESARA and how all of this has been pieced together for our freedom and our re-awakening in Ascension now?

St. G: Yes I have beckoned to you tonight, my friend, and you have responded, so thank you and you know that our bond is long and it goes back many, many, many lifetimes. Now, each of you know of course there is a Divine Plan; there is not simply the plan of St. Germaine. I tell you I am an honored steward but my piece in this has always been as teacher and healer and comrade. So yes, there are certain aspects that I hold dear.

As you well know I planned for the treasury a very long time ago, the 15th century, and I have planted the seeds. You have a character in North America that you think of as Johnny Appleseed; well, you could have called him Johnny Germaine. I have been planting the seeds within the tribes, within the populace, even with your star brothers and sisters in the Constitution of the United States of America.

I have very particular interest in this nation of freedom, as you know, and the restoration of the plan for this nation to truly be a place of freedom and liberty and light. And you can see the Violet Flame at work, very recently, in your elections.

No, we do not rig elections although there have been many times where I have inserted my Violet Flame, but what we do do with the Violet Flame is we also use it to ignite or to bring light to areas that are perhaps a little dim or dark so that they can be exposed. But we also use it to ignite the inspiration, the passion, the fire within whether it is within the tribes or within the nation or the individual.

So now there is a closing, completion of a plan that was brought into form, oh, tens of thousands of years ago to bring this through to Ascension and new reality. If nothing else, I am patient; I am exuberant and want you to be as well, knowing what you can create. Do not forget it is not simply elimination, it is creation as well with the I AM and the Violet Flame. So please, bring it to fulfillment. Bring forth what you wish, insert the Violet Flame, allow it to build into form. Do it daily and know that I am with you; I am with you now and I am with you forever.

GD: Thank you so much. Stanley, thank you for your questions. I’m sorry we couldn’t get to everyone tonight. We are so happy to have St. Germaine with us tonight. Thank you for joining us.

St. G: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-08-12

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