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Message from Archangel Tzadkiel

Channeled by: Julie Miller

There is not greater time than now dear ones to work with Violet Flame to release and transmute all negativity from your person from a soul level right through to your mind, and body. The Violet Flame is not a flame just to invoke and utilize only when you feel the pull of low energies. It is a privilege given to each of you to make use of often, daily if possible. It is there to assist each and every dear person on their transformations and changes that are happening on a global scale. Transformations and change of your Self comes often dear ones. Many times you may not be aware of your transformations if they are minute. The more you realize the more you become. Being aware of even the smallest of change creates great healing and forwards your own journey towards achieving your intended goal. Making good use of the Violet Flame often will help reduce any karmic debt that may be holding you back. You must put some time aside to face areas in your life and learn to discern what truly pleases you, and then discover what really does not. Knowing this part of yourself, honestly and truthfully you begin consciously applying the healing attributes of the Violet Flame to transform all areas of your life beginning with what you like and what you do not.

 Have you yet realized dear ones that none of the work you have been doing is linear. This only means you cannot do just one thing and then begin looking to achieve the next phase. Understandably everything is intertwined, all is connected, created a fine weaving of Life, and this is your life that you are creating dear ones. To some extent, your lessons are given to you in a linear fashion. Knowing this, remember all you think, say and do does affect your own actions especially what you think, say and do.

 It can be most difficult for many of you to face your Self. When the time comes when you can no longer hide in your illusions you will begin to search understanding of the Interior Design of your own Being. Realize dear ones learning who you are and your outward reflections as how you view the world around you appreciating each mirrors the other. From the inside out you will at first slowly begin to rebuild yourself, test the waters of what feels good to your heart and soul then venture a little further when you build strong foundations that speak of your Love, Power and Wisdom. You will learn to be at peace with yourself with constant practice, commitment and attention.

 The main objective for each of you dear ones has always been to live in a lifestyle that is creative, healthy, filled with happiness, abundance and balance of your whole self just to name a few. When you are at peace you will know instantly when something is not right within you, a certain feeling will wash over you. But through your journey you will build confidence enough to address these issues when they arise effectively and efficiently. Learning to understand where the issue developed from is as important as dissolving the issue. You must learn the root before you can successfully remove it from your being. You will in your own time live a life that is in harmony with the nature around you and within you. You already experience seasons that are not climatic. Every relationship you have is based around seasons. How long each one will remain is not to question, but to enjoy in the sharing that is there and now. Your tomorrows will arrive soon enough; the past has already gone; simply live in the NOW with the seasons and the elements of your nature.

If you find time in your busy day, utilize this time to breathe. When you exhale imagine you are releasing all toxic discord from your mind, body, and spirit. As you sit there with closed eyes for a few precious moments allow yourself to imagine a new stage of your life already developing. Breathe it in for the beauty of it as fresh air. Allow your deep yet controlled breathing to calm you and to feel centered within your whole Self. You don’t require a large amount of time to center yourself, just 5 – 10 minutes each day. Conscious breathing helps to reduce any anxieties you may have been holding onto, increases oxygen flow and increases vitality among other things. You are meant to be joyful and loving. We of the Divine are here to guide you and support you to your own discovery of your true Self.

 Your very nature is based on Love and Happiness. Each of you are able to reach your true potential especially if you are willing to put out some effort. We suggest to you dear ones if you have not done so already and that is to create a journal to observe your thoughts, feelings, your actions, words used that may or may not have been out of character, etc., each time you take the time to face the real truth of your Self. By doing this after some time has lapsed you can go back and see where you have made great leaps and what needs a little fine-tuning. When you jot things down dear ones, you must be honest with your comments and truthful with your observations. Even the slightest exaggeration will eventually pull you away from achieving the goal you desire most.

 We want you to look at the duality of your Self. You are comprised of a darker self and a lighter self. You are not made of only Light. You are a working balance of both working together, and if one is off balance the other is affected. Just think dear ones what you think, what you choose to do, even the food you eat to where you live to what products you prefer to purchase all has a powerful influence and effect on your life and those that are closest to you. It is easy to claim yes to agreement that there is a special and unique connectedness to all beings and species on Earth, but when you go beyond and see with your inner self, the knowledge that is there will provide you with the opportunity to gain the benefits of your thinking as One with All in the community of the world.

 Lessons come and go, so much knowledge is gained that brings you to further understanding yourself and the world around you. After a while spiritual maturity sets in and you discover Grace. Ah, she is beautiful. Grace is virtue that cannot be earned nor can you control it. The practice of Grace is done through receiving and acceptance. By applying the practice of Grace in your life you will learn to let go of materialistic things and ideals and allow God in. Be open to receive God’s love; that is the gift to receive dear ones. God’s Love that is infinite is all you need to know how accepted you are to Him. But it is you that must accept yourself as well. Accept yourself as you are right now, including any areas that are in need of improvement to the ones that are already mastered – accept and receive dear ones. Release all feelings of shame, ideas that you are unworthy. Living in a state of Grace happens when you stop all negative thought forms, negative actions against yourself and when you begin shining with God’s Love from the inside out. Be receptive, do not fear. God will always be there for each of you as He is already with you now.

 And so it is,

 I AM Archangel Tzadkiel through Julie Miller



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