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Posted by Suzanne

Here we are, at the first of December in this most auspicious year of 2012. Many of the things that we’d hoped would happen haven’t, but I’ve noticed a growing trend of peace within the hearts of light workers, as reflected in your communications. Many of us seem to have arrived at the satisfying place of being at peace in ourselves.

The apparent chaos of a crumbling system of control is noticed, but not focused on. The focus is instead on love and on Ascension and on whatever personal work remains on the periphery of awareness. Perhaps we’ve reached a level of awareness that puts 3D matters into a container that we can open or close at will. For my part, I truly do appreciate it.

I recall a time just over two years ago that I was impatient and continually wondering when I was going to catch a break. My thoughts were often focused on wanting to just be able to relax about things. When was life going to start being fun?

For those of you reading this who aren’t feeling peaceful inside, I offer this simple suggestion: Discover the unique way that you have to see, in your mind’s eye, what it looks and feels like to breathe peace. Be a hunter and stalk the thing, track it. What would it take for you to feel peaceful? Does it depend on the people you live with? Do the people you work with have to co-operate in your personal peace initiative? Maybe the neighbor’s dogs have to quit barking all the dang time or your car would have to be able to fix itself.

As one contemplates these questions, perhaps what will occur to the seeker is that none of what happens outside of us has anything to do with our peace. It’s totally an inside job and the responsibility to find it lies with us alone. As I hope we all realize, there’s lots of help surrounding us just waiting to be given a task.  But what of those who aren’t feeling their invisible guides around them?

It reminds me of when I first started my shamanic training with a year of learning visionary skills. We were given an exercise to go out in nature to perhaps make an Earth Painting, or practice seeing ourselves as one Nature among the many Natures. Sometimes we were tasked with allowing ourselves to be breathed and in discovering where “I” resides. We practiced dissolving our physical boundaries so the wind would pass through us.

We were asked at one point to focus on opening our perceptions to feel our ancestors all around us.  I went out to do the exercise and came back inside bereft because I could feel nothing. The others in my group were all older than I, and every one of them was already a practicing healer in some way. I, on the other hand, was a housewife and the mother of a 5-year-old, with no experience as a healer. Or so I thought at the time.

I wasn’t feeling as though my ancestors weren’t there; just that I wasn’t perceiving them. What was missing was my availability to experience something new, something I had never really thought about before.

So much about learning to work in the invisible realms is about trusting what we “get”, and not engaging in the endless loop of telling ourselves that we just made it up or that it’s just our imagination. If we truly understood how powerful a manifesting tool our imagination is, no way could we be held captive or told how to live or what we can do or be at all.

In order to get past the hurdle of trusting that what comes into our thoughts is actually guidance, it might be helpful to play a little at it. If you’ve ever gotten a primo parking space after putting out an energetic request for one, you already know how to do this. Just a little practice each day with greater focus and intention will help more ideas and intuitive “hits” come into our awareness. I think it’s a great practice to deepen the relationship with our guides.

Now, back to using our imagination to feel what breathing peace (or love or compassion, etc.) is like. I imagine it’ll be different for every one of us. The way I vision it is to empty my mind and focus on the Heart of God. I see that brilliant light all around me and I’m immersed in that field, breathing God. I inhale and fill myself and every cell with pure light, exhale and share that pure light with the whole of this planet, all inside and all upon her.

This is work at the energetic level of engagement, where the deepest truth resides. This is the level at which significant change can take place. It’s our Divine birthright to be able to access these sacred gifts, and it’s up to us if we wish to take up the mantle and be who we came here to be.

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