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What will work be like after Ascension? What technologies will be introduced? How will we get around? These and many other questions must be coming up for people as we race towards our rendezvous with destiny.

Here are just a few hints that the galactics and ascended masters have dropped about what will change with Ascension. In this part we look at the general picture and in the second part we look at more specific technologies.

In our lives as presently constituted in this dimension of duality, inequity means that some live well while others live very poorly, SaLuSa tells us.

“Life on Earth is hardly dull but it is hard work to make progress, and you have little time for personal pursuits. The playing field is not level, and some people have utterly boring lives barely scraping a living but for all that it is a chosen experience. Yet others have wealth and every comfort money can buy, yet it does not ensure happiness.

“Is there perhaps a lesson to be learnt from the contrasting lives people have, and isn’t it true that everyone seeks a happy and fulfilling life. That my friends will come with Ascension for absolute certainty so put your present troubles aside and do not let them get you down.” (1)

He says that few of our old ways of doing things will survive Ascension and these will include our labor-intensive systems, freeing us to engage in creative pursuits.

“Eventually you will benefit from moving into a higher dimension, where the advantages given through new technologies will be somewhat familiar to you. All round it will be seen as a quantum leap forward and little of your old world way of living will remain.

“With it goes the labor intensive systems, that have held you in slavery with little time for your own creative desires. That will bring about a major change in your lives, to be able to fully engage in those pursuits that give you pleasure.” (3)

Gone will be all drudgery, he says.

“The difference from where you are now in the present dimension and the higher ones is most substantial, and there you will be living a completely different type of life. Gone will be the drudgery and drag of life as you know it, and if you have any concept of what paradise is like you may have just an impression of what it is like. To live it is almost too difficult to put into words, but you could say it is heavenly, idyllic and enfolds you in its beautiful vibration of Light.” (4)

Many, many opportunities will compete for our attention, he reveals.

“Once you rise up you will surely be overwhelmed by the great panorama of opportunity before you. You have an expression ‘you have not lived yet’ and I am tempted to say it is applicable now, as you have realms without number in which to pursue your interests.” (5)

The cosmos will become our playground, he predicts.

“As you are beginning to understand, there is much that will change and affect you all personally. However, it is all part of your upliftment into the beautiful dimensions where virtual perfection exists, and all works together in harmony. No more suffering or disunity and instead enjoyment, happiness and fulfilment.

“You will have time that is yours to spend as you desire, and the Cosmos will be your playground and by then you will understand your responsibility to all life. The thought of all of this may be somewhat frightening and you feel apprehensive, but you will by then be equal to the task of expressing yourself as the God Being that you are, and always were.” (6)

We’ll be able to create energy without depleting the Earth’s resources, Sanat Kumara tells us. We’ll bring forth technologies that have been available but hidden from us.

“All the information you need to create energy to support all, in loving harmony, without the depletion of earth’s resources, is available to you for the asking.

“There is no further need for the destruction of your earth’s resources. And all may be abundantly supplied with that which they need for an abundant and joyful life existence. You were not meant to scrape and ‘get by.’

“Food, shelter, and clothing were always abundantly available to you through the technology which has always been available to you. Bring it forth, use it, and your world will change so greatly for the better.” (7)

Matthew Ward lists some of the devices that will go and some of the inventions that will be introduced.

“Your customary modes of transportation and the energy that powers them will gradually give way to new vehicle designs, and energy sources that even now are being developed will come into common usage; with continued advancement in intellect and spirituality, eventually you will be able to teleport around the planet and astrally travel to other worlds.

“Wireless communication instruments that are damaging to health will be modified to eliminate their hazardous features; utility poles and wires will go underground or be eliminated; there will be no need for surveillance mechanisms, including in your televisions, so they will disappear; and yes, everyone will have the ability to communicate telepathically.” (8)

The biggest changes will be in our transportation methods, SaLuSa says. Free energy in particular will power our vehicles.

“The biggest changes will be in your present forms of travel, and the combustion engine will eventually disappear from use. Not only that but the new vehicles will be much quicker and safer to use. They will be using free energy which is our source of power for our craft. Everyone will have use of them and they will be absolutely pollution free. These changes have been planned for a long time and are ready to go ahead as soon as it is safe to introduce them.” (9)

We don’t have to travel in space ships if we don’t want to. We can also move by thought, SaLuSa informs us, even to other universes. Both options are open to us, depending on where we want to travel to.

“You can travel through the power thought and let’s say that instead, you fancy having your own craft – well, that too can be created by you. As with the Galactic Federation, there are times when physical craft are needed to travel within the lower dimensions, and it is only in the higher ones that thought creation is possible.” (10)

“Distance is of little consequence as you will move by thought, and could if necessary negotiate wormholes into other Universes.

“You will of course be given the necessary tuition so that you can safely travel around.” (11)

We can become cosmic travelers if we wish to.

“If you are ambitious to be a Space Traveler, you will be able to do so once you have reached a certain spiritual level such as the state of Ascension.” (12)

“There are mysteries galore in the Universe that you will be motivated to explore.” (13)

“With our advanced forms of transportation, distance is no problem and we can make frequent journeys to far-off stars whenever we want.” (14)

So advanced are the Galactic Federation craft that they could survive in them for centuries.

“Our Space Craft are totally self-supporting and provide all of our needs. In fact we could easily survive in them for several hundred years, as you understand time.” (15)

We’ll even be able to travel to the past or future, SaLuSa says.

“In the future you will be free to move around from one place to another, into the past, or forward into the future and your experiences will be quite different to now. Life will be exciting and full of challenges, as there is so much to discover that is outside of your present existence. …

“Real freedom is when the Galaxy is yours to travel, and that will come to you in good time.” (16)

“You will have the freewill to choose your next experience, and freedom to journey anywhere in the Cosmos. You may join us or travel elsewhere in service to other souls who need the benefit of your experience, as it will be your choice.” (17)

Other civilizations will welcome us once we’ve become the ascended masters we always were.

“Remember that you will have become the Masters that you really are, and will be welcomed into other life streams. Life is bountiful, and exists everywhere making its way along an evolutionary path as you have done so. Much of it is invisible to your eyes because it vibrates at a different rate to yours.

“As an ascended Being and through the power of thought, you will be able adjust to it just as we sometimes do.” (18)

Thus gone will be drudgery, slavery and inequity. Here will be creativity, freedom, and sharing. Sometimes we’ll have wonderful inventions that will aid us and sometimes we’ll simply create or move by thought. But countless new vistas and opportunities will open before us once we enter the higher realms.

In the next part, we’ll look at some of the specific machines and technologies that will replace what we use today.


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