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Posted by Stephen Cook

The 11.11am 11/11/12 Portal in Palenque – Part 2/2 (At Last!)

By Stephen Cook, now returned from the Mayan Temple in Palenque, Mexico.

OK, OK, OK… I know it’s 18 days later… So, firstly, apologies for the very delayed follow-up to Anthony and my ‘guided’ journey to the Mayan Temple in Palenque in Mexico for this month’s important energy portal.

As I wrote about in Part 1 – http://the2012scenario.com/2012/11/the-1111am-1111-2012-portal/ – I had been ‘told’ to go ‘home’ for this important moment. And, I had originally  thought that to be London, where I was born into the life.

But upon entering the Mayan ‘ruinas’ on the 10th of November, we realised we had come ‘home’… and that was the day we toured the site for six hours as we planned what and where we would be at the sacred moment of the 11/11 Portal.

So what was it like to be at ‘home’ at 11.11am on 11/11/12?

Incredible. Enriching. Uplifting and Centering. Peaceful, Calm, Happy. Fulfilling.

We were also ‘looked after’, protected and quite literally, ‘guided’ through…

What do I mean by this?

Well, we had planned to arrive at the temple by 10.10am that morning. So we did.

Now, to enter the Temple, you have to go through the National Park entry – and purchase an entry ‘bracelet’.

We were a bit cheeky: we still had ours from the previous day and, as we hadn’t worn them and stuck then round our wrists, they were intact.

So we smiled and showed them at the gateway to the park – and the attendants simply waved us on through.

We also already had the car packed with everything – our bags, passports, laptop, food etc. – so I wanted to make sure the car was safe in the local jungle environment.

As soon as we drove up to the car park area near the Temple gates, we set out to find a local who wanted to wash the car – this way, they let you park it and fence it off and clean it. But, more importantly, it would then looked after.

So we looked for, and found, “Eddy” and “Ruben’, two local villagers, who said they’d do it… and that they’d keep an eye on the car. And that we could park it is their special chained off area ‘por seguridad’ (for security). Great! Another guided check box ticked off. So we parked the car, locked it and left them to wash it, telling them we would be back in about an hour.

We then took our Temple tickets from the day before and headed to the ‘’ruinas’ entry – and even though we think we probably should have bought two new tickets, we showed olut two tickets and were immediately smiled at an ushered on through. (Don’t worry, we were kind to the locals!  Keep reading…)

On arriving inside the massive Temple area, we knew where we wanted to be. At the top of the tallest temple. So we head in that direction only to looked up and see there were scores of people swarming all over the place.

But as we got closer they all seemed to be slowly coming down and heading away from where we anted to be seated at 11.11am .

So we headed to our vantage point and settled in. Almost alone in our temple’zone’…

At 11.11am Anthony and I – and our personal crystals from home and my wonderful, personal i-Connect kindly passed on to me by Dennis at the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona, under Archangel Michael’s suggestion – were in place to do the four toned ‘aaahs’ and enjoy and sun-drenched 11-minute meditation.

We did. And it was just wonderful – not a peep from anyone else, even when we did the four ‘aaahs’.

Amazingly, no one made any noise when we chanted our ‘aaahs’…it was as if we were the only two people there.

(Apart from the friendly Venezualan tourist and his wife who took this shot at left for us, so we had a special memento of our ’11/11 momento’, the importance of which they knew nothing about – so we shared our knowledge of it with them…)

After we finished and opened our eyes, there was still hardly anyone else around and no one else seemed to even notice us.

As we sat there, the subsequent intense energies were ones of calmness, happiness, tranquility and an even greater ’sense’ that everything was on track and that the world was in a better place than it was just a few minutes prior. It felt so good! So wonderfully, blissfully good.

We then used the money we had saved by not having to pay for our entry to both the national park and the sacred temple area, by buying all our gifts for friends and family from the local Mayan descendants and villagers whose hand-made necklaces, jewellery and assorted traditional trinkets caught our eye.

They were happy; we were happy. (And our friends and family would be happy with our locally-made preeents when we got home…)

That intense feeling of calmness, happiness, tranquility we experienced at the Temple site stayed with us as we more or less glided back to the car outside, where “eddy’ and ‘Ruben” had our car safely parked in their chained off area and it was glistening in the Palenque sun.

At 12.12pm, we drove off in our shiny clean car, complete with all our valuables, and leaving behind two very happy young local kids who had earned good money for their car-washing talents.

We remained in this state of bliss as we drove for several hours – and in fact, even now I feel this incredible sense that as each day has passed, we and the world are in an even better place.

Now we are back in Australia and Anthony and I both feel that there was no other place that we would rather have been than at the top of that temple inside the Mayan temple in Palenque at 11.11am on the 11/11/12 Portal – and we both agree that it definitely felt like home.

Now we are excitedly looking forward to the magical 12/12 Portal  and the final universally-incredible December 21 Portal (both of which we will enjoy here in Australia)

And after the December 21 Portal, then we will all truly be ‘home’…

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