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Posted by Stephen Cook

American Kabuki: Exclusive Interview with Poof – Now Removed

Stephen: UPDATED. The special interview with Poof that American Kabuki has had in his possession since mid-October when I breakfasted with him in Los Angeles, and which was finally released today, has now been made Private on You Tube.

American Kabuki has pulled all mention of it from his site and he has written to me asking me to remove it, too, even though the video cannot be viewed anymore anyway. Apparently,  legal action was threatened. By whom I do not know.

Kauilapeple is also reporting he was asked to remove the post.

So, as I have been asked by AK, I have also removed all the previous content of the post.

But I wanted you to know why – and why it has now been deleted.

Eternity : Please refer to previous article at Lucas


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