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Posted by Steve Beckow

The Physical Plane to the best of my knowledge is the only plane in which such things as crime can exist. Once on even the Astral Plane, criminals are sorted out and must remain in what is variously called the Dark Planes or the Winterlands until they reincarnate again in the Physical Plane.

But if we go a plane higher – to the Fifth Dimension or Mental Plane – no negative vibrations at all can enter there. There is no “Dark Plane” or “Winterland.” They’re left far behind.

As Ker-On of Venus tells us: “No more shall you be at the mercy of the dark powers, as they cannot enter the higher dimensions with their lower vibrations.” (1)

Matthew Ward tells us that all situations of a negative character will be left behind when we raise our vibrations:

“Situations that have been a plague on the planet – wars, murders, rape and other violence; man-made diseases and weather; governments’ surveillance of citizens; police brutality, unjust laws, false accusations and imprisonment; sales of weaponry and other war equipment; sex slavery, child molestation, pornography – ALL issues derived from the influence of the darkness – will diminish until they cease entirely because of peoples’ heightened consciousness and spiritual clarity.” (2)

It’s love that will transform the world, he tells us. It will root out negativity of all kinds. Many of us see that happening now after 11/11, all our vasanas and negativity coming to the surface to be released.

“The negativity that is the root of fear, greed, dishonor and violence will be gone in the Golden Age, and the vibrations of Earth’ s entirety will be LOVE. Love, which is the same energy as LIGHT but simply expressed differently, is the pure essence of Creator, the ultimate power in the cosmos. This energy is the composition of souls and the key to opening hearts and illumining minds, and it is flowing more abundantly on Earth than ever before.

“As the darkness continues to fade, love will replace conflict and tyranny with peace and cooperation; love will eliminate the superficial superiority of one group over another; love will enlighten those who regard others as possessions or dispensable and uplift those who have been subjected to living in those conditions. In short, LOVE is the power that is transforming your world.” (3)

Not only will we feel more loving, but we’ll be unable to express anything but the truth, SaLuSa informs us.

“There is no place in the higher dimensions for the lower vibrations that you are experiencing. The Light is such that nothing except the truth can exist within it, and not only that even thoughts need to be pure as each soul knows what another one is thinking. However, there is privacy where ones desire to dwell within their personal daydreams.

“As you raise your vibrations, so being of the truth becomes quite natural to you, and is part of the love you feel for all souls. Believe us it is not difficult to live up to the higher expression of yourselves. We understand your problems on Earth as you can be often disadvantaged by telling the truth, or get another person into trouble. The importance lies with how you think from within and your intentions.” (4)

Some of us may remember living in neighborhoods where we didn’t have to lock our doors. We’ll be returned to that kind of environment, SaLuSa tells us: “It will be quite a new experience to know that every other person with you is of the same vibrations, and to be trusted and honest in all of their contact with you.” (5)

“To live in peace without any threat to it,” he says, “will be a wonderful feeling of freedom and joy.”

“The problems of health and the challenge of mere existence that beset you in the third dimension will no longer be a factor in your lives. It is difficult to convey the absolute feeling of happiness and contentment, which has to be experienced to be appreciated.” (6)

Not only will crime, disease, war and other negative conditions be gone, but the memories of them will also fade, he says.

“Memories of unpleasant experiences will eventually fade completely into the background of your consciousness, and in time be forgotten. Often the only thing that keeps them in your minds, is the pain and distress experienced, but once in the higher vibrations you will cease to bring them back.” (7)

Therefore we’re advised to keep focusing on what’s to come and let the past melt away into the past.

“We keep you looking straight ahead, as there will come a time when the past will have little influence over you. Once you have ascended and your consciousness levels greatly expanded, you will in effect disconnect from memories of being in the lower vibrations. They will no longer be of importance, but nevertheless the experience you gained will always be with you.” (8)

He reminds us of the total journey we’re on, from God to God, of which this Ascension is just a step.

“You are forever on a spiritual journey finding your way back to the Source, and that applies to all souls with no exception. So you can see that wherever you meet other souls, you will have a lot in common and not least of all that you originally came from the Source.” (9)

We’re a mere 24 days from the shift that will carry us out of negativity and into what will seem like paradise compared to life as we know it. Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll try to post as many previews of our life in the higher realms as I can so that we’re as prepared as we can be for what’s apparently coming.


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