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Leaders Without Followers

By Jennifer Hoffman – November 26, 2012


The Indigo generation represents the new leaders of the world and while their courage, vision, determination and commitment equip them for the task, other aspects make this very challenging.

They are leaders who lack a pioneering spirit and with it the confidence that is required of those who charge ahead at the forefront of enormous change. They are often leaders who have no followers and, unless they can come to terms with this, they risk abandoning their mission for what can feel like a less lonely and less challenging path. They risk becoming followers, when they really need to lead, even if they lead, for a while, in isolation.

I used to say that my Indigo son would find the worst people to be friends with. And I was glad when all of the numbers were deleted from his cell phone when it accidentally went through the washer because he lost all of those contacts. While he chose these friends (and they chose him) because he needed to be the leader and to share his vision and gifts with them, he found more acceptance as a follower. And as the follower he was glad to be accepted in the group and not share his vision just so he could not feel so isolated. He lacked the confidence and assurance that it takes to stand up for his beliefs until others see their value and truth.

Even as an adult he struggles with this, becoming frustrated when others don’t or can’t see the paths that are so clear to him. But with a lot of support, he has learned to stay the course, to be comfortable as a leader without a follower until others are ready to see the value in what he has to share.

No matter how powerful the vision, even the most gifted leader begins to doubt his path when it appears that no one cares, or follows. Sometimes we, as parents, are our Indigos’ only supporters and we can help them get to the next phase of their path, which is to maintain their confidence, to move beyond the need for followers and get comfortable with their vision.

All Indigos struggle with this, wondering whether they are doomed to walk their path alone, with no one to validate their gifts or messages. They, and you, are not alone or unheard, but you have to be willing to stay the course because as pioneers you have come to shine a light on a new path for humanity and it may take time for their eyes and spirit to adjust to it.

We need to learn to embrace our gifts and vision, no matter who does or does not appear to be following and then one day, when we least expect it, the doors will open and we will have all of the validation we want and need and will no longer feel like we are leading in isolation. Then we can confidently share what is in our hearts and know that with each message we share, we are spreading light in the world and helping those who are ready to listen.

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