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Chemtrails Have An Older Cousin:  Meet 1930′s “Sky Curtain”

Dear world,

Chemtrails… I was surprised to see this video from the 1930′s of the sky curtain… 1930′s!!!!  This notion of spraying chemicals from airplanes goes back several decades… predating world war 2… predating colour televisions…  

Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem…. I choose to be part of the solution… so does the spirit world… of course since many are spiritually impoverished, they won’t see anything more than clouds…. those who are spiritually awakening, will eventually perceive the spirits in the sky, transmuting the chemtrails. 

Keep looking up… we’re almost past Dec. 21 2012… and the galactic alignment… so expect big changes on our planet FOR THE BETTERMENT OF ALL.

Indian in the machine

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