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God said:

What is in your heart this moment? Let Me rephrase My question. What are you aware of right now in this moment that is in your heart?

If you find worry and turmoil, will you kindly bring your heart back to its natural state? You can truthfully do this by having confidence. Have confidence in Me, and have confidence in you. Picture before you a scene you would like to have before you.

Whatever the picture is that you picture it is a projection of love, is it not?

Now you know how to come back to Me. Frame a picture of love, and your heart will rise, and you will settle in a state of peace. Peace by any other name is love.

Peace and love are coming closer to the horizon before you because they are resting in a picture you have projected into your heart. Oh, how your heart likes this picture. It is as if you have given your heart a downy quilt to lie on, to be bolstered in, to be buffeted in, to be restored in, to be returned to from whence it came.

Picture My heart. Picture My heart, if you can, and your heart will swoon in delirious joy. Your heart will sink or rise into Mine, and you will be afloat in My heart of peace and love and more peace and more love. Project Our hearts now onto the screen of the sky, and tell Me what dance you would like Us to dance within all Our Oneness. A cha-cha-cha? A tango? A waltz? A little tap dance? What you like, your heart in Mine will dance. One will dance as two in a duet of love of Oneness and love of All. Our feet will not touch the ground. There is no ground to touch. We dance on clouds of love. We dance Infinitely in a field of Eternity.

How light on your feet you are. What else can We dance but on lightness in Paradise?

We can dance like this forever. We do dance like this forever. I press your back, and you follow Me, and, so, We cross the dance floor of Eternity. Of course, it is not a dance floor at all. And yet it is here that Our Being dances for the joy of being together. This is the Dance of Life. We could go on like this forever. We do go on like this forever. This is the true state of affairs.

As We dance, beloveds, where is heartache now? Where can it exist except in your vivid imagination? Our dance is real. Nothing else is.

We surrender Ourselves to this dance. It is a dance of ascension. It is the only dance there is. We dance together. We embrace as One, One Dancer pretending to be two. Certain One is greater than two, and what can be more wonderful than Our dance on the platform of life as it truly is, not as it has been made into fragments. We are talking about Reality now. There are no parts to it, only the Wholeness of it.

Our dance is never over. There is no leaving this dance floor. You can imagine you have. You imagined that most of your life. Now you can look at the Reality of Our Union. Now We can dance as if there were no tomorrow. Of course, there is not. There is today, this day, this Eternity of One loving One, this Eternity of Our Embrace from which We never ever part.


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