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The following was written for the conclusion of this week’s Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter and reinforces the previous article I wrote on this subject. I will continue to write on this subject because I feel that it is important for us to realize our ability to access our inner-held Light and mend all densities easily as we ascend onward to purer perspectives and planes of consciousness.

When one is fully immersed in the blissful, meditative energies of the higher realms, one cannot be bothered with the densities and hardship of the Earth experience. All trials and tribulations fade away in the face of our greater Creator Light, which we can now access with much more ease than has been so for much of our history since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

For many generations of our history, people have strived and struggled to feel the pure, meditative energies that we can now access with a great ease and joy. Strict meditative practices and rituals were adopted so that the splendor of the higher realms could be felt by one still perceiving from within a body temple but now, the energies are so heightened in intensity and purity that we can access them if we make the effort to, very easily.

Consider the positive repercussions of getting to access your greater Creator Light, nearly instantaneously. I have spoken of this before and will likely continue to, because it is an important concept for us to absorb at this time.

We’ve heard much talk and answered many questions about ascension dates and timetables, but I’d like you to consider the possibility that as our ascension is and has been ongoing, we are now and have been reaching phases of our personal and collective growth that see us able to access and feel the energies of the higher realms that are bringing our ascension to us as we steadily integrate them and experience the resulting shifts in perception.

Consider that the ascension processes of you, I and all others on this world have reached a planned-out heightened phase wherein we are continually introduced to increasingly-pure energies and shifts in perception that occur within ourselves, in specific ways for each one of us. Again, I know that I’ve already discussed this before but just imagine being able to access and heal yourselves within your Creator Light and being able to do so at the [figurative] snap of a finger.

There’s absolutely nothing we cannot do when feeling and realizing this Light within ourselves and our lower dimensional experience has been fed out of an innate lack of connection with this Light which we naturally hold within and bring through ourselves routinely to manifest, Create and sustain our reality while feeding it with the energies, mindsets and heart sets we let through ourselves.

When pain, hardship, worry, doubt or fear creep up, we can “vanquish” and transmute it instantly by reaching deeper down within ourselves than such lower feelings exist on and remembering our Creator Light. This Light will mend our temporary sadness and help us to regain the higher dimensional perspectives we have come to anchor upon this world. You can access it – but you have to make the effort!



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