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Channeled by: Julie Miller

You do comprehend that each thought you carry are expressions that hold messages of your intentions. Your outward choices of words held during your interactions are considered to be an image of your inner encoding. Each word you choose to use, speaks much about how and what you are thinking. Realize dear ones your words can be filled with the positive influence of love that will help increase your own growth or your words can be filled with negative energy that includes fear which causes you to back away from truly discovering your true self.

 You already realize the words you choose are very powerful, and how you speak them sets the direction of that energy. Remember dear ones; if you speak with positive thought forms, then you will attract positive experiences to occur. Your words provide opportunity to experience each phase of your journey from a clear and positive fashion. Yet, on the other hand, if you choose to speak from negative thought forms, then yes you will attract negative experiences to occur, therefore causing you to look at life as a disappointment.

 It is essential to become accustomed to fine-tuning your external voice and mastering your speech to reflect the soul deep love you have for yourself and for mankind. Already knowing this is an area that requires constant observation, we also suggest you to work more closely with your inner voice. Each of you has one. Some of you are familiar with the inner voice, whereas others are still trying to find it. Understand dear ones your inner voice is what many describe as their conscious talking to them, intuition, or what have you. Sudden small words will appear in your thoughtful mind and many times these sudden words are put off, or ignored. Even to the ones who are still trying to find their inner voice, all of you, each of you realize that at some point in your life you have been interactive with your inner voice. This inner voice is deep within you, it holds a valuable part of your journey and that is to assist in guiding you. It is true communicating with your inner self through your inner voice is much different from your normal rise of conscious living and being.

 When you master communication with your inner voice you will enable the capability of the Source of your Creation to communicate with you as well. Your inner voice will propel you into action or possible inaction depending on your current circumstance. When you are at a crossroads of choosing what the angel on one side is suggesting you to do compared to what the devilish character is suggesting, your inner voice tells you what is best for you to do by providing you with a thought that will appear most times at the last moment. It does require listening acutely. The words will not necessarily be expressed in words, but in thought and expression that your soul will understand, and in time you will fully comprehend.

 Understand dear ones; your inner voice is there to guide you on your journey. Yes it is true the expressions of your inner voice easily could be subtle. This is a growth area dear ones for you to center yourself and learn to listen from within. Your inner voice often reminds you of something that is necessary to be completed or what you need to get done. Many dear ones describe their inner voice as nagging and have developed a way to shut it off, but by turning off their inner voice they also turn off the opportunity to communicating with God and their essential tasks may slip from their normal perfected performance of ability.

 It can be confusing for some dear ones because they complicate their thoughts and fleeting emotions for the information they receive from their inner voice. In actuality it is very common for many souls to be confused by the information their brains are being provided with. When you learn to quiet your mind, you will be able to access this information; sort out the facts from the untruth. Many achieve understanding of the truth through meditation, quite self-examination; yoga, light exercise and often times fully engrossed listening to music. No matter which activity you choose to utilize your Ego, the part of your mind that over thinks and second guesses your inner voice and your choices will be turned off which will allow you to communicate with your I AM Presence, God and the Universe.

 How do you know if it’s your inner voice guiding you rather your ego? If you communicate with your inner self often, more than once a week, you will notice your thought forms and feelings remain pretty much the same, barely changing. This is your indication that your inner voice is seeking an avenue to express to you. Trust this information dear ones and utilize the information you will receive into action that will demonstrate the love you have for yourself and all of mankind.

 Have you ever asked yourself a question dear ones? We know you have asked many. Each time you are provided with an answer. Some answers do not come right away, but an answer you will always receive. You must be prepared for the answers that come and let go of any pre-conceived expectations of what your Ego wants to hear. Your answers will always be told in truth dear ones. Don’t get caught up in what the Ego wants to hear. Allow your inner self to provide you with the valuable information that is already stored within your DNA that this information is presented to you for the highest of good. Yes there very well may be tasks you will be required to complete and they can be viewed as difficult but what remains dear one is an outcome of higher learning that cannot be found through any text book. This higher learning comes from experience; trust in yourself and in God. This higher learning provides you with so much incredible knowledge dear ones to be embraced and shared in means that is non-obtrusive, but love filled. When you share your wisdom keep in mind every dear soul has been given free will. Free Will is your ability to choose and with your understanding of Free Will you then also realize you are responsible for your choices dear ones and where they may take you.

 After you master listening to your inner voice, you will learn to listen to the suggestions made to you by God. When you follow His suggestions, your journey will take a different turn, a change that will create a smoother progression along your divinely chosen path. You will have the confidence to approach problems or troubling issues that normally would have made you question your capability and possibly avoiding the slightest attempt to try. God will encourage you dear ones, He will gently push you but He will never berate you. He will guide you and comfort you and always love you. For He knows all the possible outcomes from any situation and He also knows sometimes you must walk the more difficult journey in order to learn and fulfill each stage of your journey. Don’t be hard on yourself dear ones. When you think you have made a mistake, turn that negative thought form into positive action instead. Look at any wrong doing as your opportunity to make different choices that will provide you with a different outcome. Embrace the hard times and rejoice the good times. Both hold a healthful balance of your being that expresses the God Presence inside you to the fullest extent possible. Be the love you are, what we of the divine can see.

 Remember dear ones, when you choose to not listen and to ignore your inner voice and the subtle suggestions from God, you are really moving away from the central core of your true self and the path you are meant to be on. During this time dear ones your inner spirit will become unstable and the more unbalanced you become, the stronger and louder your inner voice will become, encouraging you to listen. Most definitely challenges will come your way that will increase the severity of the rise of your inner voice that is trying so hard to urge you to listen. What sometimes happens, and many dear souls understands this; you hit rock bottom, or you find your back against the proverbial wall. This then is the Universe speaking to you, asking if you are now ready to hear and to listen. Sometimes a person must face a life threatening situation before they begin to finally listen. Listening cannot be forced, it must be accepted in full trust and faith that God is protecting and guiding them through His infinite Love and Light.

 In time dear ones, with steady observance you will learn to listen to God as you learn to listen to your Inner Voice. Trust will be established and you will blossom and grow and become the soul that automatically demonstrates their illuminated heart in all actions, thoughts, words, and feelings. Love will be flowing from all parts of your being. Familiarize yourself dear ones with the promptings of your inner voice and learn to acknowledge this sacred voice that tells you when you are not in control of any particular situation. In gratitude of your inner voice, you discover the inner power that you hold that is the primary driver of your journey. Trust in God to guide, support and love you during your entire course. You will see dear ones many miraculous changes, happenings that will bring you to happiness and contentment.

 I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller


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