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Channeled by: Julie Miller

 The importance of your awakening from your ordinary consciousness into your full spiritual remembrance of who were and who you are is becoming the journey of many. What is being witnessed dear ones that even for those that are physically awake, mentally many are still mentally asleep – completely unaware of themselves because they are too absorbed in the current impulse that has stimulated and captured their attention. The state of convergence, otherwise understood as your mental immersion easily prevents you from entering a productive dream state. When you are unaware that you are dreaming during your sleep, understand dear ones that this is a time you give yourself over to some of the most draining of dreams. It is during your day this lower state of consciousness does not always automatically dissolve, thus having you continue behaving slave-like to your impulses, spontaneous thoughts, and social palavers.

 One of the first steps of your awakening necessitates you to break out of this convergence by increasing a particular measure of lucidity – a degree of self-awareness. Always dear ones, you can focus your attention inward and see yourself, putting your concentration steady in the current NOW moment. Take notice of your thoughts, examine your feelings, and observe intently to the sensations that are present in your body and notice your breath.

 This amount of concentrated effort will bring you to the realization that your current perceptions are still stemming from your outer vehicles, even if they are occurring within your own mind. Understand dear ones the very central core of your mind is your center of perception that expresses your true self while the exterior region of your mind that is occupied by your thoughts that may or may not have been your own. This inner central core is your silent, quiet observer, the consciousness viewing through your own eyes and thinking through your mind.

 Comprehend dear ones that to become lucid requires you to be cognizant of your own mindfulness. There are some dear souls that describe this as a state of remembrance since convergence is forgetting your own Self. Understanding lucidity is quite simple. Simply go within with pure focus and remember yourself in the NOW moment. Each time you make the effort to remember yourself you are hindering convergence and ending disremembering of your Self is your first step towards truly remembering your beloved spiritual identity. Realize and fully comprehend it is quite common to that you are, but incredibly empowering to know who you are. Know dear ones the first, just being will eventually lead you to second and that is your true soul self.

 It is essential, as many dear souls know that being consciously present in the NOW is quite easy to execute but can be problematic to maintain. There are many books available to be purchased that speak on this subject alone. But the issue is not one sided. The issue is both physical and metaphysical. At first your heightened state of consciousness needs vital energy and a decent supply of communication that can reach each cell of your body. Understand dear ones; your energy will become depleted over a period of time from exertion. You might notice a slip into a lower level of consciousness. There is no harm being done here. Know dear ones, your consciousness and mental focus has the ability to expand through conscious development and training. Upholding any level of lucidity will become easier and with practice you will progressively increase the measure of your focus. There are various meditations that are able to guide and train you to becoming more self-aware. When you make the motion to practice lucidity within a controlled setting, you will come to understand that state of higher consciousness will become easier to reach and maintain during natural conditions. I encourage each of you to research meditations that require you to focus. Find one that resonates with you and work with it.

 When you observe negative emotions and the inner feelings they create, in time you will stop entering a ‘run away’ state that causes overreaction and learn to perceive these sensations with constant awareness that is lacking of anger and fear that will engage an automatic defusing mechanism without depleting your energy. Understanding even during difficult moments, remaining in the NOW is most effective and beneficial to your entire being.

 When you take the time to seriously observe yourself dear ones you increase your own awareness and dissolve negative thought forms. Each time you are able to return to your central core you are allowing yourself to choose in that NOW moment what to think, feel or even do. Understand dear ones, without self-awareness you would have no choice; you would only have a mechanical response to any given provocation.

The main purpose of the second stage of being awakened and lucid is for you to strengthen your connection to the higher realms of consciousness. Through careful listening, you become more aware of their influence and their influences becomes a more permanent feature of your evolving self. This dear ones is a crucial point. To become lucid while being in the flow will for a moment interrupt this divine momentum. Lucidity will not interrupt your flow of awakened energy if it is strong enough and you know as we have discussed, its strength comes from practice.

 Positive convergence will eventually make your connection to the higher realms of consciousness much more permanent in order for you to gain self-awareness and not break the sacred connection. Furthermore, this dear ones is the third stage of awakening – being simultaneously lucid and in the flow of the NOW moment. Where the second stage you were running your conscious mind into your subconscious. The third stage starts the process of nurturing your subconscious into the conscious.

 It is during this stage dear ones where practice of being aware of your SELF without being interrupted from the flow of impressions that enter your mind from other sources takes place. Passive observation and compassionate allowance of the influence of the higher realms of consciousness, will demonstrate your thoughts, feelings, words and actions that speak of your evolving God Presence. You must always be aware dear ones of your influences. Even while you remain lucid, allowing positive influences to work through you, the positive convergence can easily pass into negativity because you become too focused, too absorbed to catch when the change began. Do not fret when this occurs dear one, your inner self will solve the issue and return your whole self to a state of peace and calm.

 When you find you are able to balance your self-awareness with positive flow that becomes permanent enough to allow your lower self to interact in dynamic unity your higher conscious self instead of being in a passive state of observation then dear ones you have entered the final stage of awakening. Once your lower self is free from all negative convergence and your higher conscious self holds a perfect, clear and permanent connection, and both are centered in the NOW moment at the same time, then a mutual flow of energy is very possible. It is your lower self that demonstrates mastery integrating the new wisdom you have gained of your higher conscious self, thus raising your own vibration. Your lower self finally merges, blends with your higher conscious self, bringing into achievement of total integration of your entire being.

Understand dear ones the stages are not required to be achieved in sequential order like in school. You will find yourself occupying one phase of a stage first, and then requiring you to learn how to integrate that part with the rest. Knowing full well that reaching the higher stages will require more patience as they can be more difficult to access as well as to maintain. It is normal dear ones to have flashes of awareness similar to a fluorescent light bulb that flickers often before fully being lit. Don’t become discouraged. Hope is always there dear ones, encouraging you to keep trying.

 The primary goal to awakening dear ones is for you to retrieve what has been locked away and to re-establish connection and communication with your higher consciousness and God Presence and of course to remember who you are. Dear ones this all begins when you make a point to observe and discover yourself from the inside and listening to your heart.

 I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

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