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Posted by Steve Beckow

In the second part of Monday’s Hour with an Angel, Graham, Linda, Geoff

and I reflected on what Archangel Michael had said in his interview and then expanded into a number of Ascension-related topics that evolved out of the earlier discussion. Thanks again to Ellen for her transcript of the two sessions.

Part 2

Steve Beckow: — Graham, let me turn the conversation over to you for a roundtable.

Graham Dewyea: Sounds great. That was very rich, as you pointed out, Steve, and certainly relevant. We’re going to transition, folks, to bring on Linda as herself and Geoff and Steve and myself, just to talk a little bit about the content of what was said. And we’ll see where the conversation goes. It’s certainly a very exciting time, and we’ve got December right around the corner.

Maybe, Steve, I could ask you – in terms of what was shared today, what did you resonate with?

SB: Oh, well, that was — yes, rich is the word that comes to mind. It was a rich discussion. It answered a lot of questions that I think people are spending a fair amount of energy worrying about.

For instance, what happens if the planet is still here in 3d after December 22nd? I’ve heard that a lot. I know a lot of parents are wondering about their children, and I’ve just posted an article on that today. But he talked more about that.

He talked about a very thorny problem, what about a doctor in Africa who’s looking after leprosy patients or AIDS patients? It never occurred to me that the patients would easily ascend and that the doctor doesn’t need to worry about that. Well, when you think about it, that makes sense.

But what he did today was to answer a lot of questions that make sense, when you really penetrate into things, but are not easy for us to reason out with our 3rd dimensional minds.

The notion of why would we have conferences after being in the 5th dimension – a lot of people have discussed what will happen to us after we have “full consciousness.” Well, we will have a greatly expanded knowledge, but we won’t have full consciousness, not until we merge with God again.

So what does it mean to say we have full consciousness?
If we focus on having full consciousness, then we may overlook the fact that we also have a terrific desire to relate to each other, to be in convocation. If you read the literature of life after death, you hear a lot of stories of people gathering in what would have been church meetings, but now they are tremendous convocations of worship or co-creation.

So, there was just a great deal said today about questions that have been answered partially but haven’t been really deeply explored. And Archangel Michael certainly deeply explored them today.

GD: Indeed. Well, he spoke of the love ticket, right? And he gave some very clear guidance for how to go through this Ascension process and do it in a way that feels gentle, in an appealing way. He reinforced anchoring into Gaia. We are ascending with Gaia. To stay in the love, to embody those love qualities now, to be it now.
He talked about holding as much vibrational light as we can for the collective. And I think it’s important to clarify what that is. So it’s self love, it’s love for others, but it’s also embodying the Divine Qualities that you often speak to, Steve. So forgiveness, compassion, patience, vulnerability, empathy for ourselves and others, holding on to the peace, letting go, embodying and holding on to the vision of what we choose to create individually and collectively. So some really important, valuable guidance and insight there.

Linda, I’d love to hear, from your perspective — you have such a great relationship of course with the Council of Love, and obviously you have written a really great book [The Great Awakening, from which the eight steps are taken]. And by the way, folks, there are eight easy steps for Ascension.


What’s coming up for you on the heels of this discussion?
Linda Dillon: You know one of the things that comes up for me, and as both of you know I am one that assiduously tries to avoid that December 21st, 2012 date. And I have also felt that, like, 11/11 and the upcoming 12/12 are just as important as December 21st, or any other day.

I want to explain my reticence to hook on to the date. And I think, Steve, you sort of brushed on it, in terms of what you’ve just said, as I sort of drift back in. Thanks for giving me a chance to do that!

But my concern is always that people are waiting for the day, for the event, for the shift, for the tilt in the Earth’s axis, and they’re not doing their work. And so, my inclination, as you know, is always to put the emphasis on the preparation, on the clearing, on the letting go.

And God knows, we have been through the waves, the troughs, the Ascension symptoms. I mean, we have collectively and individually compared notes on what this preparation has been about. And we’ve all been experiencing it.

But there’s also the individual work that we do in terms ofletting go of fear, of anger, of old belief systems that are really — I mean, they’re in our bones. And so my concern is always don’t wait until the 21st and then, because you’re still holding on to your anger, you say, oh, well, it didn’t happen.

So what I liked about what I was hearing from Archangel Michael today, and what I often hear from him, is do the preparation work. And when I listen and I talk with the Council of Love it’s really interesting, guys.

Because what I get is that Ascension, when we look at it, is almost like, well, that’s the done deal. It’s sort of likeyou’ve already baked Christmas dinner, and it’s sitting in the fridge, waiting.

And what we really are interested in talking about is what comes next. What are we doing in terms of creating this wonderful new planet? Because it’s not just as if in one single moment all the pavement disappears, all the dirty buildings disappear. So there is that transition, and we’re being invited to create.

So what I feel from the Council is the excitement around that.

GD: Indeed. I’d like to bring Geoff in and just follow up with what you’re saying, Linda. We’ve heard some of this before. Today feels like there’s a further emphasis on the guidance that’s been offered. My take-away from that is that this is a call for us to step in in earnest, recognize that we’re empowered to be co-creative in the unfolding of the new Earth. We are empowered to take the initiative and impact the Ascension process and how it is for us as individuals.

And they’re not doing it for us. It’s a co-creative process, it’s a partnership process, but it’s not about sitting around and waiting. It takes dedication, it takes commitment, it takes an intention to go through this process.

So be the love now, embody those qualities now, and hold on to the peace now. Be at peace with the 3rd, be at calm with the 3rd, and, to your point, let go of fears.

So we’ve heard this before, but we’re hearing it again, and we’ve heard it a number of times. And so it’s a continued emphasis. And I think we really need to take this seriously.
LD: If we weren’t already strong and ready enough to do it, we wouldn’t be here.

GD: Indeed. Geoff? Are you there?

Geoffrey West: I’m here. Yes.

GD: What would you like to share? What’s coming up for you?

GW: There were so many points that came up. And I’ve got about ten different things going through my head right now, so I’ll try just to get to a few of the keys. Certainly what Linda said I think is correct. I tend to resonate with the idea, too, that there will be a December 23rd. And 22nd. And every day after it.

It’s what we carry forward from that point. And what came up in my mind in the last few moments, I was thinking about the message that flight attendants give on the aircraft when they talk about a possible decompression in the cabin. You know, an oxygen mask will fall. Please put on your oxygen mask first before attempting to help other people.

So in the sense of our service to humanity and the planet, when we talk about building a relation, a relation certainly has to exist with oneself, at least to some degree. Now, we may not be totally on the ball, of course, but we do have to have some degree of a connection to who we are, what we are a part of, what we are connected to, and have a relation to that before we can have a relation to others, to our planet, to our galactic families, to this larger life process.

So we are stepping into a point of awakening to the individual truth, but in the space of that truth finding what our relation is not only to ourselves as individuals but to everything and everyone around us.

So, in that sense, we do have to put on our oxygen mask first. We do have to do aspects of the work that pertains to looking after ourselves, putting ourselves into a space where we can comfortably, and hopefully as joyfully as possible, serve others and empower them to find their truth and their awakening. Because they are, after all, looking to us, and we have to have our oxygen mask on first to be able to help them find theirs.

GD: That’s a great analogy. And as you’re talking about that, what’s coming to mind is a quote that we’ve often talked about, often associated with Gandhi, is to be the change you wish to see in the world. So it starts with us. To what extent do we feel the peace and the love in ourselves now and within our own world now? And if we’re not experiencing that, what can we do?

Because we are empowered and we do have help. We have our guides, we have angels, we have the heavenly realm, the galactics. They’re here to help. We’ve got to ask for the help, but they’re here. It’s a collective undertaking and process, but it starts with ourselves.

And so this is the invitation to step in in earnest to embody the guidance that we’ve been shared today. And I’m also thinking about Michael Jackson’s song, “The Man in the Mirror.” And of course as we’re supporting or talking about the theme of music, we heard Archangel Michael reference the Carpenters, “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

And this isn’t an end, as we’ve talked about already today. It’s a shift. And it’s just beginning in terms of really unfolding, this beautiful new planet that we’ve been envisioning.
Steve, any other comments coming up for you?

SB: Well, interestingly, the part about loving ourselves first is something that some people can misinterpret. They might misinterpret it as self-servingness. And I think Archangel Michael on a number of occasions has tried to straighten us out on that subject, that if we don’t love ourselves we’ve got a blockage in the pipeline.

The love comes up within us first, and if we block it at that stage, then it’s never going to flow out to others. So we need to remove the blockage of feelings of worthlessness and not deserving love, et cetera.

But there was also another point that he made past this point of removing the blockage which I’ve seen several lightworkers not recognize, including myself by the way. And when you recognize it it’s quite enlivening. And that’s that he said that we, by striving to make the most possible evolutionary progress that we could before Ascension, were serving others. That it’s viral. And he said on other occasions that gatekeepers, for instance, would be able to transmit their spirituality, their accomplishment, their light and love.

I recall once that a very dear friend asked why she was placed in a hospital ward that was really a hard place to be in. What was it that she was supposed to be learning? And Archangel Michael replied, it had nothing to do with what she was supposed to be learning. It was that she was there to transmit love to the people around her and make it less of a hard place.

And that had not occurred to my friend, and it hadn’t occurred to me either. It was a totally different perspective on situations, and here again he’s given us a totally different perspective on situations, reminding us that our progress benefits others.

It isn’t that we need to progress to that level to ascend. It’s not that at all. It’s that we can gift the excess to others, and so that then becomes a part of our lightworker service. So that particular thing that he said struck me quite a bit, Graham.

GD: Maybe we can spend a little bit of time personalizing or reflecting and sharing a little bit about our personal process, the personal process of Ascension. And I’ll just offer a little bit about what I’m experiencing, and then I invite anyone else to chime in.

I’ve noticed over the last several weeks that I’ve felt far less frustration and doubt, for example, in relation to whether or not specific events happen, or particular dates come and go without anything that seems to be significant, at least in the physical and conscious realm.

And I’m experiencing far less interest in paying attention to those external references, if you will, to measure my progress and how things are going with the ascension process in general. And I’m feeling a greater sense of peace and calm. And that’s really wonderful.

Anyone else want to share?

LD: I would agree with you, Graham. I have let go of dates. [laugh] I had to let go of dates! And “events,” quite a while ago. But I don’t feel that same feeling that I think a lot of people have felt and would share this feeling of high anxiety, when you think of December 21st, 2012.

But I also wanted to pick up on something that Steve said about how we are helping others. I sent out an email to the Council of Love subscribers this morning that I think many of you may have seen by now. But I got my very early wake-up call this morning from Wa-kana-Taka who is our Inter-galactic Council-person for Earth asking us to work to bring peace to the Israeli-Palestinian situation right now.

And the reason I’m mentioning it is that he’s not asking us to do anything more than to take our expanded love field and simply send it over there like a cloud cover so that it can penetrate and calm down.

And I think that the purpose behind this, which I didn’t talk about in the email, is for us, as lightworkers and lightholders, as a collective, to begin to see how our fields and our divine qualities can really shift a situation.

And of course we can’t do that if we have strong, can I say, non-loving feelings about this situation, that one side is right, one side is wrong, one side is aggressive, one side is a victim, because it doesn’t matter what we do if we love and we just send love to the entire situation, because we love ourselves, because we’re holding that vibration.

Things just don’t bother us as much.

GD: And the power of sending that love is huge, huge, huge!

LD: And empowering!

GD: Absolutely. Geoff? Steve? Anything you’d like to add? Go ahead, Steve.

SB: Well, I’m just coming to understand this whole area. So if we’re talking about our experiences of Ascension then I have to share my own, which is that I started out as a light-warrior, and I regarded my contribution as standing up to the cabal, if you wish.
Back in 2009 when I started the blog I was listing the crimes that the cabal had committed, naming names, confronting them and almost inviting them to expose themselves by taking action.
And gradually, as time went on, the need to battle the cabal, so to speak, lessened, and the need to be and express love increased. And I was very, very uncomfortable for a time. So I’m a late-comer to the discussion of love.

But if we’re sharing our experiences of Ascension, then I’d have to say that the biggest development in me is the amount of love I’m feeling. It’s just growing incrementally. And now that we have this discussion, that that’s good for the collective, then I come to see this as service. So this increases the interest in all of this.

So I’d have to say for myself that I’m forgetting the 3rd dimension. I have no more interest in what’s happening in the 3rd dimension. It’s a chore to read the news enough to keep readers informed of the very, very major events that are happening. But I’m starting to become forgetful of what we regard as normal. I’m being evermore filled with love and serenity.

I’m also more sensitive to conflict. Even people that I meet or have coffee with, who are cynical or critical or put a spin on something or are sarcastic, it… I can’t take it anymore. I want to run out the door! That’s number one.

And I did something the other day. I made a remark that was mildly judgmental, and I almost felt like I was going to vomit after that. I had to take it back. I had to stop, I had to practically lean against the wall and take it back because I no longer can tolerate it within myself.

So love for me is becoming a bigger and bigger topic, and I’m like a stranger in paradise, I think, or a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court. So I’m listening to what you guys have to say, and learning every minute on the subject. Graham?

GD: You are embodying those divine qualities that we’ve talked about. You’re embodying the love. So you’re doing it.

SB: Willy-nilly? Yes? [laugh]

GD: Geoff, I’d love to hear about your personal perspective. Also, if you feel that it would be appropriate and helpful with all of your work with Cosmic Vision News, you had your eye on what’s happening in the world in terms of large scale events. And it’d be great to hear, if we have time, in addition to your personal Ascension process and what you’d like to share on that, what’s happening in the world for us to look at in terms of benchmarks or indicators to point us to the fact that, while there are pockets of conflict, we are seeing overall less conflict, and we’re not seeing Armageddon or Earth catastrophes. We’re not seeing nuclear arms activity.
I mean, that list can go on and on. I’ll let you take it where you want to go.

GW: Sure. Thanks, Graham. In terms of the global picture, I think it’s becoming more and more clear to people, even those who have not, or even those who are not at a, quote-unquote, “higher space of awareness to see the bigger picture,” people are beginning to tune into the fact that change can no longer be denied as far as what is happening across the planet at this time.

I think what we are experiencing is arguably unparalleled in terms of what we have experienced in the past. We’ve seen traumatic news events happen. We’ve seen events of different degrees and different sources and types, but we’re seeing something at a much larger perspective, for lack of a better word, and people are beginning to see just how interconnected everything is.

And in light of the journey towards one’s individual and personal awakening, now finding that relation to life and seeing that we are all one, the global events serve as benchmarks in terms of our individual growth. And what I mean by that, or at least what I’m offering for people to reflect on by that, is that when you observe what’s happening in the world, how are you choosing to react, or how is an individual choosing to react to what is happening? Are they immediately jumping into a response of anger, of fear, of aggression, of any kind of separation, based on what we have been taught?

The whole idea of what we are creating as a collective is a higher vibration, and to varying degrees each individual is being tested in his or her mastery as far as where he or she is on his or her path towards what is being created. And when we look at some of the indigenous traditions, in many of the choices and the decisions that they make, they consider numerous generations ahead of time. What’s the impact of the choices that are being made?

And at this point in time I think when we look at the global event perspective, we have to say, what choices are we creating or reacting to that will potentially reflect what stories we tell children in the future of the golden age? Do we want to tell children that the golden age started with energies of negativity. I don’t believe that to be the case.
So I think, when we take in all of these energies, we are being challenged to really see the darkest aspects of what is playing out at this point in time, and to ask ourselves, are we willing to send love to those individuals, to those situations? Are we even being willing to forgive those we have judged to be the worst among us? And to say, how do we want this future to begin?

Do we want it to begin on a slower way, where we continue the way we’re going right now, or are we willing to say that I will take the Golden Age at this time if leaders are willing to resign from their positions, and I will forgive them. I will be willing to let them go and live quietly somewhere peaceably amongst themselves in the space of just being able to get on with creating the Golden Age.

I personally am at a point where I can look at some of the global leaders, and at a time when I, in the past, may have wished to see them imprisoned, or had some other judicial process carried out against them, am almost at a space now, and maybe these are the energies that are impacting me personally, approaching a space where I could say I’m willing to forgive and let them just disappear as long as the rest of the world gets its opportunity to move forward and to do so as quickly as possible.
That I think is from the more global perspective. For me, individually, in my journey, I’m feeling a much greater sense of calm. I don’t get drawn into energies of conflict anymore. And I choose really not to get drawn into them. I just prefer to sit back and observe them.

And I, like everyone else, feel stuff coming up within me. And I’m trying to — my best to address it on a case-by-case scenario. My buttons get pushed quite frequently. But I stop myself much more quickly than I used to, and I sit back and ask questions to myself in how I wish to move forward.

But that’s in a nutshell what I’m seeing happening at this time.

GD: Great stuff, Geoff. I really resonate with what you were sharing about some of the individuals that have been trying to control — talking about the cabal, Illuminati — but that also extends to others as well.

When we think about the theme of separateness, us versus them, that has been so prevalent on the planet, we are moving into an age of unity consciousness where — while differences still remain, and diversity remains, and in fact is celebrated – it’s really the theme of recognizing that we are all one, and that we are all interconnected, and that we are at this together, and we’re creating this new world together, and we’re embodying this new world together.

And so letting go of that sense of separateness and really recognizing our sense of unity.

We have just several more minutes left. Is there anything that is coming up for anybody that you feel like you’d really like to speak to?

LD: I can really relate to Steve’s feeling of forgetfulness. And it’s almost as if the memory of being separate, of really wanting to engage in drama, of really getting into the thick of it is disappearing. It’s like it’s just fading from our DNA, it’s fading from our genes. It’s just not something that we want to eat or breathe or drink anymore. And that’s delightful. It’s something I think we’re all ready to forget.

GD: I feel that too. I totally resonate with that. Anyone else?

SB: Yes, Graham. I feel a desire to stress that when we say “We are all one,” many people may have trouble with that statement. I mean this person has red hair, that person has dark hair, this person’s a blonde. This person is angry, that person is happy, this person is — neither. How are we all one?

And so I would like to remind people, if I’m correct in what I’m about to say, that the manner in which we’re all one is that we are all at essence that same light. You can call it the Christ, you can call it the Self, you can call it the Atman, pearl of great price, treasure buried in a field. It doesn’t matter what you call it.

Whatever you call it, we are that, we are that light that is clothed in these bodies and it goes through this entire journey. But the way in which we are all one, and the crucial distinction of us being all one, is that all of us are that same light.

And I’m beginning to be aware of that light in people, and so my own sense of unitiveness is growing.

And so that’s the comment I would like to make before we close, Graham. Thank you.

GW: To build very quickly on that, I know we’ve got a couple of minutes left, just to build on that…. Even as science and spirituality begin to unify, those that have approached life from a more spiritual perspective, to them, absolutely, we are all each and part of the light.

And at a profound scientific level, within the cells of our body, we are deeply and energetically connected to each other, because we all contain the same elemental building blocks, or the atomic building blocks of our structure that connect us very deeply to the essence of spirituality.

So science is very profoundly linked to spirituality; spirituality is very profoundly linked to science. So it acts as that bridge, the embodiment of a bridge between the three dimensional physical, core body to our fourth and fifth dimensional light bodies.

SB: Good points, Geoff. Thank you.

GD: The other thing that’s coming up for me, which Archangel Michael referenced earlier, is I’m thinking about how we create our own reality; we build our own reality. So as we’re starting to wrap up the show today, one of the points that came across was that — and a number of you have already made it in addition to Archangel Michael — there will be a December 22nd.

And our perception will most likely change, but the idea is that we are ascending with Earth en masse and that we’ll be connected to Earth. Earth is rising to a higher vibration, higher dimension, as we are. And so we may not see major, major changes, but it depends on our orientation. Any last minute comments on that, folks?

LD: And the orientation is love. Gaia is returning to the vibration of love. She has said, “No more,” to all the lower illusions of separation, of hatred, of creative control, of hurting her. So as we go with her we embrace love. That’s the only thing that counts. That’s our essence. It’s why we’re here.

GD: Well said. As we wrap up today’s show of An Hour with an Angel which has been modified to an hour and a half with several angels, we are grateful that you joined us today, and we hope that you found this format helpful. Please join us again next week.


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